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Quick Links. Download this manual. Revolution CT. Table of Contents. Revision History Page 34 4. Page Chapter 1 User Information Anyone who operates this system should have received prior training before they attempt to scan patients. This training should include medical and X-ray education, If necessary, additional training is available from a GE Applications Specialist.

This manual does not provide medical explanations, but it does suggest potential applications for some of the software features. User Manual: This manual contains all the user information required to operate the scanner in a safe and proper manner. Use only GE approved equipment together with this system. Grandview Blvd. It is important for you to read and understand the contents of this chapter so the correct precautions and procedures are followed.

They are explicitly not to be regarded as a sole incontrovertible basis for clinical diagnosis. Read and understand information in manuals before operating product. Do not lean on or move when connected to power. Make sure that accessory is latched to underside of cradle. Excessive weight can break accessory and cause injury. Patient injury or equipment damage could result. You may also see this statement as a warning.

Page Radiation Safety All persons authorized to use the equipment must understand the dangers posed by X-ray exposure so that they can prevent any injury or damage that may result from such exposure. GE Healthcare urges you to use protective materials and devices to prevent any injury or damage from X-ray exposure. A warning message is posted when a scan is stopped by the backup timer. Scout dose is not included in the DLP totals since standards for reporting scout dose are not yet defined.

Do not connect additional extension cords or outlet strips. It may create increased electrical leakage current and there is possibility of electric shock. All components within the system are provided power on a common ground, so all the components are suitable for use in the patient environment. Use of RF Radio Frequency sources that intentionally transmit, such as cellular telephones, transceivers, radio-controlled products, or other RF emitting equipment may cause performance outside the system's published specifications or other adverse operation.

This is because the cradle may bend slightly under a patient's weight. Emergency Stop — When pressed, all table and gantry motions are halted, generation of X- rays is stopped, laser alignment lights are turned off. Illustration Scan Control Interface Number Description Emergency Stop Button Press an Emergency Stop button in the event of a patient related emergency or if the cradle, table or gantry starts to move unexpectedly.

The facility designer determines the quantity and locations of the Emergency OFF buttons. GE recommends placing an Emergency OFF button near the doorway of every room in the system scan suite. The reconstructed orientation is the orientation the image is installed in the image data base and is the orientation images are networked with to a remote viewing station. Page 84 It is important to place new leads on the patient before the scan. It is important to confirm ECG trace clarity before the scan.

You should be aware that the real measurement accuracy is generally less for a number of different reasons image resolution, acquisition conditions…. Ideally, voxels should be isotropic with the same dimensions along all three axes. Vary the gray scale window width and level to select anatomy for display. Window Width determines the quantity of gray pixel values.

Window Level selects the center Window Width pixel value. The product should be installed, maintained, and serviced by qualified service personnel according to procedures laid down in the product service manuals. Page System Performance Upon system startup, when an unrecognized X-ray tube is detected, the system displays the following notification to the operator: Attention An unrecognized X- Ray tube has been installed on the system.

Advisory messages will be posted to the operator about an unrecognized tube during tube warm-up, during Fast Calibration, and in the dose report. Page Chapter 4 Read Me First It is important for you to read and understand the content in this manual before attempting to use the system. This user manual is originally written in English, and is applicable to Revolution CT 1.

When an exam is in process, the It is divided into the following areas Displays the patient session. State area. Indicates the scanning state of the system. Contains other functional tools related to the scan type selected.

Auto View viewport. Displays scouts and non-clinical QC images. Navigation viewport. The four viewports on the image monitor are used for image processing. Illustration Image Viewports Blue Outline White Background Indicates settings copied from the primary recon. Green Outline Indicates a Severe Alert. Click on the icon in the Status area for the system message. Right-click Click the right mouse button. Scroll Wheel Turn the scroll wheel.

Click and drag Click and hold the left mouse button while moving the mouse. This assures that the air calibration and generator calibrations are up to date on the system. Always be aware of the scan progress during an exam and click [Resume] as soon as it is posted to continue.

CT is an extremely valuable tool for diagnosing injury and disease, but its use is not without risk. However, children are more sensitive to radiation than adults and have a longer life expectancy. Radiation risk is higher in young patients, as they have more rapidly dividing cells than adults.

However, it is important to recognize that the dose reported by these indices is inversely proportional to phantom size see the above chart. This means that for the same scan technique, smaller phantoms patients will produce a higher absorbed dose than larger phantom patients. This will aid in patient cooperation and potentially less repeat studies and dose due to patient motion.

Patient Information screen displays the new Exam Number. The maximum Patient Information area, type data into the appropriate fields.

It is strongly encouraged that you work with your radiologist and medical physicist to determine the lowest possible dose at the image quality desired. This is critical with SmartmA. It is particularly useful for infants 18 months or less in age. This important communication between the patient's physician and the radiologist is essential in determining the need for the CT examination.

We strongly encourage you to work with your radiologist and medical physicist to determine the appropriate dose for the image quality desired. Consider using 1. Using this information, an appropriate starting point for the Notification Value for each protocol and system Alert Value should be set.

The Dose Check Administrator role is assigned at the group level. The AV Exceeding User role is assigned at the group level. Users assigned to a group with this role can approve scanning when an AV value has been exceeded. You must have one user assigned to a group with the Dose Administrator role to confirm dose check settings. When Access Controls is enabled, Access the system requires an authorized user to accept protocol parameter updates.

See the Control chapter for details. NV values can only be set in Protocol Management. For example, if the CTDI in a scan group were 5 and a factor of 1. Type the Logon Name. Type the Password. Diagnostic Reason field, enter the reason for exceeding the AV value.

Click [Confirm] to proceed to scanning. Chapter 7 Dose Check In the Summary , or User Protocols. This section helps you to become familiar with your CT system, including the system components and hardware.

If a monitor experiences burn-in, turn off the monitor and leave it off for the same duration as caused the burn-in. Immediately stops the scan. The gantry primary display shown below provides gantry and table status information as described in the following table. The Laser Light Indicator illuminates when the laser alignment light is on. A separate grounding cable should be attached between the injector and the CT system.


GS-1562 GE CT SCANNER MODELS SYTEC 2000/3000/4000 MX115/B-GS-1562 1.5 MHU

There is much talk and many proposals to replace private health insurance with Medicare for All M4A. Although the idea of everyone having healthcare coverage without having to purchase a insurance policy sounds extremely attractive, there are several issues people should understand. It appears that developers of Imaging Facilities are trying to establish construction plans, imaging systems and budget pricing without understanding how best to organize the project. The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare was passed in March of contrary to the wishes of the general population. The majority of people were not in favor of this program but the Democratic Congress and President Obama found away to get it passed. There are a number of reasons DR is quickly becoming the x-ray digital output of choice.


RTM117 - CT rotating anode X-Ray tube insert



Computed Tomography (CT) DICOM


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