Her writing has trained my ear and made me crave work that bubbles beneath the surface. I like the crumminess of Channel 10 because after you watch it, real life seems prettier, like running with leg weights and then taking them off. You think you could jump an eight-foot wall. I love this book, and I love this author. Often, I find writers who create emotionally complex characters are not so good about getting their characters out of their heads and out of their homes. Your characters are on the move.

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There are plenty of short stories out there but few grasp what the purpose behind the short length really means. A short story should be founded upon the idea that a deep meaning can be portrayed in a few pages. A story that can get to that meaning, and leave readers pondering, even after just three pages, is worth the minimal time investment. The girl had had sex in the backseat with her boyfriend before her shift. She calls upon her father to help her jumpstart the car.

When they get home, she calls her boyfriend only to hear another girl laugh in the background. Despite this, Liddie focuses on her father, whose clearly having marital problems. His wife was hungover the night before, and this night, when he picked Liddie up, she excused herself to go watch TV alone upstairs.

Like father, like daughter, they both find themselves only able to rely on one another. Rather than call Sherman, her boyfriend, she calls her dad. Clearly, only one of them is reliable. This is later solidified when she realizes Sherman is cheating on her. Every time she brings up mom, her dad gets sad. He also gets sad when his wife goes upstairs to watch TV instead of spending time with him.

Clearly, they have marital problems. Both Liddie and her father have relationship troubles at the same time. It shows appreciation for what he does and enjoys, on a day when they both need to feel better. Two broken people can make each other feel better. And sometimes, all you need is an extra slice of pie and some good music. From author interviews to how literature meets gaming to expert insight into tools and writing processes, her dedication to helping our author community is quite inspiring.

You can find more of her writing at jennifermendez. Authors who craft stories people want to read often start with a formula. Buy This Guide.


Story Symbolism: Following the Notes

My battery went dead and my father had to come to the mall parking lot to give me a jump. My daily comings and goings were charted in the kitchen, reviewed when I got back in the evening. The parking lot was dark. Some of my co-workers stood outside under the street lamp, smoking. Bugs were flying in from everywhere to swarm in the light. He wanted my Sacred Heart tee so he could show off the muscles he was sculpting for me.


Following the Notes

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