The tower occupies hectares with a construction area of 58, square metres and incurred a total investment amount of million yuan. The height of the tower is meters and is the tallest steel tower in the world. It is also considered to be a landmark of the province with integrated functions of a TV signal transmission tower, tourist attractions as well as an educational and cultural centre. This mammoth artwork is 18 meters high, meters long and occupies square metres with a surface modeling area of 2, square metres. When the sound level was properly set, the FBT Verve produced speech of high clarity, amazing presence and music of excellent transparency at high frequency.

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Manual zz. BOX - e-mail : info fbt. This new premium quality installation and sound reinforcement cabinet delivers smooth and uniform frequency response over a wide coverage area. VERVE 15 is an ultra-light enclosure with much less weight with comparable models, yet with high power handling and output: it is the ideal solution for any professional sound reinforcement project where consistent sound field coverage is required.

Addressed to sound reiforcement professionals for show productions or important permanent installations. VERVE is a high power system suitable for indoor or outdoor use garanting linear frequency response, amazing power output, clear intelligibility. Designed for touring and large sound reinforcement installations, VERVE is a high power full-range system garanting high SPL and excellent extension at low frequencies, powerful vocals with defined intelligibility, smooth and balanced mid-frequencies.

Thick and punchy bass to the music program down to 40Hz; more power and less weight: VERVE 15S can be used in blocks of two or more for astounding sub bass output level. For medium to large show productions and extensive touring concerts it is the next step up in stage monitoring: VERVE 15M gives massive bass kick with open mid frequencies and exceptional vocals. Figure "A" shows several basic rules for positioning the loudspeakers to minimise interference between the horns of adjacent enclosures and to obtain a uniform response over the entire dispersion angle of the array.

Model 15S and 18S gives the best performance when installed on the floor; installation on a stage or in suspended systems is possible but not recommended because these types of solution will result in reduced efficiency of the loudspeaker.

It is important to align the subwoofer and satellites in the same vertical plane with respect to the listening position : this precaution will eliminate undesirable phase rotations of the soundwaves at the intersection points, which can result in non-uniform frequency response.

All the drivers are tested with a crest factor of 2, thereby applying a criterion of high quality where the ratio between average voltage and burst voltage supplied to the system is greater than or equivalent to 2. FBT recommends using an amplifier with RMS output that is double the value given in the table into an impedance equivalent to the nominal impedance of the loudspeaker or of the individual driver. WARNING: the recommended amplifier makes it possible to exploit the full dynamic potential of the loudspeakers to obtain the maximum sound quality and SPL, but it does not guarantee the protection of the speakers in any condition of use; in the case of a highly compressed music program or if the amplifier is driven to clipping levels the drivers may be damaged due to overheating or excessive cone excursion.

For music programs with reduced dynamics and pronounced distortion it is advisable to use an amplifier with an RMS output that is equal to or lower than the value given in the table to avoid exceeding the heat dissipation capacity of the drivers. In any event, driving the amplifier in clipping mode results in a substantial rise in the power supplied to the HF unit, which may therefore be damaged despite tripping of the protection in the internal crossover. This type of connector ensures a reliable and troublefree connection and is therefore always recommended for speaker power inputs.

This value is measured in accordance with the AES standard, which involves a 2 hour test with pink noise signal, crest factor of 2. Power is determined by the square of the RMS voltage divided by the minimum impedance of the loudspeaker or the individual driver.

The value supplied corresponds to the RMS power required of the amplifier in order to supply the test signal pink noise with crest factor 2 utilised to measure AES power. An amplifier of this power, if used with music signals with crest factor greater than or equal to 6dB, makes it possible to get the best performance out of the speaker, delivering a long term power output that is no higher than the AES power of the loudspeaker.

On the contrary, when using highly compressed music signals or if the amplifier volume is increased to the point of intensive clipping, then the effective long term power tends to reach or even exceed the RMS output of the amplifier, resulting in irreversible damage to the speakers.

With signals of this type it is always advisable to use an amplifier whose RMS output is identical to the speaker AES power, while taking care to ensure that the signal supplied is such that the amplifier is not caused to function in clippingmodetoo frequently. This value corresponds to 4 times the AES power value and it is calculated on the basis of the maximum peak voltage that the recommended amplifier can supply to the loudspeaker.

Capacities in terms of SPL in transient components of music signals, effectively correspond to the short term applicable power value; therefore, the max.

SPL value specified in the technical specifications table is calculated on the basis of this power value WARNING: the power value that effectively corresponds to the thermal capacity of the loudspeaker to dissipate electrical energy over the long term is represented by the AES value.

All other values refer to the "transient capacity" of the loudspeaker to accept power inputs, correlated with the nature of the audio signal that the drivers are destined to reproduce.

FBT Elettronica S. Related manuals Verve 15S. The Q is a very compact full-range, 2. STAGE series. QM ROAD series. PSR - Maxlux Italia. Gamma Series Passive Cabinet Speakers. VERVE user manual. Download PDF advertisement.

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500W + 150W 2-way Processed Active Reinforcement Loudspeaker, 125dB SPL


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