Embed Size px x x x x We live in a superficial world; most people will do anything to give theimpression or illusion of being something that they arent in hope of gainingrespect, adulation, admiration or other such things. And as a society we doencourage that type of behavior because we seem to only look at the part ofthe iceberg that we can see, ignoring the submerged portion which might. If it looks the part then its good enough. Thatguy has a BMW, a fancy house and all the new techno gadgets money can. The guylooks like hes rich but in reality hes probably poorer than the average bum.

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I might consider doing a bodybuilding show in the near future. I said that I would not do that again because I really have nothing to gain and everything to lose from it.

BUT last time I competed I completely screwed up the last few weeks; overdieting, losing muscle then dehydrating too much and suffering from a heat stroke on stage. I feel that I overdieted and went too extreme on my diet for too long too low on calories, too low on carbs while not raising fat enough.

So here is my plan so far. Day 1. Low-carbs 50g or less ; high protein around g of protein which is roughly 1. No strength training. Day 2. Same diet. Chest in the AM moderate intensity, relatively high volume , Delts and Triceps in the PM moderate intensity, relatively high volume. Day 3. Leg in the AM mod intensity, relatively high volume , back and biceps in the PM mod intensity, relatively high volume.

Peri-workout strategy no. Day 5. Targeted carbs approach… no carbs, except peri-workout strategy no. Firstly, because after what was no doubt was a frustrating unfulfilling experience prior, you have decided to do what most would not - and that is take a risk.

And second, because juggling a recent marriage, a successful career and active bodybuilding lifestyle is no easy task. In my opinion complacency and fear of failure typically limits our capacity for success.

In no way am I suggesting you are complacent your success and passion are overidingley evident , however, the willingness to open yourself up for critique, both in terms of physique and practise, will make you both a better bodybuilder and a better coach. Very interesting. I definitely understand that burning desire for redemption you must be feeling to be willing to go through the whole process of preparing for a contest. I understand you have used several variations of it on yourself and clients.

In his book even Lyle says that the original ultimate diet was better, but too unpractical for people to follow it. This is the pic that always gets to me… it was taken weeks out. I was around with striated glutes… at the weigh in I was and not leaner!!! Thib, I can only seem to find the UD2.

You plan to weigh in under again? Jekyll Mr. Hyde book atm which has a number of pics from your previous BB contest.

Regarding the training, I thought you said training for strength when dieting down is the best way to hold on to muscle mass. I will have 2 pure strength workouts per 10 days and 2 still using pretty heavy weights reps range. If I end up under it will probably mean that I will have lost a leg in the process!!! Thib's Prep Christian Thibaudeau Coaching. It is this desire for redemption that is motivating me. Abs and cardio. No peri-workout. Day 6. Same diet as Day 5. High carbs diet… roughly g of carbs spread throughout the day.

No training Day 8. Cardio and Abs. Low-carbs day. Christian I commend you. I will sit and read with interest and intrigue as your preparation ensues. Looking forward to looking over this! Good luck Coach! I modified it a bit lower carbs on days 8 and 9 compared to the original. Where do you plan to compete? Look forward to tracking your progress, keep us updated! I will enjoy following this thread, are you working with a coach? It has started.

I spent the weekend away with my wife, no training and had a few good meals.



And as a society we do encourage that type of behavior because we seem to only look at the part of the iceberg that we can see, ignoring the submerged portion which might really be more important. Bottom line is that as a society we reward looks first and foremost. And this is no different when it comes to your physique and appearance. Basically looking good is now just as important for men as it is for women. Face it; most men want two things when going out:.


Christian Thibaudeau - Dr.jekyll & Mr.hyde

If you are familiar with my site you probably know my statement on supplements -. However today's post is dedicated to one very. It's a product called Indigo-3G. The product is available on T-Nation. The presentation of the product can be found here:. The first sentence goes like this:. For those of you who are not familiar who the hell is Christian Thibaudeau he is a.



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