I've been sent a very primitive PCL file that does not contain any page size data at all. There are no page break codes of any kind. Is there any way to make pcl6 create a PDF with a different page size, so that the page breaks occur every 66 lines? I think I must be missing something obvious, and will be very grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction for telling pcl6 writing a pdf the dimensions of the desired page when the PCL input file has no information about it? Alternatively, could anyone kindly point me to the line in the source code that sets the default page length to 60 lines?

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Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Description djinnZ UTC. Comment 1 djinnZ UTC. Comment 2 djinnZ UTC. Comment 5 djinnZ UTC. Comment 8 Andreas K. Comment 10 Andreas K. Comment 15 aditsu UTC. Comment 19 bigfoot UTC. Comment 22 aditsu UTC. Comment 23 aditsu UTC.

Comment 24 Kristian UTC. Comment 25 Kristian UTC. Current packages show other bugs. High enhancement with 1 vote vote. Reported: UTC by djinnZ. Attachments ebuild ghostpcl Details Diff. Show Obsolete 1 View All Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

Description djinnZ UTC In Italy there are too many commercial software, for fiscal accounting, who use to output the official documents only for pcl native printers or with additional modules no low cost, obliviusly can generate pdf files.

Now they have moved towards electronic transmission. Rather than create their documents in pdf and purchase a licence for Acrobat Creator for each desktop or convert pcl to pdf and then proofread voluminous legalese for improper format conversion they have resorted to using pcl files as a portable standard.

Although Windows prints directly to pcl, it does not seem to be able to display or recognize. So over a half dozen companies have sprung up offering WebPostServices for pcl files. Typically, the client is sent an email directing them to create an account from which they can then download their mortgage document as a modified pcl. Some of these utilities will run partially under Wine. For example, eLynx'. However, it is not possible to change the printing parameters page size, print tray, resolution, etc.

So it would be nice to convert to pdf with pcl2pdf and then print with my usual cups print driver. So I then changed the ghostpcl However, when I try running pcl6 or pcl2pdf I get an error about fonts: No built-in fonts found during initialization and I am neither able to view or convert a pcl file.

Especially the mime definition is wrong but because I use it only to convert some old prints the productor of my accounting and tax evaluation software has imposed to buy a new licence with this module now so I have not fix them.

Try to post an example and run direcly pcl6 not the pcl2pdfwr script. Note that the command line paremeter is strictly "-sOutputFile" not as in ghostscript. I've had to add dependencies if the X use flag isn't set, because this package depends on X libraries, regardless of whether you may use X, and there's no configure script to easily turn it off.

I also added the urwfonts package, as it seems to have separated in ghostpdl. I had add -j1 to emake, as it puked on me several times when things were built in parallel.

Anyway, I hope this helps you guys. This bug is assigned to maintainer-wanted which means that it is not in the main tree. Heuristics show that no Gentoo developer has commented on your ebuild. Hello, The Gentoo Team would like to firstly thank you for your ebuild submission. We also apologize for not being able to accommodate you in a timely manner.

There are simply too many new packages. Allow me to use this opportunity to introduce you to Gentoo Sunrise. The sunrise overlay[1] is a overlay for Gentoo which we allow trusted users to commit to and all users can have ebuilds reviewed by Gentoo devs for entry into the overlay. We anticipate a large number of requests in a short time. But in the meentime, we have a newer version of the package, if it helps, i can post it. This bug is so old, i have writen my own ebuild since 4 years for this package Please attach it and I'll have a look.

I tried ghostpdl It looks like 9. This also needs a little patch file that fixes paths for urwfonts to fit within gentoo filesystem layout. I'll attach it in a bit. Please make sure the ebuild also installs the gxps binary maybe some USE flags are appropriate? It works well and I'm using it on production. Also, I noticed that gsvg and gxps are built automatically as part of the "all" target, so I removed the redundant call to it. Comment 19 bigfoot UTC Just a note, ghostpdl Changing the version number on the ebuild and fontsdir patch works just fine.

As far as the patch is concerned, does the version number actually need to be part of the filename? I would think that it would be easier to not include it so that future updates only need to worry about the ebuild itself.

Don't quote me on that though, there very well may be some reason for it that I am unaware of :P Comment 20 Troy Bowman UTC You're right, the patch filename doesn't really need to have the version number in it.

It is just a practice I'm used to doing, as it makes sure that the patch is reviewed to still work with the new versions -- the code might change and the patch might puke. Comes with absolutely no warranty : Main changes : urwfonts can't be downloaded from mirror. I don't know if it's related, and I'm not touching it. There was an einfo in the ebuild that referred to its location, but was inaccurate corrected now.

Comment 23 aditsu UTC Created attachment [ details , diff ] 9. So I did not test any of the other functionality. But I updated the ebuild to the current version.


Oh no! Some styles failed to load. 😵

Extract the files and place them in the same folder with vDos. Troubleshooting : If the output from your DOS program is created with a US Letter page size, but you expect to see output using A4 page size, then extract a substitute copy of pcl6. Note: The version of pcl6. The project is derived from, and shares much code with, GPL Ghostscript. The binary is self-contained it includes the required fonts ; no additional files are needed. The lighter version is also available in this special version. The dark font is named CourierHP; the light font is simply named Courier.

FM 5-422 PDF

RetroPrinter Support

Note You need to log in before you can comment on or make changes to this bug. Description djinnZ UTC. Comment 1 djinnZ UTC. Comment 2 djinnZ UTC. Comment 5 djinnZ UTC. Comment 8 Andreas K. Comment 10 Andreas K.


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