Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Alesis quick start owner's manual usb midi controller keyboard photon 25 61 pages. Page 3 3. Page 4 4.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Alesis quick start owner's manual usb midi controller keyboard photon 25 61 pages. Page 3 3. Page 4 4. Page 6 accepts composite video as well as black burst video inputs.

It explains why certain features are significant, and how to employ them in your recording routine. The track select section of the BRC provides access to 32 tracks at any time. The button that has its LED lit will indicate which group of tracks is currently selected, as will the LEDs centered in the track select area, above. Page E Rehearsing For more information on Rehearse mode, see section 3. Page Engaged" Vs "Disengaged" Tapes 1.

The top two are LED displays. Page B Display Type 1. When the Display Type is set to BARS, the counter is referenced to bar 1, which is the start position of the current song.

Pressing a toggle function button now will toggle that function on or off. Page I Name Button immediately change case. When you locate a Cue or Song, the name field in the display is not accessible using the cursor buttons.

To edit a name, you must press the NAME button to select the name field. Page 16 current tape location is copied into the currently display locate point Locate 01—20 or Song Start 01— This eliminates the need for transformers or voltage switches.

Page B Connecting The Ai-1 4. These should be plugged in prior to power-up so that the BRC can configure itself for the type of footswitch being used. The figure below indicates the rack ears' locations and the screws that mount the end blocks. Page 26 Format Tape A ll If you wish to format all tapes, jump ahead to step 6a.

If you wish to perform a selective format, continue to step 3. Page A Additional Formatting Considerations When performing a format extend, the ADAT begins "time- stamping" from the last valid time-stamp read from the formatted tape. This allows a partially formatted tape to have its format extended by entering format mode before the end of the previously formatted section.

Also, during that transition the tape will be non-functional and you will not be able to record anything over it. When in doubt, either re-format the tape all the way to the end, or back up a bit and perform a format extend see previous section when you need to re-format over the transition zone.

Page B Record Enables 3. If the transport is put into record mode see section 3. Page F All Clear previous state, and the record ready buttons will be functional again. Page A Play The transport controls resemble those of a conventional tape recorder, although there are several extra features. The main transport functions have been designed to be easily and quickly recognizable by both sight and feel. The PLAY button by itself has no effect while playing or formatting.

This function is latching, which means that the system will remain in Review mode until a different transport button is pressed. Page 35 no track delays are in effect.

Page 36 8. Another track may be selected by pressing the corresponding track button and the above process repeated; 9. You can tell the BRC to go to any one of these 20 locate points at any time. Additionally, a manual Page B Locate 0 beginning of each tape. Remember, this can be anywhere on the tape since pressing the RESET 0 button resets the tape counter to see section 4. Page 40 stored into locate point number If you want to edit the location address, press the Right Cursor button to move the cursor to the bottom of the display and use the Numeric Keypad to enter in the desired offset.

The cursor will automatically advance through each pair of digits. As you listen to the audio playing back, determine which sections of the song you want to create locate points for; 3. Rewind the tape again and engage Play mode; 4. Press the NAME button again when finished. The address is displayed according to the type of Display Type you have selected.

It will recalibrate itself to work with the footswitch. Actually, you could connect two LRCs by using both jacks. Page B Automatic Looping 6.

Page A Setting Auto-Punch Points 22 is that they make it easy to repeat a manual punch procedure as many times as you like. Just play the tape, go in and out of record, then turn on Auto-Punch; the BRC will punch in and out at precisely the same locations.

Page 50 1. Page B Auto-Group Record 6. Page 52 1. It will calibrate itself to work with the footswitch. Page Tape Offset a point beyond the locate point by the amount you specified, before rewinding. Both the Pre-Roll and Post-Roll times are set in the identical manner. Page 57 4. Page 58 8. This is because the BRC always references its position to This indicates that only the second unit will be offset.

Page C Locate Song 1. Use the Cursor buttons to position the cursor beneath the character you wish to edit; Page D Copy Song 2. So, if you selected song 1 and copied it to song 2, you would now be in song 2. Page Digital Bussing Like all other locate changes, the song setup information is not actually deleted from the tape until you save the setup to tape, assuming you have already saved the setup at some point before deleting the song see section 5.

If you accidentally deleted a song, you could retrieve it by loading the setup data back from tape. Page 71 4. These can be used to control the location of the BRC, without controlling the clock. The BRC in this scenario will still use its own internal locate reference. Page 80 To create a tempo map: 1. Page B Displaying A Tempo Map advance much faster due to the changes in tempo and time signature. Then, at about , the bars advance much slower. Figure 4 5. This creates a TOC table of contents onto each tape.

When this button is pressed, the display will read Doing so will cause the display to look like this: Load aborted. The BRC will automatically go into receive mode the moment it begins to see the system-exclusive data. Page 86 For example, if you send song 3 out as a system-exclusive dump, when you receive it back into the BRC it will be placed into song location 3. To initiate a system-exclusive data dump: 1. Page D Lcd Display Contrast 5.

The best setting will depend on the position of the BRC, and whether or not it has been rack-mounted. To adjust the LCD display contrast: 1. Page G Software Version 5. This will display the current software version the BRC is running under. The display will look like this: 7: Software Rev X. Numeric keypad , Up and Down. Page Appendix 3 Trouble-Shooting Check cables.

Check your connections. Swap cables, then turn the BRC on again. Be sure all ADATs are powered on. Print page 1 Print document 95 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR.


Alesis BRC Reference Manual

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