Irfan Suliansyah. Protoplasts can be induced to fuse to produce a hybrid plant, which cannot be produced by conventional plant breeding due to incompatibility. Isolated protoplast are capable of ingesting "foreign" material into the cytoplasm. This material includes the introduction of nuclei, chloroplasts, mitochondria, DNA, plasmids, bacteria and viruses. Protoplasts can be studied as single cell systems.

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There is only limited information regarding the phenology of flowering and fruiting of this species. Along with the increasing damage to its natural habitat, not surprisingly, in the future, this status will be more threatened. Therefore, it is necessary to study the phenology cycle of this species for the purposes of further development. In order to achieve a continuous and sequenced observation, the study was conducted in a built environment, one of an ex-situ plant conservation site.

Berdasarkan hal tersebut, maka diperlukan penelitian untuk mengetahui faktor pengontrol pelapukan yang ada pada batuan penyusun lereng. Metode penelitiannya adalah mengidentifikasi data spasi diskontinuitas pada batuan andesit dan breksi piroklastik menggunakan metode scanline.

Data spasi diskontinuitas dibagi dua, yang terbentuk akibat proses tektonik dan magmatik. Variabel spasi diskontinuitas dan tingkat pelapukan diuji menggunakan uji Rank Spearman untuk mengetahui tingkat korelasi. Buku ini ditulis oleh Imelda dan John Bowden yang merupakan hasil penelitian di kelompok etnis Gamkonora pada tahun sampai Sepanjang tahun tersebut draft kamus ini telah diperbaiki dan terbitan ini menambahkan Bahasa Inggris untuk melengkapinya.

The Nduga incident has added to the statistics of violence in Papua since the bloody Paniai incident in December which left eight Papuan students killed. The Amnesty International reportsthat between and there were 69 extrajudicial killings in Papua commited by security apparatus.

This study aims to explore the diversity and the phylogeny of 14 species of Ixora based on the anatomical character of the leaves. The stomata of 14 species of Ixora observed were hypostomatic and generally parasitic. Density, index, and size of stomata vary in each type. Non-glandular trichoma is found only in the type of Ixora coccinea Lihat Mangrove blue carbon stocks and dynamics are controlled by hydrogeomorphic settings and land-use change Joeni Setijo Rahajoe,Sigit D.

The impact of mangrove deforestation on carbon emissions has been reported on a global scale; however, uncertainty remains at subnational scales due to geographical variability and field data limitations. The sites are representative of contrasting hydrogeomorphic settings and also capture change over a 25 year of LULCC chronosequence. Materials and Methods: The genomes of 26 catfishes caught from nine rivers from nine different geographical locations around Indonesia were analyzed. The tissue isolation method was used to isolate the total genome of the fishes.

Following sequencing, the analysis of genetic variation and the phylogenetic relationship was performed using MEGA version X software. Singh P. Tapponnier; H. Their daily life is very dependent on the results of fishing in the sea. Livelihoods like this are highly dependent on the condition of the seasons. This makes the life of coastal communities are often categorized as food insecure communities. The longer dry season than the rainy season adds to the livelihood of the community tends to suffer from food insecurity.

Parasitic resistance to synthetic antiparasitic, led researchers to explore alternative herbs as bio-anthelmintic. This study aims to determine the in vitro effect of M. The leaf infusion of M. The negative control was sodium chloride at… Lihat Pertama 32 33 34 35 36 Terakhir. Privacy Policy. Acer laurinum Sapindaceae is a threatened tree plant species with least concern LC status.

Furthermore, the study also conducted to analyze the effect…. Air permukaan yang mengalir melalui diskontinuitas menyebabkan inti batuan menjadi lapik Proses pelapukan dimulai dari disintegrasi antar mineral penyusun batuan yang dapat menyebabkan kekuatan massa batuan berkurang dan rentan longsor. Tujuan dari tulisan ini adalah menghitung tingkat korelasi antara jarak…. Conflict and violence in the Land of Papua seem to be continuing since the resistance of the….

Ixora is a member of the Rubiaceae with a total number of species and 20 species of Ixora were successfully conserved ex situ in the Bogor Botanic Gardens. Non-glandular trichoma is found only in the type of Ixora coccinea. Mangrove blue carbon stocks and dynamics are controlled by hydrogeomorphic settings and land-use change.

Globally, carbon-rich mangrove forests are deforested and degraded due to land-use and land-cover change LULCC. Field-based assessments were conducted across plots covering undisturbed and…. Genetic characterization and phylogenetic study of Indonesian Indigenous Catfish based on Mitochondrial cytochrome B gene. Aim: This study aimed to determine the genetic characterization and phylogenetic structure of Indonesian indigenous catfish using cytochrome B Cyt B sequences.

Results: Cyt B gene sequencing attained a…. Ethnobotany study of Jalawure Tacca leontopetaloides as a source of nutrition quality improvement on the South Coastal people in West Java. Jalawure Tacca leontopetaloides is one of the plant species that grows on the….

The negative control was sodium chloride at….


Optimasi Isolasi Protoplas Mesofil Daun Anggrek Paraphalaenopsis laycockii

Trichoderma is well known industrial fungi producing many kinds of industrial enzymes and as biological control agent. The applications of modern biotechnology using Trichoderma or its derived metabolites. Considering to the variety of the species of Trichoderma and enzymes or metabolites produced by Trichoderma lead to create a fusan of Trichoderma. The first step toward protoplast fussion is protoplasm isolation. In this experiment has been conducted protoplasm isolation of Trichoderma harzianum, T. The aim of this experiment is to find the best condition and time of incubation in producing protoplast optimally. Trichoderma mycelia 1 mg sink in osmotic stabilizer solution pH 5.


5843_4. Fusi Protoplas

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Isolasi Protoplas secara Enzimatis pada Tanaman Kecipir


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