Soon the commercial model invented by this pioneering and revolutionary couple was inspiring copycats worldwide. The management willingly took on the role of unpaid intermediary between artists and art lovers. The Rive Gauche, or Left Bank, has rather chic connotations. Communications are firmly anchored in contemporary culture, with advertising campaigns shot by the biggest names in photography. It celebrated a renaissance in late following 18 months of renovation.

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The first department store that was viewed in Aristide Boucicaut was born in Belleme. His father was a hat maker who ran his own business. In , he left Belleme and in the following year, he became salesperson of shawls at Petit St. Thomas, rue du Bac in Paris. He then promoted to department manager because of his excellence. He got affection for Marguerite Guerin, who worked in the nearby creamery. His mother refused to accept the girl, but Boucicaut began to live with her. In , Marguerite gave birth to a child and later, in , both got married.

Aristide Boucicaut belonged to a hat maker family. He soon joined his father's work and left home at the age of 18 to work as street vendor seller of fabrics, hats, and much more items.

Petit St. Thomas got closed in , which turned Boucicaut to work in another store. But the fact is that he then joined Paul Videau, who owned a variety store and began implementing his innovative ideas. The novel ideas had worked great in marketing which proved to buy in bulk and sell them at a low price with a marginal profit.

This new concept of selling attracted the customers, and both started offering seasonal sales along with browsing and touching of clothes. With his modern style of selling and innovative ideas, he was able to increase the revenue of the shop from just , francs to 5 million francs approx.

Boucicaut showed his real characteristics through his style of selling that includes reading rooms for males when their wives shopped, first ever mail order catalog, entertainment for children with prizes and much more. He also introduced social innovations for all his employees. He offered the upper floor of the store to unmarried women employees, career improvement in the store, medical facility who got sick, pensions for those who worked for about twenty years.

Boucicaut's dreamed to built a grand departmental store for the people. For this, he met with a French entrepreneur, Henry Francois Maillard. Francois told him about Alexander Turney Stewart, who had constructed the first multi-story building to sell merchandise, the Marble Palace in New York.

With the desire to make an outstanding place for the people, Boucicaut hired the architect L. Boileau along with an engineering firm of Gustave Eiffel in The store was finally completed after ten years of the death of Aristide Boucicaut. Unfortunately, his son died at an early age and the death of Boucicaut made his wife, the President of the store that she managed until she died. Le Bon Marche: Boucicaut is considered as the creator of the first departmental store in Paris that was completely set up in named 'Le Bon Marche'.

In French, 'Le Bon Marche' means 'the good market' or one can say 'the good deal. It had four departments in which a total of 12 employees. He hired the architect, Louis-Auguste Boileau along with the engineering of Gustave Eiffel firm to construct his dreamed store. Unfortunately, he died before the store gets completed. His wife continued the service until her death and 'Le Bon Marche' opened in Today, this departmental store is a property of popularly known 'LVMH' Luxury Group, who sells a lot of high-end goods that also include foods.

It is believed that Boucicaut belonged to Christianity. After his death, he was buried in the family tomb in Montparnasse Cemetary. Although Boucicaut was too busy in his work, he was also interested in politics.

In August , he was elected as a Mayor, but he refused the post the very next day of mandate and preferred to be in the office of councilor. Because of his hard work and firmed determination towards his work, the Paris metro has been dedicated a station by his name, 'Boucicaut Station'. Despite being working for long hours in stores, he fell in love with a girl who worked in a nearby creamery. Before marriage, they stayed together and gave birth to a child in Aristide Boucicaut married to Marguerite Guerin in , and they together had a son.

Marguerite was born in Verjux on 3 January Her mother was abandoned after she was born by her father. Anyhow her mother managed to work as a laundress to grow her in Paris. She later joined creamery and worked there. Marguerite also joined her mother and worked in the same creamery.

Back to Profile. Photos Works. Main Photo. Aristide Boucicaut. School period Add photo. Career Add photo. Achievements Add photo. Membership Add photo. Awards Add photo. Other Photos Add photo. Other photo of Aristide Boucicaut. Connections Add photo. Other Work. Le Bon Marche The first department store that was viewed in He began his career with his father's business and sold ribbons, fabrics, hats and items for woman wardrobe.

At the age of 18, Boucicaut left his family shop and started street vendor selling of fabrics. After six years, he went to Paris and started working in novelty store that sold women's clothing, fabrics, hats and other items.

More photos. View map. Born July 14, December 26, aged Owner of 'Au Bon Marche'. Creator of first departmental store 'Le Bon Marche'.


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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Portrait de Boucicaut par Bouguereau Montparnasse Cemetery. Anthony-Aristide Boucicaut son , , Marguerite Boucicaut.


Everything you need to know about Le Bon Marché

And it was no coincidence. The power couple that the Boucicaut turned out to be at the time, had a strong French elegance in the way they conducted their business. In fact, they made a name of themselves by making sure that their business was run with flair, empathy, heart and dedication. Everything in these department stores was designed to let you see, wander and wonder. Boucicaut — who, through his studies, gained extensive knowledge of contemporary sociological research for workers in the U.


Aristide Boucicaut

Shortly after his arrival in Paris, Boucicaut met and married Marguerite Guerin. When the two partners bought the store in , it had only twelve employees and retail sales of about , francs annually. During the s and s the store expanded in size, and by Boucicaut was able to buy out Videau with borrowed money. In he was able to buy the rest of the block in which the store stood, and the following year he began construction on a new building to house the first true department store.

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