A model for the evaluation of competence-based learning implementation in higher education institutions: Criteria and indicators. Abstract: Almost twenty years after the Bologna Declaration was signed, the extent to which universities are embracing competence-based learning is a topic of much interest. This article presents a comprehensive model for the analysis of the implementation of competence-based learning CBL in Higher Education. An extensive bibliographic review was carried out on the concept of competence-based learning and on each of its constituent elements, with a view to proposing a model made up of seven dimensions and a set of evaluation criteria and indicators. This explanatory model can be very useful to universities, particularly from Spain and Latin America, for assessing their level of implementation of competence-based learning, and identifying their strengths and areas for development.

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Join the Discussion. Los asistentes mueven sus cabezas de lado a lado. Es claro que asistir a clase no es suficiente para aprender. Por ello en la Universidad de Chicago llevan medio siglo mandando lecturas a los alumnos para que se preparen para discusiones en clase. Mucho tiempo de clase dedica a discutir en lugar de a explicar. Os recomiendo encarecidamente leer otros dos libros.

El tercer libro que os recomiendo es Creating significant learning experiences de Fink. Science January vol traducido por Alfredo Prieto. Espero convencerles de otra cosa contando algunas de mis propias experiencias. Algunas veces es duro afrontar la realidad. Dado que mis clases se desviaban del libro de texto, proporcionaba copias de estos apuntes a mis estudiantes. Mis clases eran ineficaces, pese a las buenas evaluaciones estudiantiles.

Alterno presentaciones breves con estas cuestiones, alternando el protagonismo entre el instructor y los estudiantes. Hacen esto enviando sus respuestas usando mandos a distancia denominados clickers ver la figura. Junto a mis profesores ayudantes, circulo entre los estudiantes para promover discusiones productivas y guiar su pensamiento. Hestenes, M. Wells, G. Swackhamer, Phys. A version of 1 revised in by I. Halloun, R.

Hake, E. Mosca, and D. Hestenes is available in 4. Smith et al. Lasry, Phys. Fagen, C. Crouch, E. Mazur, Phys. Lasry, E. Mazur, J. Watkins, Am. Mazur, Am. Lorenzo, C. Calidad como realidad y calidad como imagen. Calidad para mejorar. Nuestros alumnos saben leer, saquemos ventaja de ello.

Estrategias polivalentes para el desarrollo de competencias. Aqui mostramos el podcast de la famosa conferencia de Eric Mazur Confesiones de un profesor convertido. So as dean of learning and teaching in the college of Science and Engineering I like to welcome you to this general interest seminar from the School of Physics and Astronomy and also jointly hosted by the Institute for Academic Development, and also extend the welcome to those people that not only can see me, but to hear me on the web cast of this lecture.

Most of all it is a great pleasure to welcome and introduce to the speaker, Eric Mazur, professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Harvard University. He is a distinguished researcher in optical physics with over Scientific publications in twelve. Over twenty years ago he became developing a instructional technique that become known as peer instruction he did quite literally write the book on this technique, as many of you realized as a educational method has been adopted far beyond the subject of physics in many universities all over the world and is profoundly changed the way that lecturers view and use the face to face class time in lecture theaters like this, with students.

Eric talk today is going to describe his journey from a traditional lecturer to a converted lecturer so please joint me, in welcoming him, to delivery his talk. Eric Mazur :. Well there are a Lot of you here, I guess you most all like public confessions. When I start teaching, I never ask myself the question how I am going to do this? When you Start doing something you have not done before, the first question that should come up in your mind. It was perfectly clear to me how was I going to teach I was going to do to my students what my teachers have done to me.

Well almost a unconscious decision and I think in retrospect in my own self defense Is Not that surprising that you tend to Project your own experiences on to the other around you. And I Naively thought that I have learned everything I knew in the classrooms taking notes in settings not very different from this one. And you know most of the students have nothing but Horror stories about physics so they are not very disposed to be very friendly to their physics instructors.

But you Know what happened to me? Was that very quickly the signals I was receiving what there, I was a good teacher. By the traditional standards I was doing a good job. What are the traditional standards? I can think of two of them. One is the dreaded end of semester questioner. Most of my colleagues when they taught that course can close to Committing suicide at the end of semester when they saw the remarks students made about their teaching.

But not so for me. We used a five point scale and I get Four point two four point eight on a five point scale or anyway in the range. So Clearly The students were happy which I was did in the classroom. That is one metric. What is Another metric? Not so in Harvard we give Full blown Calculus based courses. I could get the Students do Pretty complicated exam problems. So in short they like what I was doing and they did well in what I considered complicated exams. Obviously I was doing the right thing.

Now before continue I should add a disclaimer. I am a physicist so I will use the word physics a few times. You know, I give you few examples containing physics but this talk is not about physics. I am sure that a lot of that I am going to be confessing about is equally applicable to your own discipline. If you are of the humanities do the same thing and There will be things of value to any discipline represented in this audience there will however be a few examples of physics simply because I want to make concrete.

In order to describe to you what happened in I have to describe the content of those articles to you. Well, The typical curriculum in physics Is that follows. Then comes the connection between forces and motion as embodied by the Newton three laws and then everything else builds on top of that. Yes you can maybe do the procedures but you actually make sense is very hard.

A heavy truck and a light car Collide head on. The force during the collision, the force exerted by the heavy truck on the light car is:.

A larger than that of the light car on the heavy truck. C the light car exerts a larger force on the heavy truck than the other way around. D there are not exerting any force on each other the are just in each other way. Are You laughing about that. I think no physicist in its right mind will ever come up such an answer. This one.

They are convinced that the truck exerts a force than the small car than the other way round. They can probably articulate the right answer.

And One of the things has this test show is that. Is hardly any gain? In fact there is no even correlation even semester readings for professors adward winning teachers we recognized publically are not doing any better than the worst boring dry teachers you can imagine. I feel challenged. To me is disgusting. Lets and placed out in a physics course. Unfortunately it was too Late to do a pretest we were ready half going in the semester but I was dying to show that my students with As do this tests.

I said look Next week examination caming up. If you take this quest seriously it will pinpoint any difficulty you have as soon as I said I realized a total shunt slide.

I was worried that my students get mad of me for wasting their time with something so trivial. I have no idea to answer the question laughs and by the time the test have been completed I have been draught of mi ivory tower.

It was clear that there was something really serious going up. Shift focus from teaching to helping students learn.


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Join the Discussion. Los asistentes mueven sus cabezas de lado a lado. Es claro que asistir a clase no es suficiente para aprender. Por ello en la Universidad de Chicago llevan medio siglo mandando lecturas a los alumnos para que se preparen para discusiones en clase.



Area Moreira, M. Un estudio de casos. Area, M. Encuentro, Ariel. Attewell, J.


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