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AutoSys is an automated job control system for scheduling, monitoring, and reporting. These jobs can reside on any AutoSys-configured machine that is attached to a network. The gadget spec URL could not be found. Box Jobs: is a container of other jobs. And is used to organize and control process flow.

If no other starting conditions are specified at the job level, a job within a box will run as soon as the starting conditions for the box are satisfied. If several jobs in a box do not have job-level starting conditions, they will all run in parallel.

File watcher: starts a process that monitors for the existence and size of a specific operating system file. When that file reaches a certain minimum size, and is no longer growing in size, the File Watcher Job completes successfully, indicating that the file has arrived. Email: support dbaref. By default when m is not used, the user must be on the machine specified in the owner field of the job. The job status is displayed in the job report generated by the autorep command, and in the job report you can view in the Job Activity Console.

To report on all jobs, specify ALL. For a Job Report, all events from the last run of the requested job will be listed. This option can only be used with the -s and -d options. For example, the option r -2 would generate a report for the job run two runs back.


AutoSys Scheduler: Create & Manage Jobs using AutoSys Job Scheduler

AutoSys Workload Automation is a multi-platform automated job control system that provides the capability of scheduling, monitoring, and reporting of AutoSys jobs for enterprise applications. How application Dev teams perform AutoSys job monitoring, manage enterprise workloads and scheduling using AutoSys software? Check out this video. As per the survey conducted by TechValidate. Through gui or graphical user interface, job attributes can be set to describe where, when, and how a job should run. JIL command is a specification language whichs has its own commands to describe how a job should run.



AutoSys is a job scheduler used for defining jobs, which helps in controlling and monitoring processes. The jobs can be created using batch programs or UNIX scripts. For setting a job, you need access to AutoSys prompt. On a Windows machine, you can define the job in the command prompt, whereas, on a Linux machine you have to define a job using the terminal.

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