Telekomunikacja Polska. Jest to plik excela ktory sie klika przy uruchomionym pliku excela zabezpieczonym chaslem — usuwa. You can easily check the number of applications that are currently running and shut down certain applications. Double-tap the Status Bar, an empty area on the Home screen, or the Lock screen to turn the screen off.

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EN Page 12 As part of our commitment to constantly improving our products, we reserve the right to make changes to them based on technical advances to their technical and functional features and appearance. Warning : Before installing and using your appliance, please carefully read this Guide to Installation and Use, which will allow you to quickly familiarise yourself with its operation.

Operacja trwa maksymalnie 3 minuty. Pralka jest gotowa do kolejnej regulacji. Pralka jest gotowa do ustawienia nowego programu. Filtr pompy jest zatkany. We have invested all our dedication and know-how in this appliance so that it would best meet your needs. With innovation and performance, we designed it to be always easy to use. In the Mastercook product range, you will also find a wide choice of ovens, microwaves, cooking hobs, ventilation hoods, cookers, dishwashers, driers, fridges and freezers, that you can coordinate with your new Mastercook washing machine.

Visit our website www. Disconnect and cut off the power cable flush with the machine. Close the water tap and remove the hose. Disable the door lock. Important : This machine is only for domestic use and is designed to wash, rinse and spin machine-washable textiles. You must observe the following instructions. We refuse to accept any liability and the guarantee if you do not observe these recommendations since this could result in damage to equipment or physical injury.

Furthermore, you are also recommended not to use solvents or products in aerosol cans near to your washing machine or any electrical appliance in general in a poorly ventilated room risk of fire and explosion. Help recycle it and protect the environment by dropping it off in the municipal receptacles provided for this purpose.

Your appliance also contains a great amount of recyclable material. It is marked with this label to indicate the used appliances that should not be mixed with other waste.

Contact your town hall or your retailer for the used appliance collection points closest to your home. We thank you doing your part to protect the environment. These comprise removing all the components designed to immobilise the drum in your machine during transport. These so-called "releasing" operations are necessary for your machine to operate correctly and to conform to the prevailing safety standards. If they are not carried out completely, this could cause severe damage to your machine while it is operating.

Ensure that you remove the two plastic braces fixed on the cross clamp at the same time as the clamp itself. Warning: You must block off the two holes using the hole covers provided supplied in the accessories bag Diagram D6 -- Remove the drum-tank assembly locking wedge Diagram D7. To do this: - Lift the lid on the machine - Remove wedge - Remove wedge by turning it a quarter turn - Release the drum doors, locked in the lower position, by pressing down on both eaves simultaneously. If your machine is equipped with removable castors, you will be able to move it quite easily.

To mount it on castors, swivel the lever on the bottom of the machine from the right to the far left Diagram D9. Important: The machine must not rest on the "front" castors while it is operating: remember to return the lever to its initial position. If you use a self-piercing tap, the useful aperture must have a minimum diameter of 6mm.

Water supply: - Minimum water pressure: 0. If your installation does not have a ventilated U-bend, check that the connection is not sealed. In fact, to avoid any waste water flowing back into the machine, you are strongly recommended to leave an air gap between the machine's drain hose and the drainpipe. In any case, the drain hose bracket must be placed at a height of 65 to 90cm higher than the base of the machine. Warning: Remove the pipe support collars You must block off the holes revealed with the hole covers supplied in the accessories bag Diagram D8.

Advice: We would recommend that you keep all the locking components since these must be refitted if you must subsequently transport your machine again. Important: Ensure that the drain hose is tied firmly in place with cord to avoid the bracket coming loose during draining and causing a flood.

The waste water can be drained away to the ground provided that the drain hose passes through a point 65 to 90cm higher than the base of the machine Diagram D Information: Your machine has been scrupulously checked before it left the factory. You may therefore notice a little water still remaining in the tank or the products box. The lid will open. For your safety, you must comply with the instructions below. The electrical installation must comply with the prevailing standards and the Electricity Board's regulations in the country concerned, particularly as regards Earthing and installation in shower rooms.

We cannot be held responsible for any incident caused by the machine being incorrectly earthed. Mix large and small items to obtain an optimum, well-balanced spin. Advice: Advice on the electrical installation of your machine -- Do not use an extension lead, adapter or multiple socket.

If in any doubt, please contact your installer. Important: Check that the three hooks and the border of the button are fully visible.

Please refer to the dosing instructions on your pack of detergent. Warning: in most cases, the detergent manufacturer's recommendations apply to the drum filled to the maximum. Adjust the dosage correctly to the weight of the washing you have placed in the machine. These recommendations will help you to avoid using too much detergent, which causes foam to be produced. Too much foam can reduce your machine's performance and increase the length of the washing cycle and the consumption of water.

Advice: We also strongly recommend that you do NOT: -- Install your machine in a damp, poorly ventilated room. If you cannot avoid doing this, please take every precaution to avoid blocking air circulation at the bottom of the machine in order to ensure that the internal components are well ventilated.

Also ensure that the drum doors are closed correctly and the machine's lid is shut. During the "End of Cycle" phase, any action on one of the controls the selectors or the buttons returns you to "Programming" mode. As a safety measure, when the cycle is over, we recommend that you unplug the power cable and turn off the water tap.

NB: Turning the selector to any position other than "O" provides power to the machine. The cycle will finish with a gentle spin at rpm. Your machine will stop with the tub full of water before the final spin. Display of the symbol in A and countdown of the time remaining before the cycle actually starts. An animation four small elements turning on themselves shows the waiting period before the start of the cycle. NB: If you have selected a delayed start, you can access the drum instantly at any time in the period before the washing cycle starts without having to interrupt and restart the cycle.

Countdown of the time is stopped in A the two dots are constantly lit Resumption of the countdown in A the two dots start flashing again o Cancelling while programming, washing or during a pause: the selector 1 to the "O" position. Set Selector 1 set to "O" This can be done at any time during the cycle or during programming, or even during a pause. NB : - In all cases, after cancelling you must reprogramme everything from the start. This operation lasts at most 3 minutes.

Set the selector 1 to the "O" position. You can now open the lid and remove your washing. Important : Your machine's performance can be affected if you do not clean the pump filter regularly.

Information: After a power failure, when the power is restored, the washing cycle automatically resumes at the point where it was interrupted. They may vary according to the wash load, the temperature, etc. The cycle ends with a very gentle, progressive spin restricted to rpm. NB : During the first few minutes of the programme, your machine automatically evaluates the washing load you have introduced and adapts the water consumption and the length of the programme accordingly to provide a perfect wash o Flash 30' This programme enables you to refresh a small load of 2.

For this programme, the doses of detergent should be reduced by half. This allows a separate spin and drain. This agitation phase in cold water enables the particles soiling the washing to be removed before the water is heated. The new period selected is accepted based on the last selection made. The cycle will start immediately. Your machine is then ready for a new setting. For this, all you have to do is turn one of the selectors or press one of the buttons.

The screen shows the duration of the programme selected. The machine is then ready to be reprogrammed. NB : When the machine is stopped with the tub full of water, the display A shows alternately: Then: -- If you want to drain after spinning, use the selector 2 to choose a suitable spin speed for your type of washing. The programme will end automatically. As soon as washing commences, the lid on your machine is locked.

When the cycle is finished or when the machine has stopped with the drum full of water, the lid unlocks. If you wish to open the lid during the cycle, press button 5 briefly and wait minutes for the safety system to unlock the lid. Important : Depending on when you wish to open the lid during the cycle, this time delay may be a little longer because a cooling down period may also have to be included.

In fact, to avoid your being severely burnt, the lid safety system will not open during the cycle unless the temperature inside the machine is below a certain threshold. During operation, constant control of the water prevents any overflows.

In this case, your washing may be insufficiently spun. Redistribute your washing in the drum and programme a new spin. In this case, check that the options you previously selected are still there.

The machine may then possibly drain off some of its water. At such times, spinning stops and the machine drains.


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