It tells the story of 3 brothers wizards who seek after happiness after a long journey they encounter a very deep river as most of the people who die trying to cross the river, because death loves to play. However all 3 wise men were shrewd and defied death by growing with barytes a bridge to cross, instantly very unhappy death of what had happened, set them up to the three wise men, serving them their deepest desire each. The first called for such a powerful wizard wand that achievement to beat all their opponents, and thereby won the rancor of his most powerful enemy causing it to kill him one night while he slept, happy death to have killed his first victim. The second wizard ordered a resurrection stone to resurrect his dead wife, but that did not statutory unfeeling, but noticing this knew his life does not sense and decided to commit suicide by hanging himself.

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cuentos canterbury

Honduras has rich folk traditions that derive from the fusion of four different racial groups: indigenous, European, African and Creole. Each department or region, municipality, village and even hamlet contributes its own traditions including costumes, music, beliefs, stories, and all the elements that derive from and are transformed by peoples in a population. In sum, these define Honduran Folklore as expressed by crafts , tales , legends , music and dances. Numerous characters form part of the folklore and popular beliefs of Honduras. Some are designed to terrorize listeners, while others try to convince listeners to behave well or they may suffer an unhappy outcome described in a story. The exact details of a story often differs between villages or regions, or according to the style of a story teller. Some characters of legend that stand out are: [2].


Translations and Adaptations, listed by country

This list includes incomplete entries and, undoubtedly, errors and omissions. Please contact us with corrections and additions. Artal, Susana G. Montero, Rosa, ed. Cuentos de Canterbury Buenos Aires: Longsellar, Yardley, David, adapt.


The Canterbury tales of Geoffrey Chaucer



Geoffrey Chaucer


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