Well, I guess it was probably Luke? Just kidding, dear Anon! Actually, no. I am pretty sure it was Han.

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I love love love this topic. I mean, this is practically all I ever write about in my fanfiction, so I think all of your suggestions are appropriate and definitley plausible, but I personally think they did it right after Endor. I mean, come on I just don't think they could hold it back any longer! Oh, love this topic! And could that pic at the top be any hotter?

I would have loved if they did it at Sullust. But with Han recovering and so confused in Jedi, I doubt they did. I would put it some time after ROTJ. By the end of the movie, they look like they are in it for the long haul with each other and I would see it would progress out of that.

I don't know. I was brought up as a very strong Roman Catholic, so I of course lean to the whole after marriage thing, but speaking from a character perspective I would think that after Endor.

From a fanfiction perspective, though Ok I've been following here for a while Maybe it was a heat of the moment thing at Ord Mantel or some other mission. Leia regrets it and starts emotionally distancing herself Han is confused and fights back verbally.

But I can run the situation the other way too Forty days is an awfully long time to be alone on a ship with the man you either hate more than anyone else or love to death Also, did anyone else notice the change in her clothing colours?

I did a nice long post about that on the Jedi Council Forums - I can bring it over here if you'd like. Yup, I've heard all the change in colour theories. She goes from virginial white, to passionate red, and then back to white to symbolise her lover is gone. But then in ROTJ she starts with virtually no clothes at all, so don't know what that represents. I love these theories, but it's probably doubtful that they actual mean anything. That pic is so hot, and I'm excited because I've never seen it in colour before, my version is black and white.

Woo hoo!! Love it. I'm firmly rooted in the Truce at Bakura camp. I have always believed that something very significant occurred between them in that book, and in my opinion the hints are not even that subtle. But if we ignore the EU, then I think it happened straight after Endor, probably the night of the celebration. But there was no Ewok hut involved.

They would do it on the Falcon in Han's cabin. That's just the ideal place for it to happen really. Never believed they did it at any point during the films, but I agree with Amara, we really do need an official word on exactly how long that flight to Bespin took.

If its a week or two, or possibly three, then I don't think it happened. If it was a month or longer, then maybe, just maybe. I'm still not totally convinced, but I do love those Flight to Bespin fics. I know some people say that because they are more at ease with each other once they reach Cloud City it's evidence that they've done the deed.

Yes, they are more at ease forehead kiss, anyone? I think they've just become more comfortable with each other and have found a new level of understanding. No more fighting, the gloves are off, we like each other now. You know? I don't think it happened after Han's rescue simply because he probably wasn't "up" to it, you know what I'm saying. Hibernation sickness causes temporary muscle weakness and that kind of thing, so I don't think he would be firing on all cylinders so soon after.

He needs to recover a bit. YmaSolo - Hi, nice to here a different view of things. Everything about it says first kiss. So I don't see anything that happened prior to ESB even progressing as far as kissing. What's really interesting though, and I don't know how many of you have read it, is Leigh Brackett's first draft of the ESB script.

There is a very different Han and Leia presented here, and it seems to indicate that something HAS happened between them before the events of the movie, possibly even sexual.

Love this topic!!! It all makes sense to me. I don't think i have ever seen this picture before. Welcome YmaSolo. I still doubt they did it on the way to Bespin mostly because we don't know how long it took. At least, I've not heard anything official. If it was a long trip, then i might agree. But I don't see her shifting from irritation and anger to lover that quickly.

Just my opinion. I've often wondered what happened between ANH and ESB because the attraction and irritation between them had to start and grow at some point.

I'm sure it started the day they met, but how did it grow from there. Gah, I wish you could go back and edit posts on here. But I'm sure you knew what I meant. All right, my feelings are that it was after Endor, as you would know if you read my story that shows that. I have read some interesting stories that are believable from the ANH-ESB timeline, but like others have said, everything about that Falcon kiss to me screams first kiss, so I just don't see it.

And as for the trip to Bespin, I don't think it took that long so I don't think they did it then. If it DID take 40 days, I'm not sure they would've held out. That is a LONG time to be cooped up on a ship alone!

But I choose to think that it didn't take that long and they didn't do it. Now, as for their change in demeanor between each other, if you watch the movie, the change is immediate, right after the kiss. Not just when they get to Bespin. I mean, just the little exchange when they decide to go to Bespin is the first civil conversation they really have. She comfortably kisses him on the cheek, he jokes with her about liking scoundrels and she just kind of laughs.

They haven't even gone anywhere yet so definitely haven't had time to jump into bed. However they were acting at Bespin had already begun right after the kiss, really. I don't necessarily buy the white being symbolic of that, either. I'm not sure they put that much thought into it. Now, after they rescued him there didn't seem to be much time and as was already stated, who knows what kinds of things hibernation sickness does to a person! Not to mention Han being all confused about Leia and Luke.

I don't see him being so mixed up about everything if he and Leia had slept together. I think he'd know that if she was going to sleep with him, it was because he meant a lot to her and didn't make that kind of decision lightly.

So, after Endor makes the most sense. In my story it happens that night although honestly I've got to wonder if they would've been just too damn exhausted! Seriously, talk about a battle! But as soon as they were rested enough Yes, there is a change in the way they react to each other after the kiss. Although, having said that, they are still a bit snappy with each other when they escape the space slug "I am not a committee" and the way he says "Sit down, sweetheart, we're taking off" but after that, the change is very noticeable.

I was quite shocked when I saw that actually. I had never considered that they were anywhere near each other before. So, if we take that as truth, then I wouldn't have thought it took that long, even with no hyperdrive. But again, I don't recall anybody ever officially stating how long it took. But it certainly doesn't look like it took very long. But in "Forty Days to Bespin" they do it on around day 12, or something like that. Great story, as I'm sure you agree, but that's just way too quick for my liking.

Yeah, they probably were pretty tired after the Ewok Celebration, but I kind of like the thought of them slipping away and creeping back to the Falcon when no one was looking. Everybody would be too busy gawping at Lando's dancing I use the term loosely to even notice they were gone! I'm in the Endor victory celebration camp. What's better than victory sex?


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Mysteries and Forces — Forty Days to Bespin, by Leela Starsky “You want...

It was first published in Carolyn Golledge's fanzine Bloodstripe 4 in NOTE: In my version of this galaxy far, far away, the Galactic Standard Year consists of 10 calendar months, each containing 40 days, or four day weeks. A Galactic Standard Day consists of 20 fifty-minute hours. But this is usually deferred in preference to local time. The Imperial fleet vanished into hyperspace, away from the Hoth system and its accursed asteroids, taking the stowaway Millennium Falcon and her crew with it.


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