Manual zz. Canon Europa N. Introduction Info-Line: www. Customer Care: 09 www. The Mains plug is used as the disconnect device.

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DVD camcorders often surprise us. We have never made any secret of the fact that we think the format has some issues that are yet to be resolved, yet the cams themselves have proved popular with the buying public and have on several occasions managed to confound our expectations with their quality.

It also sits very comfortably in the palm with the controls within easy reach. The cam eschews the trend for an uncluttered chassis, with plenty of switches, buttons, joysticks and panels dotted around the bodywork. Beneath the joystick is a sliding switch for powering up and moving between record and playback modes. The DC offers three quality settings with the highest allowing 20 minutes and the lowest quality setting offering up to an hour.

Also on offer are a choice of and aspect ratios, a selection of wipes, fades and digital picture effects and eight Program AE modes. For those who prefer to have full control ofsuch things, the camcorder offers manual control of exposure, focus and white balance via the joystick. The autofocus and exposure adjust to radical changes in lighting and composition at a good speed and without excessive hunting, although there is sometimes a brief hint of bleed and white-out when adjusting to very bright conditions.

Performance under artificial light shows an amount of grain and a faint orange colour cast. The bass, mid and treble noises are well defined if not incredibly powerful. This is a nice little camcorder. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews. For Bargain price Stylish Easy to use. Against Lack of outputs Low on settings. Conclusion This is a nice little camcorder.


Canon DC201 / DC210 / CD211 Camcorder instruction manual (reprint)



Canon DC201 Manuals


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