The gameplay is very simple, with the arrow keys and mouse you can move your caracter, with ESC and X buttons or right click you can acces the menu, also A is for saving, S for the journal and D to use your Items. So we are at the main menu, click on "New Quest" to begin, you will have two optins and select "Play Introduction" to undersand better the storyline. You will see a cutscene with Mordred Darkthrop who wants to conquer the world but is stoped by the hand of his son Tunsten, the two die because of Tunsten's sacrifice. His wife, Rayina, is forced to see his death, it's very tragic, but Tunsten only tried to save the world from a prophecy wich says that a Darkthop will rule the world, he tried to destroy his lineage, I don't think that worked, Rayina would agree with that. After this you have to set the difficulty, you will also have the explanations there, I only use the easy mode, if you play on normal or expert mode it could be annoying with the monsters, this kind of RPG should not be played for the "fantastic" battle system, I recommend you to focus on the story and other side quests.

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Aveyond Gates of Night Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Aveyond Gates of Night. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Aveyond Gates of Night.

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. However, even after multiple run-throughs, after an absence playing other games, when I came back I found myself wondering "Where am I supposed to go next?

So I started to put together a memory aid of sorts. After completing my personal Guide, I thought it might be useful for other Gamers as well. After adding some RPG tips, here is presented a smoothed out rendition for my fellow Steamers.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. DerEider Offline. Guide Index. CITY Activities. It is Number 2 in a series of 4 Orbs of Magic games. The first game, also released on Steam, is named Aveyond: Lord of Twilight. Since I wrote this guide, the final two games also have been released on Steam. This Guide is intended to provide the Gamer some general RPG, and particularly Aveyond Orbs of Magic , gaming tips plus a general where-to-go, what-to-expect description City-by-City for Gates of Night without revealing the detailed answers to the various mysteries and puzzles the Heroine's [Mel's] Party will encounter.

I put this Guide together as a memory aid of sorts. After completing the Guide for personal use, I thought it might be useful for other Gamers as well.

After adding some RPG tips, this is published as a smoothed out rendition for my fellow Steamers. Any Comments with questions, requests, corrections, suggestions, etc. I will check on them and make appropriate revisions as feasible to the best of my abilities.

This Vampire Lord plans to turn off all light in the overworld so vampires may take over the world and enslave all humans; and for some unfathomable reason he needs Mel to accomplish this. Starting a New Game from scratch will enable the Gamer [and Mel] to face and overcome a greater challenge beginning from a clean slate. If Gamer has not played Lord of Twilight , this would be mandatory, and a good idea to gain that experience. You may want to consider ensuring completion of all of Mel's Journal Quests before completing the Main Quest.

This will give Mel and her Party a carry-forward of their maximum potential strengths, equipment and inventory for the start of the more challenging The Lost Orb. Tips for Gamers unfamiliar with Role Playing Games:. Particularly, Mel's Trip Skill can prove crucial in overcoming powerful Monsters.

Her Dagger is relatively weak, but while a Monster is "tripped", it cannot attack PMs and the more powerful PM Battlers can pummel or cast Spells upon the hapless beast. Stella adds a new "White" Spell each time she Levels Up. Similarly Lydia may add a new "Dark" Spell when she levels. Note what Spells have been added to their Skill Books before any Battle. Te'ijal's Drain skill potentially can wipe out a Monster.

If Drain is successful, it will take a Monster's Health in an amount equal to Te'ijal's reduction in Health balance.

If Te'ijal's Health is high, it might be better to use her Paralyze skill. Similar to the tripped state, a "paralyzed" monster cannot attack or cast spells. When Lydia is a Battler , she can access her selection of "Dark" Spells.

While initially Lydia has a small selection of spells, by equipping one of several Spell Books in place of a Shield, she can learn a new spell from that Book each time she Levels Up. Equip that Book!! When her Spell Book has been completed, Lydia throws it away.

Be sure to equip the next Spell Book. To the extent feasible in Battle, match the individual PMs' Weapon or Skill capabilities against known weaknesses of the Monsters the Party is facing. This is simple if Mel knows her PMs can readily defeat the enemies. But if it's apparent that it will take 2 or more Battle Turns , the party should concentrate and coordinate their attacks so they at least can eliminate one Monster each turn ; preferably the most dangerous opponent.

Normally a weaker PM like Mel or Lydia might make sense. Some Monsters are impervious to physical damage. When arriving in a New City , Mel always should do the following :. Check out any Bookcases while there. For some humorous dialogue , try swapping the Leader role around and then talking to each of the other PM's.

While there are ways to teleport between cities and warp to certain locations, generally I do not use them, except late in GoN when I will use a Red Warp Egg to warp from remote parts of Aveyond to Moo's Hatchery to pick up a fresh batch of wierd Eggs.

Then I will Compass back the Ship. During Mel's explorations, she will find some unusual Eggs. These always should be taken to Dr. Moo's Hatchery and placed in his Hatching Machine. Consider using a Red Warp Egg. Moo's Hatchery is like a City. Until then, it is reached by walking past Wolf packs in Brightwood Forest.

Wolves are an excellent source of Haunches. Frequently, I have to start selling Haunches at Shops to avoid waste as the total grows near the 99 cap. There are five of these hidden caves for Mel to discover. What's with Pemberly Manor anyway? Mel was born here 17 years before the beginning of Orbs of Magic. As an orphan, she grew up to be a professional Thief of some repute. Hometown of Te'ijal and Galahad in the Vampire Underworld.

Gyendal, the Lord of Twilight, is based here. Pirates have taken over the Port! A mysterious sleeping beauty lies in the Ice Castle in the Istir Forest. Witchwood is the home of Heptitus , the most evil of all Witches, a host of other Witches, and eventually Spiders.

Children are greatly feared!! Dragkthor is the Capital of the powerful Dragon Kingdom. Reputedly, there is a Quarter Key in the region. The Orc capital is located on the extreme northeast end of the Mainland.

How you know Orc? You little and weak. Venwood is the peaceful Home of the Elven Peoples but their water utility is broken. Faiara is the Faery Capital. So how come a Frog is Boss? Hey, Mel Check that out! Is the Quarter Key here? Who's in charge here? And Who's eating the Naylithians? Mel has solved the Raven Puzzle , or she wouldn't be here.

So it must be all down hill from here. This is in the Underworld, beyond even the Cliffs of Remembrance. Finally, is this the location of the Orb of Life? Whose Memory? A few Quest objects are in obscure locations and may be difficult to find.

While I will not give exect locations, I will give hints as to their general locations. If you still have difficulty in finding a Quest object, leave a Comment and I shall endeavor to help. Lost Ring.


Aveyond Tips Walkthrough

By kurtisnet , February 14, in Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest. Some of you might remember me from the old forum. I wrote a walkthrough on Aveyond 1 build B in and have come back last week to realise that the link to download that walkthrough is dead. A few searches on my computer later, and I have recovered the original walkthrough created 8 years ago. Fast forward few more days and here I am again with a fully revised walkthrough now version 1.


Aveyond 1 - Walkthrough

Struggling to remain alive, the Priestess constructs a butterfly out of light, and sends it out to seek help. The screen then show credits as the butterfly flutters to Clearwater, where Rhen, the protagonist, is. Enjoy the music! It is truly breathtaking. From where Rhen is, head left, go up the ladder and enter the house with a fenced yard, beside the bridge. Four of the Marionbells are located in the area where your childhood friend Peter is.

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