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In his paper "Formalist Critic", Kline Brooks wrote that critics' critics tried to encounter and present these arguments from his point of view even among other literary critics. Klein Brooks believes that when we see works from different perspectives of literary theory, we believe that essentially obvious literary works will lose the point of a literary work, but it is always to see literary works from a subjective point of view.

I detach myself. From their own point of view, and from these points of view, he contradicts themselves. In addition, formal critics are not interested in what Cleanth Brooks calls "heresy heretic". The summary and explanation of the meaning and contents of poems ignores this.

Translating the meaning of the poem we see into everyday words weakens that power and replaces the unique structure of poetry in a normal way. The meaning is inseparable from the original form. Or, as the poet X. Kennedy states, "For poetry, nothing is more interesting than just tragic prose. I decided to do research rather than creating; investigating the author's life explains the process of composition, not the structure of what constitutes it 4. In other words, the biographical information is excessive to the requirement and hinders the analysis of the content of the text.

Professor Cleanth Brooks at Harvard University is one of the supporters of this critique that became popular in the middle of the 20th century and early critics such as Bradley tended to view Shakespearean characters as genuine people There. It is not a fictional literary work. New critics view poetry and theater as self-contained artworks and emphasize that writers use literary means such as symbolism, metaphor, and irony.

In his essay "Nude Baby And Manly Cloak", including his criticism of "Shackles Manufactured", Brooks uses special attention to the use of Shakespeare's symbolism or the use of objects to express ideas and emotions I am paying. Brooks thinks that an important symbol in a drama is clothing. Clothes are used in various ways to indicate that Macbeth is hiding in the stolen clothes of King Duncan. From the s to the s, new criticism became an American critic.

This is the most powerful aspect of American literary criticism. The new critic is thinking about the evaluation of poetry as a reason for literary scholarship. Morrison: Brooks started his article by listing "I can agree with the creed" Brooks 19 and pointed out the literary criticism that might accompany criticism of formalists.

However, he cast doubt on the results of listing it, and it seemed to complain that his work was largely misunderstood. A description of his literature depends on the reader. In one of his articles, he specifically states that "literature is not synonymous with religion" Brooks The 20th century formalist approach, often referred to as new criticism, assumes that literary and artistic work is an organic unity that each element contributes to the complete meaning of the work.

This method is as old as literary criticism itself, but it was developed by John Crowe Ransom , Allen Tate , and T. Sillilli in the 20th century. Formalist critics accept objective theory of the art and examine plots, characters, dialogue, and style to show how elements contribute to the subject or unity of literary work.

Moral, historical, psychological, and sociological problems are considered external factors of criticism and are secondarily important to review process and form. The content and form of the work constitutes unity, and the work of the critic is to evaluate and evaluate the completeness of the work. In its simplest language, formalist critics are interested in "complex unification" of literary texts.

In other words, they are interested in how each part of a literary work contributes to a more harmonious whole. For formalist critics, wonderful works of art, like works in complex puzzles, details of each piece. There, all the pieces are settled. Flannario Connor herself is very sympathetic to formalism and closely related to top-notch formalists.

Therefore it is not surprising that textbooks that "Service-to-Others are hard to find" textbooks are most of the stories praised by formalists. In particular, this story shows the kind of speculation and sarcasm that formalists those who are interested in the double meaning pay particular attention. I wrote more than words of parliamentary minutes and discussed Flannario Connor's "good people are hard to find" from one of the following important points.

Formalism, psychology, culture,. Flannario Connor is known for its South Gothic style and grotesque characters.

Dorothy Tuck McFarland said, "O'Connor created unique characters and extreme situations to gain deeper realism. Flannery O'Connor attracts the attention of readers and uses many techniques to attract them.

One way O'Conner does this is to rotate her story around the symbol and incorporate religious elements into her work. Formalist: The formalist strategy tends to focus on the formal aspect of the work. Critics of formalists believe that literature is not a reflection of artists and authors.

This strategy is useful for analyzing dramas and fiction. Because words and images shape the work itself. Critics of formalism cast doubts about complexity when analyzing more complicated stories.

Formalist strategy reveals meaning and reinforces the subject of text. Biography: Resume is simply meaning or related to a person's life. A formalist critic examines the form of the whole piece, the form of individual parts of the text individual scenes and chapters , letters, settings, moods, opinions, vocabulary and all other related text elements and extracts one Make it text.

After analyzing each part, the critics explain how they collaborate to make the text meaningful theme. In order to write good articles here, it is very important to thoroughly analyze the text. Remember that your judgment on literary works reflects your own values, prejudices and experiences; however, you must respect the words and intent the authors presented in the text.

Instead of analyzing the work based on what you want to see, please analyze the work based on what you actually observed. Do not forget to distinguish clearly between your hypothesis and the author's hypothesis. The term formalism stands for emphasizing the format, not the content or meaning of art, literature, philosophy.

The advantage of formalism is not to rely on the concept of "acceptance" of the author's work, but to let the author evaluate the work in his own way. Formalism is an essential literary criticism because it does not require a knowledge system other than literature.

The first step in the formalist approach to interpret literary works is to discover what words actually mean in the complete extension and intentional value of that word. The purpose of formalist criticism is the key to finding the structure and meaning of literary works.

Regardless of whether it is taking a mouse from the legs of a lion or a good Samaritan who helps the Jews, finding help at the most undesirable places is always the subject of the whole literature. In the movie "The Undersea Story" directed by Andrew Stanton, a desperate father knew how important this unexpected help to find a stolen son was important.

By using formal criticism techniques, evidence supporting this theme can be fully grasped through the film, and through interactions between marine and other key figures. The movie "Underwater stories" was released on May 30, The famous characters in the movie are Dolly, Nimo, Marine.

The setting of "Search for Nemo I'm looking for" is near Australia. In Bob Peterson's "Underwater Story", the dynamic nature of Merlin's character emphasizes the importance of adult personal growth; through his experience in the movie, marine is cautious, delusive, Very tense, overprotected clown anemone became a more kind and adventurous but yet loving father. Knowing that Nemo is a mature story in many ways, Marin must know that the seafloor association has grown and matured.

Nimo was able to make his own decision, and now is the time for Merlin to trust Him. Nemo grew faster in the tank as he was able to escape the tank and complete a plan to rescue his newly discovered friend as he did.

I have been on the market for five years, this is the first Pixar movie I saw in the theater, the first movie I can remember. I am one of those children who is completely addicted to my favorite movie.

I remember buying a DVD player for this car at Christmas, but I remembered that I was able to see Nemo anywhere from 4 to 6 times in a long distance running. I remember having spent several years to appeal to my mother to buy a pet Anemone. I think that the first movie you see in the theater is always important in your child's life.

I learned that the bottom of mobilization has a soft point in my mind, I always like it. When analyzing Ozymandius' s formal approach poetry, the reader notices many things, such as prosodic system, word selection, various levels of poetry, sentence structure. Each of these things is the element of the four major components of the poetic formalism approach. B's poem "Ozymandius". Sherry, structure, style, shape and image give the reader a deeper understanding of this poem.

First, the reader must look at the structure of poetry. However, the structure of Ozymandius is difficult to understand. Formalism is one of the most common ways. It focuses on shapes, tensions, images and symbols, and opinions, sarcasm and paradox concepts. These styles appear throughout the story. The past form means the so-called external form, that is, the way the work is specified. This form is usually associated with poetry. The organic form is important to critics.

From the perspec- tive that "maintaining the internal shape and maintaining the organic quality of the work" Handbook page 87 Tension, sarcasm, and paradox are "opposite solutions" Handbook 90 pages The formalist approach emphasizes careful reading of the text and insists that all descriptions of work should be supported by reference to text. In this research we will use the formal method to deepen the elements deeper. In a formalized approach, the data is presented, analyzed and interpreted.

Formalism is an important way to analyze, interpret, or evaluate the inherent properties of text. Formalism The formalist approach of the 20th century is often called new criticism and literary works and art works assume that each element is an organic unity that contributes to the complete meaning of the work.

This method is as old as literary criticism itself, but it was developed by John Crowe Ransom , Allen Tate , T. Sillilli etc in the 20th century. The formalist approach to Corona formalism allows readers to review literary works and critique it according to their format, perspective, style, image, atmosphere, theme, and choice of words.


Cleanth Brooks

Twentieth-Century Literary Theory pp Cite as. That literary criticism is a description and an evaluation of its object. That the primary concern of criticism is with the problem of unity — the kind of whole which the literary work forms or fails to form, and the relation of the various parts to each other in building up this whole. That the formal relations in a work of literature may include, but certainly exceed, those of logic. That in a successful work, form and content cannot be separated. That form is meaning.


The Formalist Critics Cleanth Brooks

Yet, he questions that list its end, and seems to complain that his that his writings have been largely misunderstood. Like Russian Formalism, following Boris Eikhenbaum and Victor Shklovskii, the New Critics developed speculative positions and techniques of reading that provide a vital complement to the literary and artistic emergence of modernism. The New Critics wanted to avoid impressionistic criticism, which risked being. Gallaher, who lives his ideal life: "He felt acutely the contrast between his own life and his friend's and it seemed to him unjust.


Cleanth Brooks: ‘The Formalist Critic’

He is best known for his contributions to New Criticism in the midth century and for revolutionizing the teaching of poetry in American higher education. His best-known works, The Well Wrought Urn: Studies in the Structure of Poetry and Modern Poetry and the Tradition , argue for the centrality of ambiguity and paradox as a way of understanding poetry. With his writing, Brooks helped to formulate formalist criticism , emphasizing "the interior life of a poem" Leitch and codifying the principles of close reading. Brooks was also the preeminent critic of Southern literature , writing classic texts on William Faulkner , and co-founder of the influential journal The Southern Review Leitch with Robert Penn Warren. He was one of three children: Cleanth and William, natural born sons, and Murray Brooks, actually born Hewitt Witherspoon, whom Bessie Lee Witherspoon kidnapped from her brother Forrest Bedford Witherspoon as a young baby after the natural mother had died. She later was able to change his name to Murray Brooks and continued to raise him as her own, causing quite a rift in her own family and alienating herself from Cleanth and William.


The Formalist Critics, by Cleanth Brooks


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