Quick Links. Download this manual. The PCB version 2. Table of Contents. Page 2 6WMM7 Series Motherboard The author assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear in this document nor does it make a commitment to update the information contained herein.

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Viewing on a mobile device? Try our mobile theme. If CTH has helped you, please consider liking and sharing us on Facebook. April 5th, , AM. I am trying to install a Gigabyte motherboard GA-6wmm7 and am puzzled by the manual supplied on the internet. The main concern is to get the connection to the case correct. The power button amd the reset button mainly. What is odd is that the J5 set of connections on the board has 9 pins on one row and 8 on the row nearer the edge of the board.

I'm not sure if there is damage second-hand board or if the third pin from the left on the bottom row is supposed to be missing. The manual diagram for J5 seems to show 9 connections on the bottom row and 8 on the top row with a slight gap - in other words the other way around from what I'm looking at on the board.

I don't think I'm looking upside down because the end pins printed on the actual board diagram match the labelling of the pins on the manual diagram. I don't want to connect up incorrectly and damage the board. Is there a danger of that? The manual is from the Gigabyte website Any suggestions please! Thanks, James. Looking straight down at the board with the processor in your upper right the attached diagram shows the hook ups.

Attached Files Jumper. Find all posts by Murf. Thanks Murf but the diagram you attached is the one that I have and is confusing me. I copy of that is drawn on the motherboard between the IDE2 and the floppy drive connectors. The actual connection block is , I think, to the left of the floppy drive connector.

This has two rows of pins. If this is a damaged board then obviously I take it back and complain. Just below this block is another printed diagram labelled FPSW. Is this something relevant or something else? I'm waiting to see if Gigabyte answer my query on this! April 5th, , PM. Most motherboards have a least one pin missing. Now those schematics Murf posted don't say anything about that pin, but you'll notice there is no pin shown there either.

It's normal. So your board isn't broken. Problem is that their diagram shows the 9 pin contacts on the lower row. My lower row only has 8 pins. Specifically the reset combination joins pin 2 and 3 from the left. Pin 3 is the one that is missing so how do I cope with that please? Unless the two rows have been reversed -but I don't want to assume that and risk damage James.

Look by where the keyboard plugs in, on the board should be a revision number. So if yours only has 8 one of the pins could be broken. April 6th, , AM. And I found these at Gigabyte's site. Is this the layout you have for that fpanel?

Here is where I found the above image: And the manual shows you exactly what connects where. Last edited by photolady; April 6th, at AM. April 19th, , PM. Hi, It does not look like my pins. My 9 pin row is the top one ,looking towards the processor.

Even if I look at it the other way around the gap is on the third position not the second as in your diagram. It still has 6WMM7 printed on it though I have traced the contacts from underneath the board and made some pin connections that work for the power and reset buttons and for the hard drive activity light.

I cannot see where the speaker connection goes although I seem to have five pins in a row left and I suppose four of those are to the speaker? Thanks for your help. I don't understand all the labelling on their pins though! What do the following mean please? February 10th, , PM. Originally Posted by James Go to page , does this help.

Last edited by sho-dan; February 10th, at PM. Hi Jaak, It's a while since I had to search for the manual you want. I should have a copy somewhere but I can't locate it at the moment. It won't show where I got it from though. The two sites below should be for that model although I must admit I don't recognise them when I look at their layout. If it helps I'll keep looking later on and let you know if I find anything else.

Also I seem to remember that the connections in some manuals are confusing because they are drawn as if you are looking from the other side of the board so you have to reverse their diagram to make sense of it. Hi Jaak, Try this as well it is clearer. The time now is AM. User Name. Remember Me?

Mark Forums Read. Topic Tools. James41 Senior Member. Join Date: Jul Posts: Find all posts by James Murf Moderator. Attached Files. Visit Murf's homepage! Join Date: Dec Posts: 10, Find all posts by photolady.

Find all posts by jtdoom. Find all posts by sho-dan. Motherboard Hi Jaak, It's a while since I had to search for the manual you want. Digg del. Posting Rules.


Gigabyte GA-6WMM7 User Manual

After just a few reviews, Gigabyte has quickly become known as a manufacturer of extremely stable motherboards around here at AnandTech. Their boards always seem to come out as very solid, stable solutions that get the job done without many faults. But what happens when Gigabyte is presented with Intel's i, a chipset intended for the most cost conscious of markets? Did they make any quality or feature sacrifices in the name of cost? Motherboard Specifications. Click to enlarge. The GA-6WMM7 isn't quite your typical i board with quite a few features that stray from the normal, barren boards based on this chipset.


GA-6WMM7 (rev. 2.0)



Gigabyte GA-6WMM7-1 user manuals



Gigabyte GA-6WMM7 i810 Socket-370 microATX


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