Low current drain. Adjustable 2 tone frequency. External triggering or ringer disables KA Adjustable for reduced supply initiation current KA

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IC datasheet pdf-KA Two oscillators? Output amplifier? Designed for telephone bell replacement? Low current drain. Adjustable 2-frequency tone. Adjustable warbling rate. Extension tone ringer modules. Alarms or other alerting devices. External triggering or ringer disable. Adjustable for reduced initial supply current. F Min 17 1. NOTE see electrical characteristics sheet 1. Initial supply voltage VSI is the supply voltage required to start the tone ringer oscillating. Sustaining voltage VSUS is the supply voltage required to maintain oscillation.

Trigger current must be limited to this value externally. C1 also provides isolation from DC voltages 48V on the exchange line. After full wave rectification by the bridge diode, the waveform is filtered by capacitor C4 to provide a DC supply for the tone ringer chip. When this voltage exceeds the initiation VSI , oscillation starts.

The loudspeaker load is coupled through a ? The output coupling capacitor C5 is required with transformer coupled loads. When driving a piezo-ceramic transducer type load, the coupling C5 and transformer ? However, a current limiting resistor is required.

The low frequency oscillator oscillates at a rate fL controlled by an external resistor R2 and capacitor C2. The high frequency oscillates at a fH1, fH2 controlled by an external resistor R3 and capacitor C3. C3 voltage remains constant independent of RSL. Pin 2 of the KA allows connection of an external resistor RSL, which is used to program the slope of the supply current vs supply voltage characteristics see Fig. This initial voltage remains constant independent of RSL. The supply current drawn prior to triggering varies inversely with RSL, decreasing for an increasing value of resistance.

Thus, increasing the value of RSL, will decrease the amount of AC ringing current required to trigger the device.

As such longer subscriber loops are possible since less voltage is dropt per unit length of loop wire due to the lower current level. The graph in Fig. Three curves are drawn to show the variation of initiation current with RSL.

After initiation, the I-V characteristic remain unchanged. Curve C illustrates the effect of increasing RSL above 6. F R1 ? Output amplifier 2. High frequency oscillator 3. Low frequency oscillator 4.

F 10K? A RI Fig.


KA2411 Samsung, KA2411 Datasheet

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