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It was originally developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System and released in , but was subsequently ported to more systems, including the Sega Mega Drive and the Sega Game Gear in This game is the first in a short-lived series which thrived through the 8-bit and bit era. It is well known for it's difficulty and humorous reactions and attacks by the games characters. As seen in the games intro, the Battletoads along with Princess Angelica are venturing to the Princesses home planet when one or two battletoads one on Mega Drive, two on Game Gear go missing along with a princess and must be rescued from the Dark Queen.

Professor Bird sends the remaining Battletoad s to rescue them. Two buttons are used; an attack button and a jump button. Although there is only one attack button, the attack varies based on situation. Certain objects, such as large snakes can be grabbed onto and climbed up or down. Weapons can be found at various points in levels and used against opponents. Capsules that appear occasionally can also be broken and it's contents collected. If flies are seen they can be eaten for a health boost by pressing the attack button when close enough.

There are also rope repelling levels where the objective is to be lowered down a shaft that is filled with obstacles and enemies. The enemies can be attacked but the obstacles must be dodged. By moving to the extreme side of the screen the player can transform into a wrecking ball and swing across the screen by pressing the attack button, wiping out any opponents in the way.

Vehicle levels are considered the most difficult and require quick reflexes. Depending on the level you will be in a variety of transports, such as a speedbike, a jet, and surfboards. Levels are filled with obstacles and other riders which cannot be attacked. Most vehicle levels allow you to jump and some have intermission sections that allow classic action gameplay. There are twelve levels available in the Mega Drive version, nine in the Game Gear version.

Below they are listed in the order encountered:. Battletoads was designed as a NES game, and no subsequent port has included all of the content of the original release. The remaining levels were redesigned, likely to take into account of the Game Gear's small screen.

Taking a hit by an enemy in action levels causes the player to be stunned, and the recovery time is much longer in the Game Gear version. Collision detection is also not as accurate, with in turn can make action stages harder. In vehicle levels however, it is possible to take more than one hit before losing a life, however obstacles appear instantly in some vehicle levels rather than blinking on the side of the screen before appearing.

Despite being supported by more powerful hardware, the Sega Mega Drive version also makes some cutbacks, lacking much of the opening sequence and cutting sections of the ending for unknown reasons. More layers of parallax scrolling have been added to the backgrounds, though in general the upgrade is less noticeable as, for example, the jump between NES Battletoads and SNES Battlemaniacs.

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Original system s : NES. Developer s of original games: Rare. Genre: Action. Number of players: , 1. Publication Score Source Beep! MegaDrive JP. MegaDrive readers JP. GamePro US. Game Power IT. GamesMaster UK. Hippon Super JP.

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Cart Manual. Electronic Gaming Monthly US. Joypad FR. Sonic the Comic UK. Based on 10 reviews. CRC32 d10ea. Battletoads Battletoads in Battlemaniacs





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