Users simply log onto FlexiSPY's secured web site and they will have access to all phone activity recorded on the mobile phone. FlexiSPY has already been used successfully worldwide to bring to light to extramarital affairs, disloyal employee activities, and to protect children from predators and SMS bullying, and the additional devices now bring these benefits to many more people. While FlexiSPY is a product that runs invisibly and collects data on mobile devices where it is installed, it is neither a Trojan nor a virus. FlexiSPY does not masquerade itself as something it is not, nor does it replicate itself as a virus would.

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Play Video. With FlexiSPY you can:. Along with the actual message content, you can see names of people in their chat list along with time and date stamps of each conversation — information that could make the difference between knowing the truth and being the last to know.

Are you worried about what your child is getting up to on their phone? Online safety is becoming a greater concern for parents, as ensuring the safety of your children is more of a challenge than ever.

If, like many parents, you are worried about the company your kids keep or are concerned about the people they are speaking to on BBM PIN message, FlexiSPY is what you need to protect them from danger. Online bullying is another huge concern for parents in the modern age. Furthermore, it allows you to remain completely anonymous and be able to protect your children from threats and predators.

Are your employees using a company device and sending Blackberry PIN messages? Employers can make sure their employees are not sharing valuable company information to their friends or worse, competitors. All contact details between the sender and recipient are also available, so you will know exactly who is communicating with whom. We make it easy to archive and access Blackberry messages at any time.

You will feel secure knowing that your messages are saved even if your phone is lost or stolen. FlexispY feature reference All. Benefits for Parents Are you worried about what your child is getting up to on their phone? Featured In.


FlexiSPY Spills Blackberry Secrets

Research in Motion's RIM BlackBerry which is popular with corporate users due to its secure management of mobile e-mail is vulnerable to 'legal' spyware that has been classified as a Trojan by several security vendors. RIM's BlackBerry has won significant market share in the corporate sector due to a perception that it is impervious to security attacks. But an updated version of the FlexiSPY application, considered a security threat by most IT security vendors, enables a remote attacker to tap into phone calls and e-mails sent to and from a Blackberry-enabled device. Once physically installed on a mobile device, a remote user is given complete monitoring and access control. This includes bugging voice calls, logging mobile e-mail messages and SMS, tracking the location of the user, or even remotely switching on the phone's microphone to bug a user regardless of whether they are on a call. While FlexiSPY also works on Windows Mobile and Symbian-based devices, and is sold on the premise of catching a cheating spouse, 'disloyal' employee or for the monitoring children, there can be no doubt that a BlackBerry targeted version is aimed squarely at corporate espionage.


How To Spy On BlackBerry Phone Surroundings


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