Pablo Rovito. Juan Gabriel Mariotto. Leandro Laserna. The INCAA is glad to welcome this new edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, where we celebrate, together with actors, professionals and the audience, which constitute the film industry world, the encounter of audiovisual works from around the globe.

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Pablo Rovito. Juan Gabriel Mariotto. Leandro Laserna. The INCAA is glad to welcome this new edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, where we celebrate, together with actors, professionals and the audience, which constitute the film industry world, the encounter of audiovisual works from around the globe.

It is precisely in this kind of events that the richness that comes from the diversity of approaches, sounds, languages, landscapes and stories, which cover both small and big issues, becomes evident, allowing to define the wide range of narratives that position this contest among the most prestigious in the Latin American region.

Notably, the festival turns 60 this year, an honor for Argentine cinema: interrupted in different periods, its continuity reaffirms the value this event has for the development of the local filmography, and, at the same time, it strengthens the approach for the construction of an open, plural, participatory space. This way, we want to wish you the best of times, hoping you enjoy all of the local and international programing, as well as the activities that will be held during these nine days where film is the one and only character.

Welcome to this beautiful city and to the 29th edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival! No importa. Vamos avanzando. Tenemos ayuda constante.

Who would have guessed the highest attendance mark for a local film Nazareno Cruz y el lobo in would be competing with a film that was released only three months ago. That is, the 29th can be a number that documents a reason for pride and surprise. Because after that there will be the 30th, the 31st, and hopefully that number will keep advancing for many years more. We move forward. We have a constant help. We use that help thanking it through our work, dedication, effort, and wit.

You, the attendees, are undoubtedly part of those who deserve a distinction for your constant presence in Mar del Plata and your support at the theaters. Numbers rule the world. And festivals exist within the world. Let the 29th give us the surprise we always long for. Welcome to the 29th Mar del Plata Film Festival! The passion and love for film unites us and summons us, and we celebrate it in many ways, but, above all, with the wonderful ceremony of getting together in a dark theater to travel through near worlds and unknown universes.

For this occasion, we have prepared a selection of the best cinema in the world. Tributes, retrospectives, unreleased films, great classics, genre films, and new gazes.

All of this, plus the most remarkable recent productions from Argentina and Latin America, which combine different ways of narrating, experimenting and searching, constitute the festival as an indispensable window for this wide, diverse offering to have its great encounter with the audience.

Mar del Plata has also established itself as a prominent space for encounters, exchange and development of Argentine films. Welcome to this true celebration of cinema! Enjoy it, in order to revitalize passion and transmitting it to the new generations.

See you at the movies! Born in Madrid, Spain, in , he studied Illustration. His work as a comic book artist in the newspaper El Mundo won him the Injuve award. His first short film, Maquetas , won the Notodofilmfest. He later directed two other short films: Michirones and Don Pepe Popi , as well as his first feature-length film Diamond Flash The last two were screened at the 27th Festival.

His latest film Magical Girl is programmed in the Auteurs section. Born in La Plata in , she is a renowned and talented artist in the fields of theater, television, film and music. Born in Chile and residing in Barcelona, Spain, he studied Industrial Engineering before starting to write film reviews for the digital publications Miradas de Cine and Tren de Sombras.

He is also a contributor for Film Comment and Kinetoscopio. He is the editor of La mirada americana. He also made installations, performances, video-art pieces, and TV shows. He received the Guggenheim Scholarship and published the book Hachazos Caja Negra, as well as several essays. He was the first director of Bafici and ran the Princeton Documentary Festival. Between and she worked on the production of several films. Born in the United States in , she is the Programming Director of Ambulante Gira de Documentales, a traveling festival that promotes documentary film in Mexico and abroad in order to foster new forms of expression and encourage debate.

He has programmed important retrospectives dedicated to Mexico, Argentina and Brazil for the main audiovisual institutions from the French capital, promoting Latin American cinema through the video-on-demand website FilmoTV, and as a member of the jury, advisor or presenter at French and international festivals. He worked at the Film Forum cinema and the companies Universal and First Look Films, and participated as a jury and keynote speaker in festivals such as Sundance, Rotterdam and Cannes.

She developed a career in distribution more than films in Musidora , exhibition around films released at the Alphaville cinema in Madrid , and, since , in film production, with her company Never Land. He has a wide, complementary, and eclectic formation. Since , the time when his company Trivial reached maturity, he works exclusively on cinema producing films independently.

If the jump Alonso made between Liverpool and his previous films La libertad and Los muertos was a blatant proof of his unclassifiable style and growing narrative interest, then Jauja is, above all, a live testimony of the range of his filmmaking ambition. An ultimately drifting film, and a road movie without any roads but the unstable Patagonia landscape characters walk on, the force that drives this story about a Danish captain in search of her missing daughter amidst the Conquest of the Desert seems to emanate from the mythical backdrop of the historical period in which the events take place.

In this elaborately simple process lie the fortunes of Jauja, a mythic land of cinematographic abundance. Del Val DA: S. Roses S: C. Vildosola, C. Cortes M: V. Mortensen, Buckethead I: V. Mortensen, V. Mallin Agger, G. Fondari, E. A few years back I received an email telling me that a close friend had been assassinated in a land far away from her place of birth. I was strongly disturbed and shocked by what had happened to her and I began to think of this story.

Following her advice, I have devoted more space to words here, and to my own desires. Oddly enough, I feel this film has come to me and taken its unreal form as a way of helping me grasp the world and the time we live in, how we vanish in order to inexplicably return in utterly mysterious ways. He was born in Buenos Aires in and studied at Universidad del Cine before setting up the production company 4L. Once again, Campusano owns the Buenos Aires province —so wide and strange for most Argentine cinema— with the adventure of Molina, a legendary marginal character who has decided to restrain himself, or at least lead his life and work by a solid honor code that admits no betrayal or unnecessary deaths.

Inspired in a true story that circulated through his eternal Quilmes, Campusano once again gets into the dirt and dust of a world where justice is never on the side of the authorities and even the toughest criminals hint some nobility, and even tenderness. A raw story of deliberate roughness, where the search for authenticity is the only rule. Dog Molina is based on true events just like the rest of our films.

We thank all the fellow workers who contributed with their best and the great community of Marcos Paz. Apart from some shorts and mid-length features, he directed the documentary Legion and the fiction films Vile Romance ; 23rd Festival , Viking , 24th Festival , Mud ; 27th Festival , and Phantoms of the Road 28th Festival.

Lockett E: E. Pavez DA: J. Brignole S: H. Perillo, O. Jadur CP: E. People who know creative work is the only real path to be someone in your own terms instead of anyone like the rest. At first glance, the lives of Shirley and Jeison seem out of the typical script set in an isolated town in Latin America in this case, within the Brazilian borders , halfway between fiction and documentary, in which almost nothing happens.

Franzan, M. A few years ago, during a trip along the coast of Pernambuco, in northeast Brazil, I came across several abandoned mansions that had been destroyed by rising sea levels. I started to write about abandonment, memory, loss, possession, the waves, the sun, the salt, and the brick and mortar of the ruins.

I felt, however, that my challenge was how to create images out of something that is invisible: the driving force of the wind. The project ended up becoming a film about what remains, what is transitory, the languid passing of time and the cyclical nature of life.

After spending a season working hard in a construction site, Jeong-chol played by Park himself finds out the foreman split without paying anyone. The hopes of fixing his home, which was devastated by a flood, fall apart and now the only way to face the coming winter in the remote province of Gangwon will be to work in the local soy plant. Todos los seres deben tomar algo de los otros para existir.

Pero, de todos los seres, solo los humanos tienen a la consciencia y la fe en el amor para probar su humanidad. All existing beings constantly consume something to stay alive. All beings must take from others to exist. But among all beings, only humans keep their conscience and trust in love in order to prove their humanity. Su primer largometraje, The Journals of Musan , fue premiado en los festivales de Rotterdam y Marrakech.

He was born in Seoul, South Korea, in A terrible shadow seems to set over Antonio and Felisa and their, until now, unshakeable vitality: after more than 60 years together, inseparable, they have reached a point in which health falters too much for them to be able to provide each other with the help they both need, and the idea of going to a home circles around.

Narrating in two parts in that hospital that disorients them, in their return home, where uncertainty lurks , bringing back memories from decades past but that are heard as vivid as though they had happened yesterday, Paralluelo composes his tale with a pictorial instinct, suggesting some sort of dreamlike state; with a cadence that is exact for his characters, with the right amount of sorrow and beauty.

Siempre han estado juntos en la misma casa. Solo se han separado cuando uno de los dos estuvo en el hospital. Esos son los momentos en que he podido observarlos y concebirlos por separado.

They have always been together in the same house.


Revista Cronopio - Ideas Libres y Diversas

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Guapa, profesional y con un fashion taste inigualable, ella nos demuestra el gran poder de una mujer mexicana. ROMA, C. Lawrence es el relevo de Charlize Theron al convertirse en la imagen del nuevo perfume Joy de Dior, el cual tiene un encantador aroma floral con notas de sal de mar, sampaguita, nardos y durazno. A lo largo del festejo, los asistentes degustaron deliciosas botanas como mini burritos, granielote y tzostitos preparados. Septiembre 13, Y aunque sea el mismo material el que se usa, siempre hay una forma nueva de verlo en diferentes proyectos.

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