Molded in V2 nylon, and threads are stocked. These are also available on a special order basis with and threads, or molded in. The part number for each standoff consists of the PN for the thread size and type of standoff. For universal mounting of.

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Molded in V2 nylon, and threads are stocked. These are also available on a special order basis with and threads, or molded in. The part number for each standoff consists of the PN for the thread size and type of standoff. For universal mounting of. NOTE: The user is responsible for determining suitability of all materials for the intended use. Slotting or elongating of second and third hole is recommended to allow for length variations in molding.

Available U. Parts should be mounted in a front hole. Longer lenghts available with a third pylon special order. Recommended mounting is a. Slotting or elongating of second and third hole is recommended to allow. Other colors available for an additional charge. Ejectors furnished with or without mounting pins. The marking method is accepted by both military and commercial users for its durability.

Specify Marking size and position. Many other pads available, call the plant for details TO Mounts For. For Lead Conversion Also used with TO-7, 9, 11, 12, 16, 26, 29, 31, 32, 38, 39, 40, 43, 45, 55, 77, 78, 92, 98, Parts arranged by number of leads and outside diameters TO-5 Mounts For. Entry Exit 8.

FULL R. To accept. Recommended torque for PPS is 5 to 6 inchpounds; except P which is 4 inch-pounds. Dimensions in Millimeters are indicated by. It prevents lead breakage from accidental bumping and flexing of components. Feet on the permit complete washing under the assembly after wave solder.

Devices are protected from heat during solder process. The cuts cost by eliminating hardware and improving assembly time. F Color: Clear DIA. Available in nine lengths from. Part No. A Cross References to Richco page 24 Part No. Hole Dia. Spacers for 8 M-4 screws and for some intermediate lengths may be special ordered. Call the plant for details. These are also available on a special order basis with and threads, or molded in VO nylon.

Cross Reference to Keystone page Designs can now be customized without being limited to the few standard lengths of molded spacers commercially available. In other words a spacer. These spacers may be ordered in lengths from. Screw No. D Web-Site: www. PN is figure 2,. A table showing standard heights is shown right. Other sizes available upon request. For more accurate positioning, the Mount may be ordered with optional locating pins PN P which are pressed into holes in the PCB.

The pins are. A suggested hole drill pattern for the P is shown on the right. User is responsible for evaluating samples prior to specifying. The part number is 5xxx-R. For example R is. Tolerances for length up to. Due to extrusion. SR - with thermal resistance at. See page 14 for details. Mounted in series, assembly time is reduced compared to Dimensions in Millimeters are indicated by.

See page 18 for dimensions and spcecifications. SB - In high heat situations, SB is the choice for superior performance in the boron nitride filled insulators. Assemblies are clean, with no contamination from migrating grease. To assist in selecting the appropriate material for your design, we offer some suggestions that should be considered as you design your assembly.

New PCB designs, which are denser and generate more heat, mandate improved thermal interface materials. To satisfy these needs Teknational offers a broad selection of products with different combinations of thickness, dielectric and thermal management properties.

All of these factors are relevant to your selection. The final material decision will often result in a trade off between the need for thermal resistance as opposed to dielectric requirements and cost.

Air bubbles in the gap between the interface surfaces impede heat transfer. Ideally we will fill the gap with a highly conformable, thermally conductive material which will make complete contact with the irregular surfaces of the power device and heat sink. As excess material will increase thermal resistance, too much material is as detrimental as too little. For this reason it is important to measure the width of the gap to select the proper material thickness. The mounting pressure of the contact between a heat sink and the interface material is another design consideration.

High pressure will force out all air between the surfaces. However typical assemblies are not strong enough to be subjected to such pressure. Spring clips or nuts and bolts with a mounting force are often used for heat sink assembly. To minimize the high cost in thermal efficiency caused by such low mounting pressures, one should select a highly conformable interface material.

To prevent tears or pin holes many materials are reinforced with fiber glass mesh. An increase in material thickness to solve the electrical isolation problem will unfortunately increase thermal resistance. The fillers required for dielectric strength will also significantly reduce heat transfer.

One will note that for most materials, dielectric properties decrease as thermal properties improve. Product selection again must take both factors into consideration. Thermal resistance measures the impact of contact resistance on thermal performance.

The latter are more than adequate for most designs and should be used to lower costs. If heat transfer, low thermal resistance, or filling air gaps in irregular surfaces are critical, then other materials should be considered. It is generally applied to one side of the material. It is often specified to facilitate assembly. The significant effect of PSA on thermal resistance is often overlooked, Even using a thermally conductive adhesive, thermal resistance on our basic SR increases from.

Dies and Die Cutting Teknational has a modern diecutting facility with tools and dies to cut most standard sizes and shapes. If you require something special, most dies are inexpensive and typically can be made in a few days. In a pinch Mr Tek and our customer friendly engineers can quickly supply prototype samples. Teknational is continually working with design engineers to find solutions to their problems. Demands for higher performance and more conformable thermal interface materials have lead us to broaden our offering of products.

We expect our next catalog will contain even more of them. PSA w. Being somewhat softer in durometer and often thicker than the standard materials, these products conform well to mating surfaces for optimum heat transfer.

They also protect assemblies from mechanical shock and absorb thermal expansion. MR Before specifying user shall determine suitability of the product for his use. User assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. TEK-SIL SA conforms better than many thermally conductive materials while protecting assemblies from mechancial shock and absorbing thermal expansion.

This material is available in sheets or roll stock 18" wide. Teknational will die cut parts to customer specifications.


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The inventers and first producers of early non-ideal CuZn ferrites Born out of research done in by Dr. Yogoro Kato and Dr. Takeshi Takei. Also traded by Amidon! Amidon Inc. Ferroxcube formerly Philips, now part of Yageo.


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