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Solve dozens of adventure puzzles and explore an enchanting world! Aveyond: Lord of Twilight is packed with monsters, magic, and humor. Stop an evil vampire lord from plunging the world into darkness and enslaving humanity. Explore lush tropical forests, arid deserts, mystical woodlands and more. Soar to dizzying heights and descend to the depths of the Underworld in this awesome RPG adventure!

Play Free Trial Here. Buy Now. After viewing the intro and choosing game play options, you are introduced to the main character Mel, who is being assigned a job.

First, she needs to meet the client to get the details. You can't explore the town yet, so head north to the Mansion. Once inside, head to the 3 rd floor balcony and speak with the cloaked man in red. Now that you have the details of the job, leave the mansion and head east to the forest area of the city. Mel mentions there must be another way in and sure enough to the left is a hole with a grate on top.

Simply go up to it and Mel will remove the grate allowing access to the keep. Tip : Mel has the ability to steal from the enemy party. If it is successful, you will gain extra gold or items.

Once inside, pull the switch to open the door next to the spikes. Next floor down, pull the switch and walk past the spikes to the north. When you pass the spikes they will raise up again, blocking your path back. Pull the next switch then just push the metal ball into the alcove beside the small plant.

If you get stuck, you can use the "emergency exit". Now proceed through the open gate. Find and pull the switch on the northern wall to open the last door to the east. The locked gate with a chest behind can't be opened yet Once through that door head south. Watch the small scene, collect the item, and then leave the keep. Explore the area making your way North. Once you reach the end, watch the scene and then Mel will find herself alone for the time being.

From this point you can either move forward or continue exploring the forest. Mel can defeat the enemies by herself without too much trouble. Thail Mountains South. Tip : The dragonflies take 3 hits to defeat and hit Mel for about 10 damage each time, so be careful. Make your way west. You'll eventually come across the cave system.

Explore the caves and head to the northern most exit to continue on. You'll pass through another small cave system and then enter Brightwood Forest.

Brightwood Forest. There seem to be no enemies for now so head to the left till you reach the sign. It says Thais is to the Northeast so that's the path to take. A wolf's howl keeps Mel from going in the other directions anyway. Tip : Checking the red mailboxes will give you the name of the building its in front of.

Once you enter the city, the game suggests you stay at the inn, but its not needed. Be sure to explore the city and chat with the citizens to familiarize yourself with them. I've listed areas of interest and additional quests in the charts below When finished, head to the school of War and Magic located in the SE area of the city.

As soon as you enter, watch the scene and get your first assignment. Once you leave the school, Mel will rest until nighttime. When she wakes up, make your way north to the Ely Harpsbren Manor in the Noble district. The Boars Head Tavern is still open, stop by on your way to the Manor to visit Edward if you wish When you try to open the door, you'll find that its locked.

Watch the scene, and then you'll gain access through the window. Head to the second floor and pull the switch to open the metal door. Now when you try to go through it, it closes before you can get through. Pull the switch again and try to go through once more. Watch the following scene then grab the statue and return it to the Professor.

Mel can now begin her training, but first needs a place to stay. If you haven't already rented an apartment in the Lamplight district SW side of town go ahead and do that now. The rental agency will give you the key for 20 gold coins. Go to apartment 2B, unlock the door and sleep in the bed. Mel can sleep there anytime now afterward to refill her health. Watch the scene then control will switch to Ta'ijel. Flip the switch to turn the location "on" When you find other locations, do the same to activate them.

Now go up to the box, select an active location and pay the fee. Then just go up to the mirror and you will be transported to that new area. This is your first active location, so you won't be able to travel anywhere yet. Tip: I don't recommend going south and exploring the forest yet, a group of enemies can easily defeat you.

Explore the town if you wish then head east to Wyrm Forest. You'll immediately see Galahad to the right fighting some skeletons, go up him. Watch the scene then defeat the skeletons. Use Te'ijal's drain skill when her life is low and she'll take off more damage while healing herself! Watch the next scene then control switches back to Mel. Mel is running late for class, so head to the school and speak to the Professor for the next assignment.

Go to the Thread and Needle shop located in the shopping district between the weapon and armor shop and watch the scene. Lia will offer to have the gown delivered to your apartment which suits Mel just fine! Easily done, just head back to your apartment. You'll see your gown on the rack.

Change into it and make your way to the ball at Thais Castle. Give your ticket to Steward and enter the castle. Mingle with guests if you wish then head to the second floor.

Go into the center bedroom and you'll see someone in red standing at the desk, confront him and watch the following scene. Afterward, go back inside the bedroom and find the real spy! You won't be able to confront him, but you now have his name and know who it is. Leave the ball and report your findings to Professor Gray. Return to your apartment, go to bed, watch the scene. Upgrade Mel and Edwards equipment, chat with townsfolk if you wish Now that Edward is in the party a few of them have different things to say then head out of the city to Brightwood forest.

Tip: Do not go into Red Rock Pass, the rogues there will kill you in one hit. You are now free to explore the Forest and while the game restricts you from going everywhere, you can visit Moo Hatchery to the South activate the magic mirror express there and Chateau Lenore to the West for additional quests. Level up some and collect gold for supplies, you can always rest in your apartment for free to refill health.

When ready, head west to the ruins. Once you cross the western most bridge, take the northern path to the ruins or the southern path to Chateau Lenore. Areas of Interest. Lord Rupert Lydia's father lives in the Noble district in Thais.

Give him the wine and come back and speak to Fedor for your payment. Once you enter the ruins, you'll find a girl with purple hair lying on the ground. Go up to her and watch the scene. Mel's on her own again so explore the ruins, collect the sparkle on the ground next to the pillar and make your way back to Thais. Main journal entry. Thais temple is to the east of the shopping district.

Enter and watch the scene. Talk to the girl and give her back her ring. Control will then switch to Te'ijal. You're already in front of the church so just enter and watch the scene.


Aveyond: Lord of Twilight Walkthrough & Cheats

The gameplay is very simple, with the arrow keys and mouse you can move your caracter, with ESC and X buttons or right click you can acces the menu, also A is for saving, S for the journal and D to use your Items. So we are at the main menu, click on "New Quest" to begin, you will have two optins and select "Play Introduction" to undersand better the storyline. You will see a cutscene with Mordred Darkthrop who wants to conquer the world but is stoped by the hand of his son Tunsten, the two die because of Tunsten's sacrifice. His wife, Rayina, is forced to see his death, it's very tragic, but Tunsten only tried to save the world from a prophecy wich says that a Darkthop will rule the world, he tried to destroy his lineage, I don't think that worked, Rayina would agree with that. After this you have to set the difficulty, you will also have the explanations there, I only use the easy mode, if you play on normal or expert mode it could be annoying with the monsters, this kind of RPG should not be played for the "fantastic" battle system, I recommend you to focus on the story and other side quests. In the first two modes you will have a tutorial, for mouse or keybord, it will present the protagonist, Mel, you have to do what the tutorial says, it will explain you the basics. After that the story begins with a letter of Mel and you will now know who she is, please check the next page.


Aveyond - Lord of Twilight Walkthrough - Episode 6 - The Journey to Naylith

Aveyond: Lord of Twilight is the first chapter in the Orbs of Magic series. Luck will also increase the amount of loot you get from dead monsters. That will decrease your luck in the game. The Magic Mirror Express will allow you to travel directly from one location to another by walking through a mirror, but for a price. You have to activate a MME yourself at a destination before you can travel there.


Aveyond: Lord of Twilight Tips Walkthrough

There are a total of five Goody Caves hidden in walls at various locations throughout the game. There are no visual clues on the outside of the walls that hint that a cave is hidden inside. You must locate them by exploring and bumping Mel into all the walls. There are blue chests in some caves that will be accessible in Gates Of Night. Some of the items in the caves cannot be found elsewhere.

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