So, Why Aren't You Rich? This audiobook will make you understand why you haven't chosen to be rich and show you how to remove that barrier. Now, you will understand why your thoughts can make you rich. In Being the Solution you'll learn about the Power Pause, a powerful transformational tool that changes your way of BEING relative to what you perceive to be a problem. The problem simply dissolves and disappears. In this audiobook, you'll find, in context, everything Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato had to say and a great deal more, all simplified and explained.

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Power Pause success stories Living on the edge for two years, almost evicted, electricity turned off more than once, three months behind on car payments and bills, bills, bills, Delores Jackson asked for help. I sent her the Power Pause. She also had a well-paying job, scoring a movie script for a major player in the music industry.

Delores reports, These are just a few of the miracles happening in my life since I began using the Power Pause. Thank you for bringing the Power Pause to my life. Want more Power Pause success stories? No more headaches! I used the Power Pause to visualize what my business would be like if clients who scheduled massages on a regular basis filled my schedule. I had been trying for five years to increase my volume. No, these seeming miracles are the natural result of what happens when we make the BEING commitment that moves us past our barriers to Success.

What powerful spiritual principle makes the Power Pause such a great transformational tool? This truth: We become what we think about with passion. The Power Pause, by design, changes who you are being relative to whatever you perceive to be a problem and the problem simply dissolves and disappears. The intent of BEING is to show you how to transform yourself into being the person who can have whatever you want in life.

One cannot alter a condition with the same mind set that created it in the first place. Are you ready for a quality of life change? Your concept of reality If you have a concept of reality everybody does , you live in a box. Everyone lives in a box! Everything belonging in that box is already there. The odds are that you will never get to have what you want from life, simply because your wants are not powerful enough to overcome the insecurity of being outside the box.

Armed with what you learn from this book, you WILL overcome your insecurities. I will give you a sure-fire way out of your box so that you WILL have what you want from life. But before I do that, let me show you what a box looks like. When he or she gets over being offended by my lack of sympathy, we laugh together and then get serious about solving the problem.

The following was once my own victim story my box. When I was four years old, I idolized my oldest brother; in fact, you might say I worshiped him. One morning when he left for school, I followed him. Four blocks from home, he noticed that I was following him and he chased me all the way home, angry that I was making him late for school. Feeling hurt and sorry for myself, I pouted for a while and then decided I would never be hurt again!

As a result of that obviously insignificant and meaningless incident in my life, I came to the absurd conclusion that nobody loved me. Talk about dumb conclusions! Although no real basis existed for my erroneous conclusion, that decision controlled much of my life for many years to come. So, while growing up, whenever anyone tried to hug me, I pushed him or her away. A loving hug did not fit the victim role I had chosen to play. By now, you should be playing your own imaginary victim-story violin.

But that was my box, my story, and at first glance, you may not relate my victim story to your own. I suggest you look again. If you are lacking anything— anything at all—you live in a self-limiting box that prevents you from having your wants fulfilled.

And in most cases you could offer an easy solution a way out of the box if only that person were willing to give up being a victim. The light bulb goes on ah ha! I want you to get that this IS your story! A different tune, different characters, different circumstances, but the same plot!

My situation could be likened to someone dying of thirst while swimming in a lake of drinkable water. Does this ring any bells for you? Can you see how that would have worked for me? Then you must see that a change of perspective could solve your problem or fulfill your need as well.

How does this story relate to you? Poverty or abundance in any form is a state of mind a state of BEING , not the state of your love life, your relationships or your finances.

In fact, you probably have a dozen reasons you could give me, right now, for why you are poor in some way. None of your reasons are any more valid than my silly excuse for lacking love! But if you are somehow turned off by the word, your prejudice against it may prevent you from hearing me.

I can name a great number of ways that you can be rich, and most of them are a great deal more important than having lots of money. As you read this book, I want you to think about being rich in terms of whatever you most need in your life. Think of what your life would be like if you were rich in self-worth, self-esteem, love, friends, good health, a good job, or even money.

Your spiritual journey through life is about discovering who you are. BEING financially independent will be one of the side benefits in your spiritual journey toward self-discovery.

The most common error you can make when thinking about becoming rich is to assume that having money, or whatever else you lack, would make you rich. The exact opposite is the truth. You must be rich in consciousness before you can have the riches you want—before you can have love, money or anything else in abundance. If you already had all the money you could possibly spend, your wealth would only be the consequence, not the root cause, of your becoming rich.

Well, who are you, really? And it is because you are a spiritual BEING that you have the power to choose the reality of your dreams. I intend to prove that, but not just yet. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

For instance, if you made up your mind to increase your income, right now, how would you plan to earn it? Take on another job? Work more hours? Are these solutions acceptable? Your way out of the box will require a paradigm shift away from those presumptions toward an earning strategy that would allow you to receive income from sources other than hourly pay.

Your lack of wealth is just the natural end result of a mind-set that cancels out any possibility of wealth accumulation. The poor have a negative polarity when it comes to attracting money; it just naturally flows away from them. Have you not wondered why? Like a magnet attracts metal filings, wealthy people attract money. What would your life be like if you changed your polarity to one that attracted abundance?

If I Could Show You So, what if I could show you a way to change your mind-set from one that repels money to one that would attract money and make you rich; would you be interested? Sure you would! Defining Rich or Poor Although rich is about who you are, not about what you have, what you have is truly a measure of who you are. Think about it! You might even find that you are better off than you thought. Almost without exception, we each lack something we think we need to make our lives whole and complete.

More than anything else, most of us lack the spiritual awareness that would allow us to know who we really are. Anyway, if you want to know where you most need to grow, complete the following exercise. Are you richer or poorer than you thought? You are poor only because being rich in that way does not fit your current concept of reality.

Poverty in any form is a state of mind, not the state of your circumstances. What you want from life is outside your box, and so is the growth in consciousness that would allow you to know who you are and have what you want. So how about it? If so, affirm the following: I am now ready to give up my victim story and choose out of poverty!

As of this moment, I choose to be rich in. Even those who seem to have it all will become dissatisfied with their lot in life from time to time. In that moment of discontent, they become poor again. Russell Conwell, in his great little book, Acres of Diamonds, tells the true story of a very prosperous farmer who was rich because he had everything a man could possibly want in life. He had a loving wife, two beautiful, loving daughters, and servants to tend the livestock and care for his needs.

This farmer led a very happy and contented life he was a rich man until someone suggested that he could buy a kingdom and put his daughters on the throne if he owned a diamond mine. In that moment, the farmer became so obsessed with the desire to own a diamond mine that he could think of nothing else.

In that split second, his contentment flew out the window, and he became a poor man. In this sad tale, the farmer sold his farm and went off in search of the diamond mine he would never find. This farmer made two serious mistakes: 1. He gave up everything a man could possibly want in life to go looking for what he could have found in his own back yard!


Being The Solution

Power Pause success stories Living on the edge for two years, almost evicted, electricity turned off more than once, three months behind on car payments and bills, bills, bills, Delores Jackson asked for help. I sent her the Power Pause. She also had a well-paying job, scoring a movie script for a major player in the music industry. Delores reports, These are just a few of the miracles happening in my life since I began using the Power Pause. Thank you for bringing the Power Pause to my life.


Being The Solution By Darel Rutherford

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