Primary immunodeficiencies and autoimmune diseases association in childhood. A retrospective evaluation was performed in patients that presented arthritis as the first clinical manifestation of immunodeficiency. The humoral immunodeficiencies were classified into selective IgA deficiency, hypogammaglobulinemia and IgG subclass deficiency. Five of the 11 patients had an acute arthritis and six patients a chronic nonerosive arthritis JIA-like.

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IX Meeting of GPIP – Grupo Português de Imunodeficiências Primárias

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Language: English Spanish. Retrospective study that assessed the data records of patients with any severe infections admitted in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, covering a period from January to January , in order to confirm if they performed an initial investigation for PID with blood count and immunoglobulin dosage. In the studied period, 53 children were hospitalized with severe infections in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and only in seven Our findings suggest the necessity of performing PID investigation in this group of patients. Nuestros hallazgos confirman la necesidad de investigar las IDP en ese grupo de pacientes. Primary immunodeficiencies PIDs are rare diseases considered in isolation; however, they comprise a set of over different changes already described and have an estimated prevalence of , live births 1.

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