Thanks so much for sharing this, finding kirundi translations is like pulling hen's teeth! I think you should add "I am thirsty" and "I would like your preferred beverage " --! And maybe "where is bathroom? What's new?

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Hello, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you for creating this blog. This is my husband's native language. He is from burundi and he is so excited that i'm learning his language and this website has been a great help to me. Thank you so very much. God bless you. It's really great I've been there recently. I'm seriously want to master the language. Kirinyota mugenzi!!!

What about just the word 'please', not 'please sit' or 'please eat'. Thank you. Mbaze, ndafise ikibazo: nigute wovuga "can we learn to love? Murakoze cane.

I have a student from Burundi that speaks very little English. I want to learn and then teach our class some simple phrases to welcome this person with their help. They can enjoy the learning and the mistakes we make to lessen language barriers. I want them to be inspired, understood and comforted as we in turn learn more English together. I would also like to request the month names, and how to say we have holidays coming up.

Thank you very much. I recently gave a presentation to a group of my colleagues entitled "Kirundi " in which I presented the following list of essential words and phrases as well as the first five dialogues. Kinyarwanda: bite only. Hello response to: Amakuru, Bite, or Gute.

How are you feeling? What is your name? See you later same day, definite. See you later indefinite, after today. Come follow. Come in. Wait here. Wait for me. Please sit. Please stand.

Give it to me. Take this. Please eat. You are finished for today. Is there something else? Do you have a question? Do you understand? Be quiet. Unknown July 6, at AM. Unknown July 3, at PM. Unknown October 31, at AM. Mbaze March 13, at AM. Paris K. May 3, at PM. Unknown October 29, at PM. Unknown February 5, at AM. Fanes kalumbwa September 19, at AM.

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11 Beautiful Kirundi Words That Will Make You Fall in Love with Burundi

Note to Burundian friends: There is no guarantee of correct spelling. Specific corrections to spelling or meanings in the comment field would be much appreciated!! If you are Burundi-bound… please mention vocabulary sets you would LIKE to see here, and I will ask the aforementioned, fantastic native speaker panel to help me prepare them! If when you get sick of it, appropriate flippant responses would be:. Thank you for saying thank you.


Kirundi basic phrases

Using words derived from Arabic, German, French, Swahili the commercial language of the region and Latin the language used by the church during colonisation , the languages and dialects of Burundi are many. However, Kirundi is the most widely spoken. This word means peace used in greeting. Comparing a beautiful woman to a cow is not an insult as it might be in some other cultures.

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