Page Count: HP ProCurve Networking is an extensible line of products wo rking together to provide the control. This guide covers the following H ewlett-Packard switch prod ucts:. Voice, video and data.

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We recommend saving your cu rrent configuration if necessary. The interface port numbers e. HP X L , type of module s , and software version number below may not accurately refl ect the device s you are configuring. In the example below, the ip routing global configuration command is used. In the example below the ip helper-address interface level command is used to relay route the UDP packets e. DHCP to a remote server. This command is applied to th e interface on which the originating host is attached.

DHCP-relay is enabled in the factor y default configuration. Use of the ip helper-address command requires DHCP-relay to be enabled on the sw itch. To disable DHCP-relay, use the global configuration command:. The configuration example below was created on software version E. Startup configuration:. The following CLI commands can be used to display useful information:.

Out p uts from these show commands for this exam p le follow below. IP Helper Addresses. Internet IP Service. IP Routing : Enabled. Default Gateway :. Default TTL. IP Config. IP Address. Subnet Mask. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.

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Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Save server management time and effort for IT staff. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The Switch XL will be configured. VLAN IP address. DHCP Server 1. Use xl m od ules. M ini- GBIC.

DHCP Server 2. Principled Technologies. Cris Russo. Deepak Kumar Mallick. Bill Cai. Kim Redondo. Praneeth Nm. Tri Nguyen. Ferdy Karapa. Kyriacos Elles. Chon Chum. George Mihaila. Haftamu Hailu. Shyam Ji Sahu. Willy Arifan. Hugues Antonio P Sandoval. Rakshit Srinivas. Popular in Network Protocols. Dmente NC. Eng Simon Peter Nsozi.

Liseth Herrera. Ulianov Sinforoso. Julio Cesar Perez Navarro. Satish Govindappa. Himanshu Singal. Luis A. Shuseel Baral. Richard Pascual. Arslan Ahmad. William Saavedra Andaluz. Deepika Pethperumal. Abhishek Saini.



Manual zz. ProCurve Switch xl Series Designed to accommodate the most demanding network needs, the ProCurve Switch xl series offers scalable Layer 2, 3, and 4 switching in compact 4- or 8-slot modular form factors. These secure, convergence-ready switches provide flexibility, high port density, free software updates, and a lifetime warranty. Standalone software may have a different warranty duration. For details about services and response times in your area, please contact your local HP sales office. Up to 4.


HP ProCurve 5304xl Manuals

General Switch Information 2. As part of a complete redeisgn of the company network I have had to setup and deploy two HP xl core-switches and 10 48 port edge-switches. The aims of the project were simple:. This was as expected though as the complete manual for the products is well over pages! They need to be feature rich and fast. Device Specifications for xl Switch as supplied by HP:.


HP 5304xl-32G J8166A User Manual


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