We tend to live our lives based in what we believe about our world, ourselves, our capabilities, and our limits. With few exceptions, those beliefs come from what science, history, religion, and other people tell us. What if those beliefs are wrong? What if we are only limited until we change the way we see ourselves in the world? How differently would we live if we discovered that we are born with the power to choose our relationship to longevity, health, and even life itself?

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His searches through high mountain villages, remote monasteries and forgotten texts permit us access to these timeless secrets from the comfort of home. The Universe Works like a Huge Computer "Each person is born with an infinite power, against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance. Despite tremendous evolution in size and speed, the idea of required commonalities such as hardware, an operating system, commands and programs to create output remain little changed.

We change what goes into it. Three major ways of knowing — belief, faith and science — are tested. Belief translates into personal power. Through it, we hold the gift of a universal force — the ability to impact our lives, our bodies and our world by choice.

Braden goes on to wonder why so many people cling to limiting beliefs. To rewrite our reality code, we must first give ourselves a reason to change past beliefs. The mind needs to see a flow of information leading us to a logical deduction.

State in one sentence how you feel regarding your desired outcome as if it has already happened. State which passion you are choosing to express. State the opposite of your limiting belief s. State when you feel most fulfilled in life. This will become your goal. State the inarguable fact s that support your goal. Point 4 draws the logical conclusion i. Besides logic, miracles further provide a solid reason to see our world differently.

Gregg asserts our job may be less about questioning the extraordinary things that happen daily and more about accepting the awe they deliver. To demonstrate, he encourages us to promise to locate at least one miracle upon leaving home today.

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The Spontaneous Healing of Belief

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The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits

Gregg Braden. What would it mean to discover that everything from the DNA of life, to the future of our world, is based upon a simple Reality Code —one that we can change and upgrade by choice? A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that our universe works like a Consciousness Computer. Rather than the number codes of typical software, our Consciousness Computer uses a language that we all have, yet are only beginning to understand. Knowing that belief is our reality-maker, the way we think of ourselves and our world is now more important than ever!

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