Via this red thread, which involved the interpretation, application and defence of revolutionary Marxism against various denials and betrayals, the Italian Communist Left in formed the Internationalist Communist Party. These consist of the programmatic description of communist society, which will bridge the gap between man and nature by abolishing the individual and personality, and resolve the riddles and contrasts that have plagued philosophy for thousands of years. By way of a taster we present an obituary which we translated from Prometeo. A article by Amadeo Bordiga on the role which Germany played in the two world wars and which the author expected it to play in a future communist revolution, translated into English for the first time.

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The Amadeo Bordiga Foundation gives notice that an election will be held to a Scholarship for an Essay on the topic:. The indisputable decision of the Election Board will be made by November 30, and directly communicated to all applicants. The Scholarship amount will actually be paid by December 31, The Election Board reserves the right to fail to grant the Scholarship if none of the essays submitted is regarded worthy.

The essays will not be returned and may become heritage of the Foundation's Library. Upon indication of the Election Board, the Foundation may publish the essay elected at the Foundation's expense.

For further information please apply to: fab. The Amadeo Bordiga Foundation was formed out of the will of Mrs. The founding members were people of various political and educational backgrounds and careers. They undertook to fulfill Mrs. De Meo's will, many of them being her friends, and to pursue the common aims set out in the Constitution. To this end the Foundation "grants Scholarships and funds and promotes the following: a historical research work b publications related to above aim c the rearrangement, listing and preservation of all existing material to be enriched further with the collection of any documents anywhwre".

The Foundation also fosters "the relations with the more important librairies both at home and abroad with a wiew to documenting the presence of Amadeo Bordiga; the publication of his little known or hard-to-find writings, the reprint of his writings compiled at different times and the editing his complete works.

Now this is the Foundation's Registered Office. For further information please apply to: Maria Rosaria Battaglia, tel-fax: Skip to main content. Amadeo Bordiga Essay competition. Rules: The Scholarship is open to Italian and foreign researchers. Applicants are required to submit an unpublished essay on the above topic i. The postmark date will be effective. Applicants are required to submit, along with their application, their first name, family name, date and place of birth, address, telephone number fax and e-mail, if available , educational qualifications, profession, fellowship of any Institute or Research Centre, a summary of their scientific achievements, a list of their papers and titles, if any.

If applicants are submitting a thesis, they must include a certificate of graduation from the University showing the date and the grading obtained. If not, Applicants may produce a short statement of their research activities, including attainments and qualifications, if any.

When submitting their essay, Applicants are required to certify that their essay has not been published yet.


The Science and Passion of Communism

Login via Institution. Editor: Pietro Basso. Author: Amadeo Bordiga. The Science and Passion of Communism presents the battles of the brilliant Italian communist Amadeo Bordiga in the revolutionary cycle of the post-WWI period, through his writings against reformism and war, for Soviet power and internationalism, and then against fascism, on one side, Stalinism and the degeneration of the International, on the other.


Amadeo Bordiga

Amadeo Bordiga was the first leader of the Italian communist party, which he helped found in , along with Antonio Gramsci, who became better known. Bordiga began his political activity in the Italian Socialist Party PSI in , where he immediately identified with its left wing. During the Italian colonial war against Libya September to October many members of the FGSI agitated against the war amongst conscripts — while PSI parliamentary representatives voted for it. After the outbreak of the first world war in , Bordiga became more and more antiparliamentarian. He worked for the organisation of the Camera del Lavoro trade union centre in Naples. Bordiga is not well-known, partly because he fell out with the Bolshevik leadership in Russia.


Amadeo Bordiga Archive

Our sole funding comes from the subscriptions and donations of members and supporters. Subscriptions to Revolutionary Perspectives 3 issues and Aurora at least 4 issues are:. This will give you priority mailings of Aurora and other free pamphlets as they are produced. CWO publications are not copy-righted and we only ask that those who reproduce them acknowledge the original source on our website www.


Bordiga was originally associated with the PCd'I, but he was expelled in after being accused of Trotskyism. Later on following World War II , Bordiga moved more explicitly towards a left communist position and was one of the more notable Western European representatives of this tendency. Bordiga was born at Resina in the province of Naples. He rejected a pedagogical approach to political work and developed a "theory of the Party", whereby the organization was meant to display non-immediate goals as a rally of similarly minded people and not a necessary body of the working class. However, Bordiga was deeply opposed to representative democracy which he associated with bourgeois electoralism :. Therefore, Bordiga opposed the parliamentary faction of the PSI being autonomous from central control.

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