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This accessory is the Intermatic K pole bracket adapter. Each Intermatic K comes with 12" black, white and red leads. Do not face the photocell into the midday sun.

If the photo control is installed on the south side of a building, face the photocell east or west or point the photo control down toward the ground. The best direction to face the photo control is north. Do not face the photocell where it can see artificial light. Light from windows, signs, street lights, etc. The photo control should not be positioned so that it sees the light it is controlling or reflected light - like off of your white siding or white painted soffit overhang.

These conditions will cause the light to cycle on and off. The photo control must be installed in an approved weatherproof box. Do not attempt to caulk around the wires.

When you are testing the photocell, be sure to turn on the power load will come on. For further testing cover the photo control completely with black tape or another dark material to simulate night conditions.

If you cant cover the control with tape, try covering the photo control with the shipping carton to simulate night conditions. Covid and our commitment to our customers. Show Filters. Larger Quantity? Request A Quote.

Add to a new shopping list. Item Number: K UPC: When you are testing the photocell, be sure to turn on the power load will come on and wait up to 5 minutes for the photocell to switch load off. Product Documentation Learning Center. Individual manufacturer's performance values should always be consulted. LED Light Bulbs. LED A19 Bulbs. LED Tube Lights.

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Intermatic K122 Pole Bracket Adapter






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