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No, stay on the ticket office. Yes close the box office. Italienne avec Orchestre which he wrote, directed and performed, was first staged in and had a second run in He is meticulous about the words and the general movement of his texts: he enhances them, offers them to the audience without attaching any of the standard conventions that can have a paralysing effect, bringing them closer but without making them dull.

Between and Bertolt Brecht kept working and re-working his play, The Life of Galileo , changing the meanings of this fable as his attitude to science changed one version before and one after the explosion of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and as his attitude to politics changed there is a version before the division of Germany and one after. The stage is not only the place where Galileo carries out his scientific experiments, it is also a place for Brecht's experiment in theatre, and the telescope which reaches the universe of the planets, can also be used to reach the theatre and open up the lives of the spectators.

The stage becomes, just like a laboratory, a special place where theories can be laid out and the most established certainties shaken. Questions about science, about the place of humankind in the world of science and of reason, questions about the responsibility of scientists in the future of humanity. But most of all, questions Brecht poses about himself and his role as an intellectual in a system where telling the truth, perhaps as it was for Galileo, could mean taking a fatal risk.

Is it better to lie to protect the truth from its enemies, to hide, to keep quiet, to bow, in order to be taken seriously in more clement times?

Are you sure you want to close the box office, you will lose your place No, stay on the ticket office Yes close the box office. All you need to know.


La Vie de Galilée

Dujora He gains an increase in his salary, but within a short time his ruse is discovered. Life of Galileo Berliner Ensemble production. Leben des Galileialso known as Galileois a play by the twentieth-century German dramatist Bertolt Brecht with incidental music by Hanns Eisler. However, Galileo was close with Virginia, and they corresponded extensively. He chose to return to East Germany and continued to work on the play, now once again in the German language. Edit Did You Know? Zolotaxe Rachel Sypniewski was costume designer.



The play was written in and received its first theatrical production in German at the Zurich Schauspielhaus , opening on the 9th of September This production was directed by Leonard Steckel , with set-design by Teo Otto. The second or 'American' version was written in English between — in collaboration with Charles Laughton , and opened at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles on 30 July In Brecht prepared a third version. The action of the play follows the career of the great Italian natural philosopher Galileo Galilei and the Galileo affair , in which he was tried by the Roman Catholic Church for the promulgation of his scientific discoveries.



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