This food grade thermoplastic pipe allows water to flow cleaner, faster and quieter with no annoying water hammer or flow noise. Compared with other solid plastic pipes the support intervals can be increased and pipe clamp requirements reduced. Dimension 25 x 2. Dimension 16 x 2.

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Table of Contents Chapter 1: Features 1. Chapter 2: Quality assurance 2. Chapter 4: Installation principles 4. Chapter 3: Fusion 3. Chapter 5: Planning 5. Features Fields of application Fusiotherm is a pressurized pipe system with many applications due to its special characteristics and versatility.

Hot and cold potable water systems for use in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, office and school buildings, shipbuilding, sports facilities, high-rise construction, distribution mains, and any other application where the applicable codes require a piping system with psi 7 bar pressure rating at F 82 C and materials that are safe to be used in direct contact with either food or potable water Hydronic heating and cooling distribution for residential and commercial use with an exceptional application as manifolds and in boiler rooms due to the natural insulation value of the pipe walls and the convenience of saddle connections.

Rainwater collection systems due to the pipes resistance to corrosion, scaling and microbiological growth Compressed-air systems for use in light industry, heavy industry, automotive mechanic shops, etc. Also, Fusiotherm will not shatter if punctured Swimming pool systems and other applications where corrosive chemicals are constantly present in the water Ground-source heat pump systems and other applications where the pipe must be buried Agricultural and horticultural applications where the air and soil tend to corrode other piping systems Industrial applications particularly the transport of aggressive materials because the Fusiotherm resists most types of acids The Fusiotherm pipe system can be used in all fields of New installation Repair Renovation.

From the water meter and cold water distribution to the boiler connection and hot water distribution. Specially engineered transition joints and flange connections allow for safe and reliable integration of any mechanical equipment. Fusion connections and faser-composite technology drastically reduce the impact of thermal expansion.

No chemical treatments are needed for aquatherm piping systems, making them safe for use with any type of equipment. Important: The aquatherm SHT domestic water and radiator connection system is compatible with the Fusiotherm pipe system. The Fusiolen PP-R 80 material is both physically and chemically resilient to the abuse that can damage other materials. It is also a low friction material, protecting it from abrasion and reducing pressure loss. The superior welding properties of Fusiolen PP-R 80 result in a permanent, leak-proof connection that is chemically indistinguishable from the rest of the pipe.

This and countless other innovations have made the Fusiotherm system and the raw material Fusiolen PP-R 80 well-known worldwide. Environment The environmentally friendly polypropylene material Fusiolen PP-R 80 is recyclable and can be ground, melted, and reutilized for various applications e. There are no harmful waste products created by the processing or disposal of Fusiolen PP-R Use of metal deactivators By using suitable food-safe additives, aquatherm has reduced the risk of material damage caused by metal ions under extreme conditions of application such as high temperature and pressure or aggressive chemical transport.

Higher long-term heat stabilization The long-term heat stabilization has been increased to resist to the harmful effects of peak temperatures and provide higher safety parameters. Resistant against chemicals Smell and taste neutrality Safe for potable water and food contact High environmental compatibility High impact resistance Reduced pipe friction Heat and sound insulating characteristics Excellent welding properties High heat-stability Equipped with metal deactivation Light weight material Reduced noise generation from and water hammer Resists corrosion scaling and algae formation Completely recyclable.

These certifications testify to the high quality standard of the aquatherm products. Potable water is one of the worlds most essential commodity goods. The domestic supply system should influence the water as little as possible on its way to the consumer. The choice of the right potable water pipe system and its material is extremely important. From the purest distilled systems to the hardest groundwater, Fusiotherm pipe systems are suitable for all different qualities of potable water.

The environmentally-friendly and hygienicallyenhanced potable water pipe system made from Fusiolen is biologically and chemically harmless. The extensive suitability of the Fusiotherm pipe system has been evident worldwide for over 30 years. The expected service life of aquatherm pipes is more than 50 years. Peak temperatures of F C arising from short disruptions will not cause the system to fail. Permanent temperatures from F 70 C up to F 90 C can cause limited reduction to the service life of the pipe see table Working Pressure, page 1.

Features Ecology From its beginning aquatherm has always taken environmental protection seriously. Products such as the Fusiotherm pipe system feature not only a long service life, but also excellent environmental and ecological compatibility. Since the foundation of the company in , aquatherm has worked hard to ensure that its products and manufacturing processes do not pollute our sensitive ecosystems and to develop fully recyclable materials which can be added, waste-free, to new production.

Long before environmental protection was recognized as a global issue, the Fusiotherm pipe system fulfilled the high ecological standards which are demanded today. For over 30 years aquatherm has applied its philosophy that ecological and economic interests should not be contradictory, neither during production and sales, nor in the application of the product.

The environmentally-friendly raw material Fusiolen PP-R 80 is used to manufacture the Fusiotherm pipe system. To ensure its environmental compatibility, the basic material polypropylene, as well as all contained additives color pigments and stabilizers , are extensively tested, not only by aquatherms own laboratory, but also by independent researchers.

Their results show that the material Fusiolen PP-R 80 and the Fusiotherm pipe system, comply with the highest ecological standards and are thus future-oriented.

Features Working pressure The following tables illustrate the permissible working pressures of the aquatherm piping systems based on a 50 year life-cycle.

The balance between working pressure and operating temperature varies based on the wall thickness of the pipe, as well as the presence of a faser-composite layer.

All wall thicknesses are determined by SDR standard dimension ratio in which the wall thickness is a ratio of the total diameter. Hydronic and industrial applications water only, consult aquatherm for use with other fluids Conditions.

Permissible working pressure psi F 71C operating, plus up to 60 days at F 80C. Pure drinking water is vital to our health. A piping system should transport water without degrading it in any way. Fusiotherm is chemically inert and does not add any chemicals or in any way alter the quality of the water passing through it no heavy metals or VOCs.

And since the connections are made using heat fusion of the polypropylene material, there are no harmful chemicals in the water from solvent cements, glues, fluxes, or solders. Fusiotherm does not support the formation of mineral deposits, and is opaque, so as to not promote microbiological growth. Harmful chemicals will not leach through the pipe wall into the water. The water delivered to the faucet or appliance is always the same quality as it was when it entered the Fusiotherm pipe.

In addition, the material has been tested to N SF 51 and is acceptable for direct food contact and food processing applications up to F. The piping system and materials meet the stringent requirements for strength, material quality, dimensions, damage resistance, markings, and quality control of ASTM F and CSA B Connections The joining method requires no additives such as solvents, glues, or solder.

The connections are made by socket, saddle, butt, and electrofusion. Potable water and food safe The increasing use of polypropylene in the field of food processing further demonstrates the hygienic qualities of the material.

This makes Fusiotherm the optimal transport medium for our most precious commodity - potable water. Fusisotherm and climatherm pipes come from the factory packed in UV-resistant bags, which protect the pipes until they are removed. All Fusisotherm and climatherm pipes and fittings have UV-stabilizer to bridge transport and installation times.

Maximum recommended storage time exposed to UV-radiation is 6 months. For the application in open sunlight, aquatherm offers composite pipes with UV-protective layer which eliminates damage caused by UV radiation. Faser-composite pipes with UV-protection can be ordered with Art. Sound insulation The aquatherm piping systems provide excellent sound dampening and insulate against the noise created by water flow and hydraulic shock.

The sound generated and carried by the pipes is much less than that of other piping systems, adding to the comfort of the buildings occupants.

Fire stopping Polypropylene is a combustible material and must be treated as such. Standard fire protection regulations need to be met, just as with other piping materials. Generally, when penetrating a fire-rated assembly, fire stopping must be used to give the pipe a fire rating that matches the rating of the assembly. However, building code requirements vary greatly between areas.

For information regarding fire stopping for aquatherm products in a particular area, please contact our technical staff by e-mail: technical aquathermpipe. A list of manufacturers who have tested and listed their products for use with aquatherm piping systems can be found at www. The Flame Spread index gives a relative indication of how quickly a material will allow fire to move along it.

The Fusiotherm and climatherm pipe systems both have a FSI of less then This makes the pipes suitable for most applications, but review of local requirements will be necessary. For applications where the code requires the pipe to meet an FSI of 25 and SDI of 50 aquatherm has developed and tested several solutions. Smoke Development Index While much of the danger of a fire is from the gas toxicity of the products of combustion, this is not a concern with Fusiotherm and climatherm.

The smoke produced by aquatherm piping materials is mostly water vapor, and is not dangerous to people or animals. Unfortunately, the test standards used in todays codes were developed over 50 years ago and do not account for this significant difference. So while not a health issue, the SDI values for Fusiotherm and climatherm are between and The SDI is normally only a concern when a pipe is exposed in a high-rise application, or when the pipe is installed in a return-air plenum.

When the pipe is installed behind a gypsum wall board, SDI is not required. The required SDI requirements can be met in a number of ways:. These systems were tested, passed, and listed with the pipe lengths coated and the fitting uncoated to simplify the installation process. It is important to remember that the Fusiolen PP-R 80 is non-toxic, even during combustion. In a fully developed fire, the aquatherm piping systems only produce CO2 and H2Ogas, so the exposed fittings will not pose any danger to the buildings occupants.

The range of acceptable pre-insulated sizes is always growing, due to ongoing testing procedures. Contact your local aquatherm representative for details. Route piping inside of non-fire rated interior walls or conceal it behind a gypsum board finish. RAPs introduce a number of health and safety issues into a building including Indoor Air Quality issues. IAQ issues include mold and dust buildup in the plenums compounded by the fact that plenums, are nearly impossible to clean.

Fires can easily spread to plenums and then to the rest of the building quickly. Fires are difficult to fight once in a plenum. Therefore, for health and safety reasons, aquatherm recommends that air for ventilation and comfort be ducted to and from each space and RAPs should not be used. To increase the operating temperatures of their pipe, aquatherm developed a revolutionary manufacturing method: a special fiberglass mixed with polypropylene. The result of this innovative technology is the singular compound of the different materials, known as the faser.

This faser allows the pipe to remain rigid at high temperatures without sacrificing any of the other benefits of the pipe. The system includes all necessary pipes, valves and fittings for a complete installation from the water meter up to the last tap. Mixed installations are things of the past.


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The text concerning the electrofusion-socket welding has been adjusted: Cut the pipes to be welded, peel, clean and dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth or paper. Remove moisture that may occur immediately before the welding process again. The illustration of the tightening method of flange connections was simplified. The text concerning the electrofusion-socket welding has been adjusted: Pipes and fittings must be Dear customers and partners, thank you for your interest in our family enterprise. For a long time the classification of enterprises as a family has rather been hidden than actively marketed.





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