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TSR, Inc. Copyright TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in U. Random House and its affiliate companies have worldwide distribution rights in the book trade for English-language products of TSR, Inc. Distributed to the toy and hobby trade by regional distributors. This product is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of TSR, Inc.

Permission granted to photocopy or print this product for personal use. Advanced Beings. Guide and Players Handbook are required to fully utilize this accessory. Defilers and Preservers demonstrates how Athasian wizards power their magic and details the spells each are likely to learn. Explanations for how char- acters become dragons or avangions are given, and the special magic used by advanced beings is cov- ered.

New spells, proficien- cies, and player character kits are highlighted, giving players several options for creating spellcaster charac- ters in a DARK SUN cam- paign. Whether as a mem- ber of the secretive Veiled Alliance, a tribal spellcast- er, an adventuring mage, or an independent wizard, spellcasters can be cus- tomized with a specialized kit and choice of spells that are uniquely suited to the land beneath the crim- son sun.

Finally, there are plenty of sidebars focusing on role-playing the wizards of Athas. These sidebars examine the particular dif- ficulties Athasian wizards face, both preservers and defilers, and offer sugges- tions on how characters can cope with these many problems.

As a child, I never understood why my father kept my mother so close to home. She was not especially attractive and often seemed too busy with her own pursuits to pay much attention to either him or me. She kept to her room a lot and I must have spent half my childhood staring at her beautifully carved and expensive door made of aga- fari wood brought all the way from Nibenay. When I asked him about her once, he told me that I must never discuss my mother or her peculiar habits with anyone even my cousins or aunt and uncle.

He also said that mother had a strange affliction that was dangerous both to her and to us and that I was not to disturb her when she was in her room. Time passed and I obeyed, though like any curious child I tried to spy upon her and gain entry to her mysterious chamber. Every few weeks she would leave the house and wouldnt return for several hours. My father always pretended not to notice her absence.

When I was old enough, I tried to follow her secretly one night, but somehow I lost track of her in the twists and turns of the dry, dusty streets of the elven market. Knowing I was a target for thieves or worse, I retraced my steps and returned home, but I wondered that a woman like my mother, who kept to herself and her home, could find her way through that dangerous section of the city unmolested.

Then one night she failed to return. The next day, my father introduced me to an old man who handed me an ivory ring my mother had always worn and a black key. The key is to the door of your mothers room, my father told me, It is your r oom now.

I clutched the key and looked from him to the old man. Put on the ring, the old man commanded. Looking into his fierce blue eyes, I did so.

Suddenly, my mind was enveloped by strange sensations and I knew that I now had the power to shield my mind from psionic probes. My own talent, which manifested a few years earlier, lay in moving smal l obj ects wi thout touchi ng them. I asked. Open the door and find your destiny, the old man murmured. I unlocked the door of my mothers room, that mysterious place I had never seen, and gazed upon crystals and feathers and scales, strangely patterned drawings, script written on brittle parchment, and odd bits of things I had no name for.

I turned to my father. What does al l thi s mean? I asked the questi on, al though I feared I knew t he answer. A Your mother was a great preserver. She served Athas well. You have her blood in you and she saw the power that would one day be yours, he answered. It is no easy thing we ask of you, the old man said. The road to knowledge and power is long and filled with peril. Like her, you may fall in battle against opponents who are too powerful and numerous for you to overcome.

Most of the people of Athas have no idea that there are different kinds of spellcasters; they see all of us as evil. They hate us and would destroy us on sight. Nonetheless, you will have great power to restore Athas to the land it could be, green and growing.

You may be the one who will rise to become a champion against the evils of the sorcerer-kings. Will you accept your destiny and learn from me? Will you learn the ways of magic? The old man loomed over me, waiting for my answer. I once again looked to my father. Is this the affliction you spoke of so long ago? The terrible secret which I could tell to no one? Yes, he answered simply, It is an affliction that you must accept and willingly bear or decline and forget what has happened here forever.

Though I was afraid and had no way to judge what I was getting into, I was con- scious of the years my mother had spent locked away in her room. I looked around that chamber, realizing that all within it would now be mine, that these strange and compelling objects and writings could become a part of my life, could give me the power to change things for the better.

Finally, I nodded. If I am to be cursed by the magic within my blood, I said, so be it. Beneath the burning orb of the Dark Sun, the savage world of Athas turns. Here, magic operates differently from the magic of other campaign worlds. Energy for spells and magical effects is drawn from living things usually the land and plants.

Deci mated by centuri es of i rresponsi bl e magi cal mani pul ati on associ ated wi th thi s drawing of living energy, Athas struggles to survive. Some fewthe druids and those who call themselves preserver wizardsfight to restore the land, to save it before all is lost. Theirs is an uphill battle. Ranged against them are most of the remaining sor- cerer-kings and the defiler wizards, those who leech the life from the plants and the very soil to power their spells without giving anything in return.

Defilers have turned the once verdant forests and plains of Athas into wasteland. Their predations have left tracts of barren ground lifeless and scarred. The gray and black ash, all that remains of the plants that once grew in the defiled areas, intermingles with the dry dust and blows across the shattered remains of the world. As more land is defiled, fewer plants are left to anchor the soil or to return water to the atmosphere.

More land becomes barren every day, and deserts grow larger with each passing year. Preservers have learned to channel the energy from the plants they use in such a way as to do no lasting harm. The preservers are the sworn enemies of defilers, yet they face a personal battle as well. They must never give in to the temptation to become defilers themselves; they must forswear the quick and easy road to power while battling odds which are stacked against them.

Sorcerer-kings have little toler- ance even for those defilers they employ; they have none at all for preservers. Both groups must hide what they are from the common people of Athas. Most peo- ple neither know nor care that there are different kinds of wizards. They see the cruel- ties and evils of the sorcerer-kings and the wanton destruction of the land around them.

For this reason, all wizards are hated and feared. If any wizards reveal them- selves to the common crowds, they can expect violence or even death to be visited upon them.

S Vlzards of Alhas Wizard: A member of a specific character class, a wizard is trained to gather, store, and expend magical energy to shape spells.

This energy comes from the liv- ing environment of the world. Preserver: A specific type of wizard, a preserver taps the magical energy in such a way as to work in harmo- ny with nature. Defiler: A specific type of wizard, a defiler doesnt care to temper the Alhaslan Maglc process he uses to gather energy His disregard for the land, the source of magical energy, turns it into dead ash. Other Wizards: Though rare, there are other Athasian wizards who draw magical energy from special sources, though they all fall under the cat- egory of either defiler or preserver.

These include sorcerer-kings or drag- ons , avangions, ceruleans, necromancers, and shadow wizards. The basics of magic on Athas are the same as they are on other prime worlds: users draw energy from a source and empl oy a combi nati on of components materi al , somati c, and verbal to unl eash the magi c.

Some cal l thi s combi nati on tool , ges- ture, and spoken word. Magic, a form of energy, is drawn from a specific source and shaped by the user into effects called spells. The source of that energy demon- strates the contrast between Athasian magic and the magic of other worlds. Different types of magic tap into different sources.

Athasian sources include the el ements, for pri estl y magi c; and the l and, pl ant l i fe, and l i vi ng bei ngs, for wi zardl y magic.

Some special sources exist, but only the rare practitioner can use them. These include the Cerulean Storm, the Gray, the Black, and even the mighty crimson sun. Regardless of the power source, the means remain the same. The tools needed to convert and transform that energy, the incantations necessary to mold it into a desired shape, and the gestures required to unleash its power differ with each spell, but the essential ingredients are similar.


Defilers and Preservers: The Wizards of Athas (AD&D Dark Sun Accessory)

Based on Concepts and Material by: Timothy B. Brown, Troy Denning,. All Rights Reserved. Printed in U.


AD&D D&D 2E 2nd Ed - Dark Sun - Defilers and Preservers - The Wizards of Athas - TSR 2445 - OCR

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The Burnt World of Athas

A wizard is able to capture and master magical energies. All wizards must decide at the beginning of their careers whether they are trying to work with nature or without regard for it. The defiler is a wizard who activates tremendous magical energy without regard to its effect on the environment. With the casting of each spell, a defiler destroys a portion of the world's ecosystem, rendering it dead and sterile.

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