Progress in Electromagnetics Research. SCI: 19, Physics Abstracts: 1,. Yuri A. Bedri A. Neslihan S.

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Discontinuities in the Electromagnetic Field. Mithat İdemen. Edited by A. World Scientific Publishing Elektromagnetik Alan Teorsinin Temelleri. Functional Analysis. Functional Analysis is primarily concerned with the structure of infinite dimensional vector spaces and the transformations, which are frequently called operators, between such spaces. The elements of these vector spaces are usually functions with certain properties, which map one set into another.

Functional analysis became one of the success stories of mathematics in the 20th century, in the search for generality and unification. Although it remains a very attractive field of pure mathematics, it has also proven to be an indispensable and powerful tool for physicists, engineers and economists involved in research and development, for helping them understand their subject in depth. This book is designed to provide the reader with a solid foundation of almost the entire spectrum of functional analysis, upon which each reader may build their own special structure, tailored to his or her purposes.

The only prerequisite is the familiarity with the classical analysis of standard level. The book then provides a smooth but fast-paced systematical passage to the required advanced mathematical level, without sacrificing the mathematical rigor with almost no reference to outside materials to offering also a complete coverage of this discipline.

We believe that the latter is one of the unique features of this book. None of the books in literature cover that much material, starting from a rather modest mathematical level. Functional Analysis will be primarily of interest to graduate students in applied mathematics, in all branches of engineering, in physical and economical sciences and to those working in research and development in industry and research institutes.

Kayisdagi Cad. Filled with new approaches and basic results connected with the discontinuities of the electromagnetic field, this new book offers an important resource for graduate and undergraduate students. The discontinuities in question may be one of three things: The bounded jump discontinuities on the interfaces between two media or on the material sheets which model very thin layers or; Unbounded values at the edge of wedge type structures; Unbounded values at the tips of conical structures.

The book contains many examples as well as problems and exercises that challenge the readers. The ISAAC International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation Congress, which has been held every second year since , covers the major progress in analysis, applications and computation in recent years. In this proceedings volume, plenary lectures highlight the recent research results, while 17 sessions organized by well-known specialists reflect the state of the art of important subfields.

This volume concentrates on partial differential equations, function spaces, operator theory, integral transforms and equations, potential theory, complex analysis and generalizations, inverse problems, functional differential and difference equations and integrable systems. Bu kitap, Prof.

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