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Further characteristics e. Article number. Phased-out product!!! Standard delivery time. Net weight per QU. Quantity unit QU. Packaging unit. Minimum ordering quantity per QU. Content unit. List identifier LKZ. Product classification key. Product class. C: Customer-specific product, cannot be returned. A: Factory-stocked standard product, can be returned within return period. Storage location. Product brand name. Product designation. Power contactor.

Product type designation. General technical data. Size of contactor. Product extension. Power loss [W] for rated value of the current.

Power loss [W] for rated value of the current without load current share typical. Degree of pollution. Protection class IP. Shock resistance at rectangular impulse. Shock resistance with sine pulse. Mechanical service life switching cycles. Reference code acc. Ambient conditions. Installation altitude at height above sea level. Ambient temperature. Main circuit. Number of poles for main current circuit.

Number of NO contacts for main contacts. Number of NC contacts for main contacts. Operating voltage. Operating current. Operating current for approx. Operating power. Operating power for approx. No-load switching frequency.

Operating frequency. Type of voltage of the control supply voltage. Control supply voltage at AC. Control supply voltage frequency. Operating range factor control supply voltage rated value of magnet coil at AC. Apparent pick-up power of magnet coil at AC. Inductive power factor with closing power of the coil. Apparent holding power of magnet coil at AC.

Inductive power factor with the holding power of the coil. Closing delay. Opening delay. Arcing time. Control version of the switch operating mechanism. Standard A1 - A2. Auxiliary circuit. Number of NC contacts for auxiliary contacts. Number of NO contacts for auxiliary contacts.

Operating current at AC maximum. Operating current at AC Operating current at DC Contact reliability of auxiliary contacts. Yielded mechanical performance [hp]. Contact rating of auxiliary contacts according to UL. Short-circuit protection. Design of the fuse link. Mounting position. Mounting type. Required spacing. Type of electrical connection.

Screw-type terminals. Type of connectable conductor cross-sections. Connectable conductor cross-section for main contacts. Connectable conductor cross-section for auxiliary contacts.

AWG number as coded connectable conductor cross section. Safety related data. B10 value. Proportion of dangerous failures. Failure rate [FIT]. Product function. T1 value for proof test interval or service life acc. Protection against electrical shock.





Siemens 3RT1026-1AK60, 3 Pole, 25 Amps, 120VAC Coil, IEC Rated Contactors


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