Press the MFB button once shortly to re- connect to the first paired phone. Voice dial may. Short press the. Why won't my Z9i go into pairing mode?

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Blueant wireless bluetooth headset quickstart guide 2 pages. Blueant wireless lcd bluetooth headset user manual 16 pages. Blueant x5: frequently asked question stereo bluetooth headset 8 pages. Blueant wireless wireless office headset user manual 25 pages. Plug the AC Charger into a power socket and the cable into the charging port on the Z9i.

Do not force the plug into the socket it should slide in easily. Ensure that the headset is pointing towards your mouth. You can wear the Z9i on left or right ears. If you wish to use the smaller ear gel instead, please unscrew anti-clockwise the large ear bud and screw on clockwise the smaller one.

Page 9: Pairing Procedure 4. Pairing mode will be active for 2 minutes. Perform a Bluetooth device discovery on your mobile phone to add a new device. Page 10 3. To re-enter pairing mode, repeat this step. Z9i Reset: If you have already Paired 5 devices to the Z9i it is not possible to pair another as the memory is full. If you want to pair with another phone you must reset the headset. Page 13 3 Seconds Standby Mode means connected to a device but not on a call.

Page Multi-Point With Multi-point you can connect two phones to the Z9i and answer which ever phone rings. Connect: The Z9i will connect to the last two phones connected upon powering ON. If you wish to connect a different previously paired phone, do so from that phones Bluetooth menu. After this the Z9i will always connect to that phone. What are the main difference between the Z9i and other Bluetooth headsets? What is included in the Z9i package?

How does the Z9i use the Bluetooth technology? How do I handle calls when the Z9i is connected? Page Troubleshooting 4. How do I know if my devices are connected? Can I connect more than one device to my Z9i at the same time? How far can my mobile be from the Z9i and still remain connected? Page 19 How do I do it? There are so many button combinations to remember.

What can I do? I have read all the solutions in this document but I still cannot get my Z9i to work properly. Page 20 2. Page 21 Can I use the Z9i to listen to music from my mobile?

Page 22 To do this you need to have Bluetooth enabled in your computer by using a Bluetooth USB Dongle or having a computer that has Bluetooth inbuilt. Page 23 When Bluetooth is turned ON, on your phone you will see a Bluetooth symbol appear on your main screen that changes slightly colours invert or arrows appear when connected to the Z9i.

Some phones show a Headset or Car symbol to notify you that the devices are connected. Page 24 7. The Z9i will remain connected within a range of 10 meters 30 ft. Sound quality may start to deteriorate after about 7 meters depending on your environment. Page 25 Page 26 6.

Why is the Z9i noisy and distorted? Turn the Z9i Volume down to a level that does not give echo or feedback. Also turn the volume down on your phone.

A low battery can also cause bad voice quality. Please charge the headset. Some people like to have their phone ring loudly, but this may cause distortion when transferred to the Z9i speaker. Page 27 Bluetooth ON. The Z9i has a standby mode it enters when connected to your phone so that it minimizes battery loss. This allows the Z9i to have such outstanding battery life as well as reducing the power required by the phone.

Page 28 How can I stay near the Z9i but not have calls diverted through it? The Z9i will remain connected within a range of 10 meters. If you are staying near the device but want to take calls through the phone simply switch the Z9i off by long pressing the MFB button.

Page 29 Log onto the support section of our web site www. Page 30 Z9i and its features. Please make an enquiry to support blueant. Page 31 1. BlueAnt Warrant the original purchaser of this product only.

BlueAnt will replace or repair any faulty product provided it has not been misused or abused in any way. There are no user serviceable parts inside this product. Using a non-authorized repairer will void the warranty. Page 32 Disclaimers: This manual is published by BlueAnt.

The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. All rights reserved. Page 33 1 This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2 This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Page 38 Bluetooth. Page 42 Conecte el cargador de CA en el enchufe de la pared y el cable en el puerto de carga del Z9i. Puede ponerse el Z9i en la oreja derecha o la izquierda.

Page 57 4. Page 59 Page 60 Note que los LED se encuentran apagados durante una llamada activa. Page 66 2. Page 67 Todos los derechos reservados. Todo uso de tales marcas por parte de BlueAnt se encuentra bajo licencia. Print page 1 Print document 68 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Blueant Z9i Frequently Asked Questions Manual page 10



BlueAnt Wireless Z9i Bluetooth Headset User Manual


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