Environmental quality evaluation. Indexing tools to evaluate environmental quality from biological data, floristic and vegetational data in Ponte Galeria Rome , Italy. In the present work the study of indexing tools to evaluate environmental quality from biological data has been performed using a certain number of floristic and vegetational indices near Macchia Grande of Ponte Galeria Rome , Italy. The indices have been applied on the basis of the data coming from a phyto sociological study of the area.

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Environmental quality evaluation. Indexing tools to evaluate environmental quality from biological data, floristic and vegetational data in Ponte Galeria Rome , Italy. In the present work the study of indexing tools to evaluate environmental quality from biological data has been performed using a certain number of floristic and vegetational indices near Macchia Grande of Ponte Galeria Rome , Italy.

The indices have been applied on the basis of the data coming from a phyto sociological study of the area. Multivariate statistics methodologies have been utilized to obtain a synthetic evaluation of the indices [it. Indexing tools to evaluate environmental quality from biological data, floristic and vegetational data in Ponte Galeria Rome , Italy ; Rappresentazione sintetica della qualita' ambientale attraverso l'integrazione di indici floristici e vegetazionali: il caso di Macchia Grande di Ponte Galeria Roma.

Mazzocchi, F. Multivariate statistics methodologies have been utilized to obtain a synthetic evaluation of the indices. Sono state analizzate le proprieta' espresse dagli indici come singole entita' ed in particolare le principali tendenze di variazione rispetto alla variazione di qualita' delle unita' ambientali e della loro integrabilita' reciproca.

Sono state inoltre utilizzate le metodologie dell'analisi multivariata. Du Pont de Nemours. Dit rapport over Du Pont de Nemours produktie van o. In het kader van dit project is informatie verzameld over industriele bedrijven of industriele processen ter ondersteuning.

Global Rome. Is 21st-century Rome a global city? Is it part of Europe's core or periphery? The contributors engage with themes of contemporary urban studies—the global city, the self-made city, alternative modernities, capital cities and nations, urban change from below, and sustainability.

Global Rome serves as a provocative introduction to the Eternal City and makes an original Iglesia de Pont de Suert. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Hydrogeology of Rome. Full Text Available In this paper the hydrogeological setting of Rome is figured out. This setting has been strongly influenced by different factors as tectonic activity, volcanism and seal level variations.

The conceptual model of the groundwater flow in the roman area is represented by four aquifers, three of which being overlappingones. These aquifers flow from peripheral sectors of the study area toward Tiber and Aniene Rivers and the Sea.

Rome and Troy. It is only in Virgil that the trace of this struggle becomes apparent. This is an art of maintaining world peace, that is, an art capable of enacting peace, of making it an inner law, a custom, a natural disposition. Haecker since it was he who conceived the dream of a world peace, regardless of whether this dream is linked in western history to his name as by Dante, V.

The Sierra de Atapuerca, northern Spain, is known from many prehistoric and paleontologic sites documenting human prehistory in Europe. Du Pont Safety Resources was tasked with reviewing the current chemical vapor control practices and providing preventive recommendations on best commercial techniques to control worker exposures.

CH2MHill is committed to providing a safe working environment for employees and desires to safely manage the tank farm operations using appropriate control measures. To address worker concerns, CH2MHill has chartered a ''Chemical Vapors Project'' to integrate the activities of multiple CH2MHill project teams, and solicit the expertise of external resources, including an independent Industrial Hygiene expert panel, a communications consultant, and Du Pont Safety Resources.

The process included overview presentations, formal interviews, informal discussions, documentation review, and literature review. Du Pont Safety Resources concluded that it is highly unlikely that workers in the tank farms are exposed to chemicals above established standards. Additionally, the conventional and radiological chemistry is understood, the inherent chemical hazards are known, and the risk associated with chemical vapor exposure is properly managed.

The assessment highlighted management's commitment to addressing chemical vapor hazards and controlling the associated risks. Additionally, we found the Industrial Hygiene staff to be technically competent and well motivated.

The tank characterization data resides in a comprehensive database containing the tank chemical compositions and relevant airborne concentrations.

Club of Rome. CERN Multimedia. Le Prof. Lumbreras, L. Ceramic finds from the Galeria de las Ofrendas at Chavin de Huantar and surface finds from the settlement of Chavin were characterised by combining the results of archaeological typology with archaeometric studies using neutron activation analysis, Moessbauer spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and thin-section microscopy.

Sherds from the pyramid Tello are included in the study as representative of local material. The analyses show that the vessels were made from different raw materials and that different firing procedures were used in their production.

Sherds of certain styles largely exhibit similar types of Moessbauer patterns and in many instances also have similar element compositions. This supports the archaeological notion that the vessels were brought to Chavin from the provinces, perhaps on the occasion of a festivity.

Red fox sightings in Rome. The data were mapped on a UTM 1 sq. Data were analysed and correlated, for each City district, with the prevalent environment green, built-up, river-side areas and with the density of inhabitants. The Etymological Origins. Full Text Available The name of Rome was always a great mystery. Through this taxonomic study of Greek and Latin language, Enrique Cabrejas gives us the keys and unpublished answers to understand the etymology of the name.

For thousands of years never came to suspect, including about the founder Romulus the reasons for the name and of his brother Remus, plus the unknown place name of the Lazio of the Italian peninsula which housed the foundation of ancient Rome. Un ponte metropolitano a Napoli - Capodichino. Il rilievo del ponte normanno di Serravalle.

An ancient norman bridge in disrepair at the foot of Etna, in Sicily. The project to restore the bridge needed a detailed scale model of the bridge and the surrounding area. The survey proved to be demanding due to the difficult conditions of the area: dense vegetation and steep terrain. Modern accelerators in ancient Rome. For the first time, the achievements and hopes of the broad European accelerator community were brought together in a European Particle Accelerator Conference, held in Rome in June.

Ranging from the vast machines at CERN to the small medical accelerators operating in thousands of hospitals, the programme underlined how modern civilization has benefited from the ability to handle charged particle beams.

This contribution deals with the business valueof radio frequency identification RFID technology in the apparel retail industry. The trial shows that operational efficiency gains through the automation of logistical in-store processes, such as inventory counting or goods receipt, are possible. Moreover, RFID enables new customer applications on the sales floor, which allow for a redesign of the customer interface, and thus an improvement of the service processes and the service quality.

In addition, the analyses of the gathered data on the sales floor help to close the "data void" between the goods receipt and the point of sales of the department store, thus offering the opportunity to directly observe and analyze physical in-store processes. The RFID data analyses allow for deriving valuable information for the department store management in the areas of inventory management, category management, store layout management, and department store processes.

Social housing solutions for Rome. Full Text Available Research today should focus on building a fairer and more sustainable longterm development model, compared to the present situation, capable of effectively meeting the political, economic, market and social demands. Social housing encompasses all these elements and is currently in a phase of applied experimentation. For some time now universities have been usefully contributing to furthering the issue of social housing and the time is now ripe to apply the results produced by the large number of researches in this field.

The aim of the paper is to provide an overview of the design process and the environmental features of the Master Plan relating to a significant Social Housing project in the area of Collina Muratella, in Rome , within the framework of a research project commissioned to the DATA Department of La Sapienza University of Rome by the construction firm Lamaro Appalti Unipersonale spa. Most services return an HTML result page with URL links to the result files or, for longer jobs, return a message indicating that email will be sent when the job is done.

This paradigm has a few serious shortcomings. First, it is all too common for something to go wrong and for the user to never hear about the job again. Second, for long and complicated jobs there is often important intermediate information that would allow the user to adjust the processing.

Finally, unless some sort of custom queueing mechanism is used, background jobs are started immediately upon receiving the CGI request. When there are many such requests the server machine can easily be overloaded and either slow to a crawl or crash.

Request Object Management Environment ROME is a collection of middleware components being developed under the National Virtual Observatory Project to provide mechanism for managing long jobs such as computationally intensive statistical analysis requests or the generation of large scale mosaic images.

Written as EJB objects within the open-source JBoss applications server, ROME receives processing requests via a servelet interface, stores them in a DBMS using JDBC, distributes the processing via queuing mechanisms across multiple machines and environments including Grid resources , manages realtime messages from the processing modules, and ensures proper user notification.

The request processing modules are identical in structure to standard CGI-programs -- though they can optionally implement status messaging -- and can be written in any language. Some recent epidemiological studies suggest an association between lymphatic and haematopoietic cancers and residential exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields kHz GHz generated by radio and television transmitters.

Vatican Radio, a very powerful radio station transmitting all over the world up to kW is located in Santa Maria di Galeria , in the northern suburbs of the city of Rome. Electric field measurements in the proximity of the radio station ranged between 1. In the 10 km area around the station, with The analysis Stone's conditional test was performed computing observed and expected cases reference: population of Rome in 5 bands of increasing radius 2 km width.

A Score test, showed a significant decrease in risk of childhood incidence as function of the distance. The main limitations of this study are the small number of observed cases and the use of distance as a proxy for RF exposure. Further research will require a systematic campaign of electromagnetic field measurements to allow better assessment of the population exposure.

Technique and applications. To define the anatomy, biomechanics, indications, and surgical technique of the true Ponte osteotomy. The Ponte osteotomy, originally developed for thoracic kyphosis, was the first one to obtain posterior shortening of the thoracic spine, maintaining the anterior column load-sharing capacity.

It has become a widely applied technique in various types of spine deformities and a frequent topic of presentations at meetings and in scientific articles. Several of them offer unquestionable evidence of an incorrect execution, with consequently distorted outcomes and erroneous conclusions. A clearing up became essential. Our original experience is based on a series of patients with thoracic hyperkyphosis operated in the years , at first with a standard posterior Harrington technique and then by using the Ponte osteotomy with different instrumentations.

A series of 78 of them, operated in the years , who had Ponte osteotomies at every level, is presented. A number of publications use the term Ponte osteotomy loosely for by far incomplete resections and mixing it up with Smith-Petersen's osteotomy.


ISBN 13: 9789567802609

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