Normally during such replacements heat shrink tubes are used to cross over the Base and Collector pins without them getting into contact. It has a decent gain value hfe of maximum and is highly linear. Hence it was widely used in amplifier applications for pre-amplifying purpose, in high frequency circuits. It is also used as oscillators with is complementary A PNP transistor. It can switch loads upto 50V but has a very low collector current rating of only mA so this transistor is not really a good choice to be used as a switch. A better alternative for switching applications will be 2N

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C is a general purpose NPN transistor used in wide variety of commercial and educational electronic circuits. It is manufactured in TO package, the max load this transistor can drive is around mA or 0.

The saturation voltage of the transistor is only 0. Moreover the transistor is also low noise device, and has a good DC current gain that is 70 to The saturation voltage of most BJT transistors are 0.

It can also be used in RF circuits under MHz frequency. To run this transistor safely in a circuit it is suggested to not operate it voltage over 50V, always connect the pins correctly and do not provide it load above mA because the max load this transistor can handle is mA.

For best performance we suggest to not touch the max load limit always stay under it. January 2, June 15, January 7, Your email address will not be published.

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A733 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Log in or Sign up. Messages: Location: Florence. When replacing the A transistors on the SX protect board, what are the techs using for a replacement part? The Rebel , Dec 19, Messages: 4, Location: Mass. The "C" variant has the collector in the center, same as the original. For protect circuits, most any good quality switching transistor will work, but these are readily available, and even look the same


A733 transistor equivalent (SX-1250)



2SA733 Bipolar Transistor


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