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Recibir nuevas entradas por email. Crea un blog o un sitio web gratuitos con WordPress. Yupana es un vocablo quechua que significa "lo que sirve para contar". Por ejemplo, si las cantidades hubieran sido: El mismo proceso si es que fuera necesario realizar en las otras columnas. Identificaremos las fichas blancas y negras de la siguiente manera; Diez fichas negras representan una blanca. Tomemos el ejemplo 3. Colocamos el numerador en la yupana.

En la fila superior A4 tenemos 3 que no es divisible por Pasamos entonces a la fila siguiente. Entre las filas 3 y 4, tenemos Visualmente, sacamos 27 una vez 2 decenas de A4 y 7 unidades de A3 y B3. Nos queda una ficha en A4, y colocamos una ficha como respuesta en el lugar de las centenas, fuera de la yupana.

Si se quiere evitar ambas cosas, es necesario cambiar la ficha de A2 por dos fichas en B1. Entre las filas 2 y 3, quedan 23 decenas que ya no pueden ser divididas. Se sacan las fichas correspondientes y se coloca una ficha en la respuesta de las unidades. Nada nos impide entonces, bajar a un nivel inferior, con otra yupana o sin ella, para volver luego a colocar las fichas en su sitio cuando haya espacio.

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BS EN 572-2 PDF

La Yupana En La Adicion De Numeros Naturales

A yupana from Quechua yupay: count [1] is an abacus used to perform arithmetic operations dating back to the time of the Incas. Although very different from each other, most of the scholars who have dealt with table-yupana, have then extended its reasoning and theories to the yupana of Poma de Ayala and vice versa, perhaps in an attempt to find a unifying thread or a common method. The Nueva Coronica was discovered only in in the library of Copenhagen and that part of the studies on it were based on previous studies and theories regarding table-yupanas. Several chroniclers of the Indies described, unfortunately approximately, the Incan abacus and its operation. They count through tables, numbering from one hundred thousand to one hundred and from ten thousand and ten, until the unit. They keep records of everything that happens in this realm: holidays, Sundays, months and years.


This calculating device along with its corresponding recording device — the quipu — were the main technologies that organized the Inca population and controlled the distribution of goods and labor responsibilities. While the quipu knot records were static registries of amounts calculated and served as the authoritative voice of quantities paid, quantities due, and standard measurements and statistics, the yupana would have been the device used to calculate but not register Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Contents Search.

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