You may only add up to 5 items for comparison at one time. Charging results may vary by model. In addition, dedicated lower resistance fuses ensure lower voltage drops, and provide more stable and plentiful power delivery. Coupled with Intel's highly efficient 45nm CPU's, Easy Energy Saver is able to provide exceptional levels of power savings and enhanced power efficiency without sacrificing computing performance.

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Quick Links. See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Socket motherboard for intel celeron processor 72 pages. Page 6: Chapter 1 Hardware Installation Chapter 1 Hardware Installation Installation Precautions The motherboard contains numerous delicate electronic circuits and components which can become damaged as a result of electrostatic discharge ESD. Page 7: Product Specifications 2 x 1. Onboard Graphics w Integrated in the North Bridge It is recommended that memory of the same capacity, brand, speed, and chips be used.

Parallel Port Use the parallel port to connect devices such as a printer, scanner and etc. The parallel port is also called a printer port. Use this audio jack for line in devices such as an optical drive, walkman, etc.

Line Out Jack Green The default line out jack. Use this audio jack for a headphone or 2-channel speaker. Unplug the power cord from the power outlet to prevent damage to the devices.

Before connecting the power connector, first make sure the power supply is turned off and all devices are properly installed.

Most fan headers possess a foolproof insertion design. When connecting a fan cable, be sure to connect it in the correct orientation the black connector wire is the ground wire. Before attach- ing the IDE cable, locate the foolproof groove on the connector. If you wish to connect two IDE devices, remember to set the jumpers and the cabling according to the role of the IDE devices for example, master or slave.

The LED is on when the system is operating. The LED keeps blinking when the system is in S1 sleep state. Note the positive and negative pins before con- necting the cables. You may connect your chassis front panel audio module to this header.

Make sure the wire assignments of the module con- nector match the pin assignments of the motherboard header. Incorrect connection between the module connector and the motherboard header will make the device unable to work or even damage it. Pin No. To clear the CMOS values, place a jumper cap on the two pins to temporarily short the two pins or use a metal object like a screwdriver to touch the two pins for a few seconds.

Access Mode Sets the hard drive access mode. Default: Auto The following fields display your hard drive specifications.

If you wish to enter the parameters manually, refer to the information on the hard drive. Capacity Approximate capacity of the currently installed hard drive. Cylinder Number of cylinders. HDD S. Virtualization enhanced by Intel Virtualization Technology will allow a platform to run multiple operating systems and applications in independent partitions.

With virtualization, one computer system can function as multiple virtual systems. If your on- Auto board SATA controller is automatically configured to Combined mode, you can manually re-configure it to Enhanced mode as needed.

In S3 sleep state, the system appears to be off and consumes less power than in the S1 state. When sig- naled by a wake-up device or event, the system resumes to its working state exactly where it was left off. Soft-Off The system stays off upon the return of the AC power.

Page Mb Intelligent Tweaker M. Options are: Auto default , Fast, Turbo. The item is present only if a CPU with unlocked clock ratio is installed. Normal Supplies the FSB voltage as required. Normal sets the CPU voltage as required. The adjustable range is dependent on the CPU being installed. Page Regulatory Statements Contravention will be prosecuted. We believe that the information contained herein was accurate in all respects at the time of printing. Page 37 Finally, we suggest that you practice other environmentally friendly actions by understanding and using the energy-saving features of this product where applicable , recycling the inner and outer packaging including shipping containers this product was delivered in, and by disposing of or recycling used batteries properly.

With your help, we can reduce the amount of natural resources needed to produce electrical and electronic equipment, minimize the use of landfills for the disposal of "end of life" products, and generally improve our quality of life by ensuring that potentially hazardous substances are not released into the environment and Page 39 - 39 - Appendix Page 40 Appendix - 40 This manual is also suitable for: Ga-g31m-es2c.

Print page 1 Print document 40 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L User Manual



Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2C, GA-G31M-ES2L User Manual


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