Toggle navigation. Functional Check Flights. Maintenance Test Pilot Services include but not limited to: Perform detailed preflight inspections, review maintenance forms, historical record and logbooks as required. Perform Maintenance Test Flights, Functional Test Flights and MOCs on assigned aircraft to determine the functionality of airframe, power plant, mission accessories, and other aircraft equipment function in accordance with design specification. Test Flights are conducted in dedicated flight envelopes, to include high gross weight, and Multi-mode Radar flight profiles.

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This Instruction: a. Is not subject to any other DCMA waiver process except as contained herein. Encompasses the requirements found in The Tri-Service Agreement. This Instruction is not applicable to Service personnel. Nothing in this Instruction levies additional requirements on contractors.

In accordance with the Managers Internal Control Program Reference b , this Instruction is subject to evaluation and testing. This Instruction is approved for public release. Code Code A. Code Series. Used when performing Pre-Awards. Attachments 1 8 to this Instruction contain transitory information, points of contact, various guides, etc. Attachment 1: Definitions:. Attachment 2: Acronyms:. Attachment 8: AOI Tabs:.

Attachment 10 Changes:. Lee, VA Surveillance of Aircraft Operations. Through contracts. Through delegations. Performance of Flight Operations.

Flight Operations with Assigned Military Personnel. Flight Operations Without Military Personnel. No Flight Operations. Liability Clauses. DFARS Third Party Liability. Contracts where the Government does not assume Risk of Loss Subcontractor Operations Flow Down of the Liability Coverage of the DCMA Director. CMO Commander. CMO Commander Tertiary Operations Level AO Offices.

Property Administrator PA. Aircraft Operations Awards Program. Other AO Training Chapter 2 Command and Administration Commander Responsibilities. Personnel Manning Levels. Aircrew Support. AOI Corrective Action.

Flight Time Documentation. Aircraft Security. Issues With New Contracts. SCA Process. LOP Approval Cycle. LOP Layout. Safety of Flight. Contractor Oversight. Routine Audits SoF and FOD. Quality Trend Data. Flight Procedures. Service Guidance. Minimum Army Service Guidance. Minimum Air Force Service Guidance. Joint Service Guidance. Flight Acceptance Personnel Requirements.

Flight Planning Facilities. Airfield Diagrams. Aeronautical Charts. Flight Operating Areas. ATC coordination. Flight following. Emergency technical assistance. Supersonic flights. Jettison and egress areas. Noise Abatement Areas. Aircrew Duty and Rest Limitations. Single pilot aircraft. Crew rest period. Flight Publications. FCIF Contents. FCIF Procedures. Contractor Crewmember Approvals to fly under the Contractor Non-Crewmembers flying under the Initial Qualification Training Mission Qualification Training.

Military Multiple Aircraft Qualification. Contractor Multiple Aircraft Qualification. Evaluation, Training, and Proficiency Flights Aircrew Evaluation Program. Currency Training. Periods of Reduced Flight Time Availability Aircrew Training. Air work. Special Flight Rules Area Training. Training Records.

Flight Authorizations and Approvals Flight Profiles Requiring Special Approval. Flight Plans. Mission Briefing. Mission Debriefing. External Flying CMO commander approval. Service approval. MOA Requirement.

Ground Procedures


DCMA INST 8210.2 in pdf

Noth in g in this in struction levies additionalrequirements on contractors. FAR Subpart FAR SubPart Contract adm in istration responsibilities arenormally identified in the contracts themselves.




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