The outputResource component can be used to expose resources to the page. These resources can be rendered as links that trigger the browser to open the resource as an attachment, or open directly from the current page. Any class that implements the com. Resource can be used to expose the resource.

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Subject: How to add a dynamic image to ice:outputResource. Subject: Re:How to add a dynamic image to ice:outputResource. How to add a dynamic image to ice:outputResource.

I'm populating a ice:outputResource from a list of documents. Each document has content and a image. Is possible to add this dynamic image to outputresource as in ice:graphicImage????. In all the examples it use a static image form url. Yes, an outputResource can be dynamically bound to a backing bean Resource property. Hi Patrick. Thanks, I mean to image property in outputResource as in ice:graphicImage.

It render my image. That's what I want to do in ice:outputResource render the image from my list Thanks. I just tried binding an image path to it instead of hard-coding the path on the page and the image is displayed correctly as part of the ice:outputResource component. If doesn't work for you, then it might be a bug with the component in ui:repeat or with the specific version of ICEfaces you're using.

What version of ICEfaces are you using? Try binding an image to a single ice:outputResource outside of ui:repeat to see if the problem is only when using ui:repeat or if it's a general problem with the component. Thanks for reply. I'm using 1.

When you talk about a bug with the component in ui:repeat, what kind of bug do I must to find??. I'll try to do it as you comment. I could never reproduce this issue. I used the component-showcase application and I modified the 'Download Resources' demo to use a value binding for the image attribute of the last ice:outputResource on the page pdf file. Then, I entered the empty string in the autocomplete demo, and there was no image in the ice:outputResource component, as expected.

Then, I tried entered other image paths, and the images were loaded correctly. So, just try using the last 1. If you can upgrade at all, then, just use a graphic image or some other work around at the app level. Powered by JForum 2.



By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am trying to generate an export file out of some items, which should conform to some "criteria" in order to be able to be exported. The thing is: the user should select some items by using checkboxes and then click on the ICEFaces' OutputResource in order to export hopefully all the selected items. As you can see, I'm implementing the com. Resource interface and overriding the open method to create the Excel export "on the fly".


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Subject: Initialize ice:outputResource dynamically. Subject: Re:Initialize ice:outputResource dynamically. Initialize ice:outputResource dynamically. Hi, I'm using Icefaces 1.


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I'm using the ice:outputResource component in my page. Instead of hard-coding the mime type attribute in the page, I'm using an EL expression to retrieve it from the managed bean. In the managed bean, the getter method returns the mime type as a string. But the page throws a null pointer exception saying that EL expression for the mime Hi, I'm currently trying to implement a customer's requirement to show the download location on a web page after a file has been downloaded using the ice:outputresource component.



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