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Ten years ago, on July 25, , National Park Service year-old wildland firefighter Andy Palmer was fatally injured in a tree falling accident on the Eagle fire burning on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in California. Three hours and twenty-six minutes after he was injured, emergency medical personnel pronounced Andy dead at the Redding Airport.

He never made it to a hospital. Medical emergency planning efforts were not as robust as other facets of interagency fire management. Since , the wildland fire community has made progress in preparing for medical emergencies.

This Day in History is part of the 6 Minutes for Safety program used by thousands of firefighters around the world each day. Though it seemed slow at times, progress has been made over the past decade.

These stickers outlined the communication protocol in the event of a medical emergency. The standard requirements for these three positions ensure a minimum level of fire behavior knowledge and fitness level for EMTs working on the fireline and that the proper qualification can be ordered for fires.

Ultimately, it challenges all levels of fire management to ask the three questions listed above before engaging in wildland fire management actions. The Wildland Fire Decision Support System includes the capability to estimate ground transport time from every point within the continental United States to a definitive care facility using the Estimated Ground Evac layer.

The intent is to encourage discussions on risk tolerance and risk mitigation when making strategic fire management decisions. The demonstrated capability of NPS helicopters to extract an injured firefighter by short-haul is now widely recognized led to the development of a short-haul program within the United States Forest Service. I know I will, as I do every day when I look at the picture that hangs in my office of Andy standing in front of his engine.

Honor him by always asking the three questions posed above.






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