Since Delphi 2 days, Chad Z. Hower has been building a Delphi architecture for simplifying the development of web applications, with the idea of making web programming as simple and as visual as standard Delphi form programming. IntraWeb is intended for this second category of developers, although it is so powerful that even expert web programmers can benefit from its use. In Chad's words, IntraWeb is for building web applications, not websites.

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Introduction In this tutorial you'll learn how to use multiple forms, how to handle user input and how to use sessions. In order to understand and run the example in this tutorial you should read the "Hello World" tutorial first. What is Next This application is built using IntraWeb's application mode. The last tutorial was very basic and designed to simply show you how easy it is to get an IntraWeb application up and running.

As you will soon see the code used is still standard Delphi code. We challenge you to try even something this simple with any other web development tool. Other development tools require you to set up adaptors, bindings, or handle the HTTP variables your self.

Not IntraWeb, IntraWeb is truly componentized. For this demo, we will continue by modifiying our "Hello World" application built in the Hello World demo.

If you have not created this project yet, you will need it for this demo. This will be displayed as the page title when shown in the browser. Your form should now look something like this: New Main Form. Handling a Button Click If you have never worked with web development tools before, this next step will not seem like magic for you as you will think, "This is the way it should work, no?

However if you have worked with other web development tools, you will now really begin to see where IntraWeb is different. To handle a button click in IntraWeb, it is just like a normal Delphi application.

Simply create a OnClick event for your button and add code. To do this, double click on the button. The browser should appear like this: In Internet Explorer. Multiple Forms ust to show you that there are no hidden gotchas with IntraWeb, let's continue on and show you how easy it is to do multiple forms with IntraWeb.

New Form Wizard. New Blank Form. Faster Web Development If you are a Delphi shop, there is no doubt your programmers can be up and running with IntraWeb in a matter of minutes while continuing to use their existing skills.

You can develop web applications in days instead of months, and you can take on web projects previously deemed impossible or too time consuming. Now, can you honestly say that about any other web development tool? Conclusion This tutorial took the next step and demonstrated the ease of handling user input and managing multiple forms. However IntraWeb is far more powerful and has many more features than what has been demonstrated here.

To see the full power of IntraWeb you need to look at the included demos and better yet, write your own application. The evaluation version is fully functional, so what are you waiting for? Download IntraWeb Now!

IntraWeb Tutorial - User Input. Set the form's Title property to "What is your name? Change the label's Caption to read "What is your name? Add a TIWEdit to the form. Set the Text property to be blank. Set the Name property to editName. Add a TIWButton to the form. Set the Caption property to "Talk to me! Change the form Name property to formHello. Add a TIWLabel. Set the Name property to lablHello.

For the Font property:. We will be adjusting the text at run time and thus will be manually adjusting the width. Add a TIWLink. Set the Caption property to Close. Add the following statement to the event:. Terminate 'Goodbye!

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