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New T shirt with Japanese traditional crest Mon has released. Please check it. Link in bio. In foto kylix, collezione archeologica Faldetta, a. Biletler www. One of the plays the Udyr and Sigrid watch is Sophocles' "Antigone" my favorite play I read in my high school English classes.

In the play, Antigone has been sentenced to death for trying to give her "traitor" brother a proper burial. Her betrothed and son of the king who has condemned her , Haemon, goes to his father Creon to plead for Antigone's life.

Of course, as it's a Greek tragedy, Antigone takes her own life at the end of the play. Upon finding her body, Haemon kills himself as well. Choking, his blood bright red on her white cheek. And now he lies dead with the dead, and she is his at last, his bride in the house of the dead. I am still as heartbroken over the ending as I was when I was fifteen. What is your favorite play? Haimon zu Kreon Vielen Dank an alex. Come join us if you can.

Ismene fordert Antigone auf, die Tat wenigstens heimlich zu begehen. Premiere ist am Januar in der Box des Deutsches Theater Berlin. I chose role of Eteocles, on moment before tragedy. Here are my sisters: Antigone paulina. We are still happy. We wish you world without hatred, war and hunger.

Fate nonexistent, all in ours hands! Creon: What news do you bear? Teiresias: I have a lot to tell you. I have seen a terrible prophecy. Creon: Go ahead, explain. Teiresias: I was relaxing on my chair, listening to the sweet sound of the birds singing, when I was struck with the cacophony of battle and murder.

The birds were viciously attacking each other! I tried and tried, but after numerous failures, I realised this was a sign from the Gods. A sign of anger. You caused this. Your actions and words caused the Gods to grow in fury. Prayers will not resolve anything. Your prayer means nothing. You have made a grave mistake, my dear king. Even the most noble make fatal errors, however they change their ways; they recognise they were wrong.

You must give in. Bury Polyneices or all hell will break loose. Creon: Throughout my life, you fortune-tellers have controlled my fate. You, Teiresias, use your wisdom as a way to alter my actions - down to my core beliefs! There is no doubt I believe in the power of the Gods; I fear them like any other. But I cannot abide by someone who sells their wisdom to change my mind.

Teiresias: My knowledge is more valuable than any currency! Creon: Clearly not, judging by how easily you gave into bribery. Teiresias: You are sick to think you can defy the Gods prophecy. Creon: And you forget you are speaking to a King! Teiresias: A true king listens to his people.

You are king because of me. Creon: Whilst it is undeniable you have a skill, you have succumbed to the desire of wealth! Teiresias: I am this close, this close to words that will astound and offend! Creon: Say them! Teiresias: No. They are not worth your time.

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Antigone (Sofokles)


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