It is an amazing piece of engineering. It combines efficiency with space saving design. In this review, I intend to tell you why I got the machine, how it works, and why I love it so much. First of all, the Haier fits perfectly in my square foot apartment in Brooklyn.

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It is an amazing piece of engineering. It combines efficiency with space saving design. In this review, I intend to tell you why I got the machine, how it works, and why I love it so much.

First of all, the Haier fits perfectly in my square foot apartment in Brooklyn. I mounted it in a cabinet space in my kitchen. This is really convenient for me as I do not have a separate laundry room. The reasons I got the Haier are threefold.

First it is compact, it has a very small footprint. Second the Haier washer dryer combo is extremely energy efficient, compared to side by side stand alone models. Third, the Haier is very quiet compared to other washer dryer combo models. The actual workings of the machine are amazing. All you do is throw in the clothes and detergent and turn it on. The machine washes, rinses, spins and dries your clothes all in the same go. You do not have to switch anything around, all you do is take out the dry clothes when it is done.

This is a definite step up in my opinion from regular washers and dryers. All of this and it is very stingy on water and electricity. So far my energy usage is down and I am saving money.

Now to the reasons why I like the Haier so much might be obvious, but the energy efficiency and the convenience are what really do it for me. I get so much more space in my small apartment since I do not have to dedicate a small room to the laundry. The Haier is not without its flaws however.

I do wish it had a slightly larger capacity, so I could wash more clothes at one time. The sound it makes takes some getting used to as well. It is not necessarily louder than an equivalent separate dryer, it just has a higher pitch since the drum spins so fast. It almost sounds like a small jet plane taking off sometimes.

Other than that, it is a wonderful machine. All in all, I cannot recommend the Haier enough to someone in my situation.

If you live in a small space, have a modest amount of clothes to wash and wish to do it with a minimum of fuss, the Haier is the perfect machine for you.

I would absolutely purchase this machine again if I did it over again. Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to Haier Washer Dryer Combo. I replaced fan blower motor. No ec4 error.

I did not let it go that far. Manifold too hot in my opinion. I shut it off and hung damp clothes. Ill try ripping apart all tubing at back for lint one of these days. Too bad not accessible unless pull apart entire machine. Shite design. Then and this is the tricky part you have to turn the compression nut clockwise to loosen off the fan. I have not got to that point yet but probably other reason clothes would not dry in 2 hrs even before bearings went in fan motor.

I plan on doing it before putting this all back together. Aug 28, Rating haier hwd NEW by: Anonymous I have a haier hwd and the problem is the machine stop after the code e 31 appair I would like to say were is the problem.

Feb 16, Rating Worst purchase I have ever made. The unit is only 14 months old in my vacation home, it is only my wife and I and we are there only 3 months a year, go figure. I hope someone reads this and won't waste money as many others have Jan 03, Rating Cold only takes up all my hot water?

NEW by: Anonymous What a bizarre little machine. I've checked all the pipes, and this morning I actually ran out of hot water while taking a shower yes, cold-only wash! Bizarre little machine. I have the HW and thought it would be great for my mobile home. Its not even two years old and I've had it serviced 3 times now. Its doing the E12 code and I called them, the guy said something like now it was all drained it should work fine.

I opened the screw lent trap and it flooded my house So I started it and the same thing happened. So I called again. A lady answered and said my drain pipe maybe too high. Willing to try anything I put it down in a 5 gallon bucket. Even though it had been using sink draining for the whole time it drained out some murky water. So now its supposed to be "Drying". Basically these are poorly made and pieces of crap and they start going out right at the one year mark.

I bought mine from Living Direct and what asshole they were. I had told them I wanted my money back and return the unit. They refused and hand you back to Haier. May 22, Rating missing error by: Anonymous Thanks for you input. However the machine dosn't show an error, while its in the drying mode it appears to be working, however once it gets to the 10 min countdown, it dosn't ever move from that number. I'm assuming the 10 on the digital screen means minutes.

I've not seen any ER code other than the Then its one of these problems in this order. There are several reasons at it: 1. Thermal link is broken; 2. The connection between thermal link and wire is not suitable; 3. Sheathed heating elements is broken; 4. The connection between sheathed heating elements and wire is not suitable; 5.

Thermostat is broken; 6. The connection between thermostat and wire is not suitable; 7. PCB is broken. Ive tested all of these except the PCB.. I guess its my last resort and hope it fixes it. Im disguested with this company Haier they are a disgrace. Does anyone have any suggestions? Could it be something else? I've cleaned all the hoses, the button trap is free and clear?

Jan 13, Rating Error code EC4 by: Anonymous This machine performed beautifully for the first year, considering its size, not bad, it dries clothes just fine as long as you dont fill the drum beyond halfway.

I had discovered it was full of lint. Jun 29, Rating One Possible Solution by: Sharon I was having the same drying problems - soaking wet even after drying - so started searching the internet for anything that could give me a clue to solving my problem. I found one thing that could be it; the dryer needs cold water to work Probably in the manual. It reminded me that my washer hookups are mislabeled, hot is actually cold and visa-versa. After switching the hoses to their correct hookups I have found that, even though the clothes could use a little more drying at the end, they are nowhere near what I was having before.

And as was stated here already, if I take them out and drape them over something they are dry within minutes. Still not what I would prefer of course, but I think I can live with that.

They will not stand by their warranty, now I know why - they don't know how to repair it. Seems like some people get good machines and others don't. Lousy customer service too, they see like they don't know what you're talking about and treat you like you have three heads and no brain.

Takes forever to convince them to send a repairman. After one frustrating year, I'm about to call a repairman before my warranty is up and chuck the bloody thing over my balcony on top of him. First of all, the bloody dryer is completely useless.

At first I tried to figure out how to get my clothes actually dry, but it never works.

DIN 31051 PDF

Haier WASHING MACHINE Heir Washer HWD1000 Ser Man

Page Count: Automatic Drum Washing Machine. Sense the temperature in drum while drying, stop when clothes dry. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3.


Haier HWD1000


22TCN 273-01 PDF

Haier HWD1000 User Manual


ISO 14978 PDF

Haier HWD1000 Service Manual


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