AutoIT is one of the best window application automation tools available in the market for free. Using AutoIT you can automate any window application by its simple scripting. This video course doesn't make any assumptions about your programming knowledge. You will be guided step by step starting form how to install AutoIt, how to record and playback, where to write the script, how to compile the script, how to make it as executable file, how to identify the window object, how to automate any window application using a logical and systematic approach.

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AutoIt is very useful and easy to use even for non-programmers like me. Most of the examples in the Example section of the forum are somewhat advanced and not suitable for non-programmers who want to learn how to do simple things with AutoIt. I've attached a few simple scripts with lots of comments to help beginners.

Additional simple AutoIt examples can be downloaded from here: '? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?

Sign in here. Recommended Posts. Posted May 11, edited. For more help on any function, press F1 when your curser is on the desired function name. Can somebody pin this topic? Edited May 15, by shmuelw1. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted May 11, So the beginners can see why to use UDFs to write more reliable scripts. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Go To Topic Listing. I'm creating a WebDriver tutorial. Hence more and more users including me need to look at automating Webbrowsers using WebDriver. That's why I have started to create a tutorial in the wiki. It should describe all necessary steps from intallation to usage.

I'm still collecting ideas for the tutorial - that's where you come into play. What do you expect to see in such a tutorial?

Which browsers should be covered Firefox, Chrome and Edge are settled? Any questions for the FAQ? Which high level coding examples do you expect like "How to attach to a running browser instance" FAQ: "How to attach to a running browser instance".

Explain the difference between iuiautomation, iaccessible, autoit, webdriver. Detailed description of each function. Done Example for "how to deal with downloading". Example for "how to deal with popups alerts, print or save dialog. Example for "how to deal with multiple tabs". Arrays All you need to know about them! Hello Guys! I wanted to share all my knowledge on arrays!

Hope may enjoy the article , Lets start! Declaring arrays! Just like declaring an empty array! Best practice of using "Enum" You might be wondering what they might be Looping through an Array Looping through an array is very easy! There are 2 ways to loop an array in AutoIt! Simple Way: ; This is a very basic way to loop through an array ; In this way we use a For Next Loop! Advanced Way: ; This is an advanced way to loop through an array ; In this way we use a For For some reason, many people use the advance way more than the simple way.

For more examples of loops see this post by FrancescoDiMuro! I will explain it in a very simple way for ya, so stop straining you brain now! This way will work for any array regardless of its dimensions Ok, Lets start Its super easy!

Don't be shy! What are Arrays? An Array is an datatype of an variable AutoIt has many datatypes of variables like "strings", "integers" etc. Array is one of them. An Array can store information in a orderly manner. An Array consist of elements, each element can be considered as a variable and yes, each element has its own datatype!

I get an error while declaring an Array!? How can I calculate the no. The UBound function is your answer, Its what exactly does! If you have an multi-dimensional Array you can calculate the total no.

Why is my For Next loop throwing an error while processing an Array? UBound returns the no. That's right, you need to remove 1 from the total no. Can an Array contain an Array? How do I access an Array within an Array? It is possible that an Array can contain another Array! They are required or you would get an syntax error!

More FAQs coming soon! When I click 'open this script' in AutoIt Help the example isn't opening. I tried this FixHelpFileExamples. But 'open this script' not working. What I wonder if my mouse is over 'Copy to clipboard' my cursor is changing to a hand, showing there is a link.

If I do the same over 'Open this Script' then mouse is showing the hand for very short time and then getting back to show the arrow. So if I move slowly the cursor over this link it's 'blinking' hand and arrow. What could this be? Regards, Conrad.

I have been busy with my exams They are finished now, so summer holidays! Please read the whole post for better understanding. Ok, lets begin our IRC adventure! Well, most online clients might be quick and easy to setup but don't offer much option and power, moreover they even show your IP in the public! For the above reason, we are using a neat desktop client called HexChat! Its FOSS too! Here are the steps you need to follow: 1. As you might have expected, you need to download the installer first.

You need to select the best option for you, here are some pointers: 2. After downloading the installer, install it After launching HexChat, it will prompt you to configure it, simply follow these steps: 1. This is the initial window, find "freenode" in the "Networks" List: 2. Select it and click "Favour" optional but recommended.

Change the values in the input boxes as you wish I have set mine in the screenshot. Click edit and you will be prompted by a screen, click the "Autojoin channels" and add " AutoIt" to it. Click "Close" 6.


Autoit scripting for beginners

This document is for you if you are interested in learning to script with AutoIt. Where possible, I will try to assume that you have no prior coding experience and I aim to teach you some good general coding habits, which will be beneficial should you decide to move on to other languages. If you encounter any issues, with the text, please post them, but this is not a thread for requsting help or requesting scripts. Please do not PM me either. We have this wonderful support forum, so use it! Guess I'll download the update tomorrow November Be sure to read and follow the forum rules.


AutoIt Tutorial – AutoIt Download, Install & Basic AutoIt Script

This is an AutoIt Tutorial for Beginners. Pop-ups are those irritating windows that come up while we work on something important and interrupt our concentration. It is necessary to get rid of them while testing. In this article, we shall discuss how to handle window pop-ups in automation testing using AutoIt. AutoIt V3 is a freeware tool which is used for automating anything in Windows environment. However, in this article, we shall limit our discussion to handling window pop-ups in Selenium WebDriver.


After seeing a few requests on the forums for help learning how to use AutoIt and after receiving a few PMs too I decided to start working on a document that tries to teach this. All feedback is highly encouraged. This document is for you if you are interested in learning to script with AutoIt, as the title implies. It tries to assume no prior coding experience and it aims to teach some good general coding habits as well, which will be beneficial should you decide to move on to other languages. This document is nowhere near complete -- I need feedback in order to come close. What do you feel needs more or better explanation?


There are many tutorials available for AutoIt. This page is an overview of a few known tutorials. More tutorials can possibly be found and will be added to this page in time. This is the second page you will see when running AutoIt It gives important links to necessary downloads and allows you to run demos that are supplied with the program. You can download AutoIt from here , or check out the Forum page. Originally by lxP and updated by BrettF, this is a great starting point for those who have never scripted before.

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