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Thank you for your heart and deep desire to share the truth. Your passion and heart yearning for everyone to "get this" was tangible. I know you were on your knees as a missionary prays for wherever, whomever they are serving. In when the things of my life began being "lost", I was about to begin a bodywork session with someone.

I prayed to God, "You have got to help me Now, I need you to help me let go of this anxiety to focus on my client. I got it. I knew in my core, that inner peace is moment by moment living; knowing that God provides and will provide what I need when I need it. And it may not come one moment too soon. During counseling over 22 years ago, the counselor kept saying, "what do you want? I know I am about to receive what I have wanted my entire life.

I am so grateful for your personal help with the LT3 process, it has a been a pleasure working with you. I was initially somewhat daunted by the cost of participating in this program but am completely happy that I decided to join in. On day two I realized I had forgotten to take my medication for my high blood pressure and checked it fearing it would be through the roof. Much to my surprise it was completely normal for the first time in nearly two years.

I have kept a close watch in it throughout the program and as we wrap it up, my Doctor is scratching his head and taking me off of the medication completely. This program will have paid for itself in less than a year, I'm feeling better right now and the benefits just keep on keeping on. Gone is the depression! I have more energy, my brain is clearer and my memory has improved. I feel a deep peace I used to get glimpses of when I was in my twenties.

There are two health issues that I am continuing to work on: an ulcer in the mucus lining of my nose and eczema on the tops of both ankles. The former I have been trying to heal for 26 years; the latter for 2 years. I have spent thousands of dollars out of pocket trying different therapeutic methods to treat these ailments as well as the depression which has lifted.

My nose is almost healed Each day I continue to notice changes. I have full faith that this will heal completely. My skin has greatly improved. It no longer itches like it used to. Certain foods that used to trigger the itching do not any more. The rash is still red and raised; however, with the changes I am seeing I know this will become an issue of the past. If you come across this program, please consider yourself very fortunate.

LT3 is the most productive, self- empowering healing modality I have experienced in the past 15 years. I have tried many, many treatments I have reached a whole new level of wellness and well-being in the comfort of my own. I miss our Thursday morning calls! LT4 is quite phenomenal. It creates a powerful, meditative state and I.

I feel that LT4 with the Power Source and Hidden Virus codes will heal everything I am challenged with; the long standing depression, anxiety and health. I consciously have been praying that all my cells move out of protection into growth This healing work is my top priority My job has changed and is physically fatiguing.

I know the LT work is helping me be able to sustain it. When is your next LT3 class? I will be strongly encouraging some of my friends and clients to join in. I feel calm and peaceful!!! Thanks Alex for your heartfelt support. I have had sleep issues for decades. Sleep specialist doctors have not been able to figure it out. My other health issues have also greatly improved.

I am so grateful! After 2 weeks of the LT3, I feel like the clouds have passed - physically, emotionally, and mentally! I have tried everything - EFT, etc.

After 1 week of the LT3, I have more peace, calm, happiness, and am sleeping better. I am more joyful - people are commenting about how happy I am now - and all after only 1 week! I am a classically trained soprano, and had lost the upper end of my range. As a professional athlete, I have been on TV, Magazine covers, newspaper headlines, etc. I left home at an early age to train to be a world class professional athlete - and became just that.

Best of all, the LT3 does this quickly and simply - in a way that is almost effortless. My spine and hips have turned and straightened to their proper place, after 2 weeks of the LT3.

It helped me tremendously with an issue I have been working on for 18 months. They were all still focused on the externals - there was something missing. I have tried all of the self-help — just name one, and I have done it. More people rely on these methods for their health care than anything else in the world. There are literally billions of people in the eastern part of the world who use these regularly - as their primary health care.

Over the last 50 years or so, this has spread to 10's of millions throughout the United States and Europe. And it's continuing to spread like wildfire. Clinical studies have validated the health benefits. Doctors of all stripes around the world have integrated these methods into their practices with their patients -natural and allopathic. He spoke of this as being. These points and meridians energy pathways were first discovered around years ago in the east.

In the literally thousands of modalities that use these methods, certain points and charkas are identified and stimulated based on the location of an energy blockage in the body. The stimulation is to relieve the blockage - which elicits an immediate healing effect.

Even the most complicated and expensive modalities only stimulate certain points and charkas. It would be very cumbersome and time consuming to stimulate all of them - they are literally all over the body. In my training and research I have not found any reference anywhere of this discovery in the year history of acupuncture points, meridians, and charkas.

It is more effective to activate all points and charkas at the same time than to activate only certain ones. There may be many other blockages that are not found and relieved. This is only one of five components in a new program called LT3. LT3 also activates a third healing system that may be even more important, even though it is not as well known. For the very frst time on planet earth, you can learn this technique for yourself and your family starting in Nov, We have a few spaces available.

Below I have attached the original invitation letter to this program, which was sent in April of This will be from the comfort of your home - no need to travel anywhere. The healing codes was built, starting in , on the foundation of my private coaching practice. The great majority of clients that worked with me signed up for additional coaching month after month because of the RESULTS they were seeing.

After healing, they enthusiastically told people. With more clients than hours in the day, I started training others to become Healing Codes coaches. The Healing Codes home study course was launched on June 6, Shortly before this I quit taking private clients simply because of the time demand from The Healing Codes company, which had grown tremendously.

In the book and DVD. Thousands of new clients were flooding in from around the world. It was a BIG job! Since that time, I have worked privately only with our Joint Venture partners, professional athletes and. Note: Almost all of our Joint Venture partners have experienced healing personally working with me before exposing their data base to The Healing Codes.

I love it, and have missed it terribly. So, I have worked hard to carve out enough time to do personal coaching again. As I already said, this is what I do everyday myself, and what I have been using to work with others that I mentioned above. The program originally started in May, In the first 9 months we have had participants in 41 states and 38 countries.

Please write "coaching with alex" in the subject line of the e-mail or call. Provide your phone numbers and e-mail address.


LT3 Testimonials

For the person who wants to go as in-depth as possible, Life Transformation 3 LT3 offers intensive, personalized training on a variety of methods and principles within Dr. Led by Dr. Alex himself, LT3 is a five-week program that combines small group training with one-on-one sessions to help you master all aspects of your life, health, relationships and success. LT3 is our ultimate program — the only one-on-one training Dr. Alex does, and a program that will equip you for a lifetime of health, happiness and success. Through this special program, you will discover heart issues, learn how to master all of the Codes, including The Love Code, The Healing Codes, The Success Code, and The Relationship Codes, and get personalized codes specific for you, directly from Dr.


Healing Codes Lt3. What Is It, How Much It Costs And Why You Should Do Or Shouldn’t Do It

Thank you for your heart and deep desire to share the truth. Your passion and heart yearning for everyone to "get this" was tangible. I know you were on your knees as a missionary prays for wherever, whomever they are serving. In when the things of my life began being "lost", I was about to begin a bodywork session with someone. I prayed to God, "You have got to help me Now, I need you to help me let go of this anxiety to focus on my client. I got it.

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