The Everglow is the second full-length studio album released by the American band Mae. The album is designed as a storybook, including illustrations for each song inside the booklet. With its story-like nature, The Everglow is considered a concept album. It was packaged with a DVD that contained music videos, featurettes, live footage and photo galleries.

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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Everglow, The. Mae March 29, Add to Wishlist. Listen to this album and millions more. First month free. The Everglow is the second full-length studio album released by the American band Mae. The album is designed as a storybook, including illustrations for each song inside the booklet. With its story-like nature, The Everglow is considered a concept album.

Reviews Review Policy. Flag as inappropriate. See more. Phantoms is the debut studio album by American rock band Acceptance, released on April 26, , by Columbia. It has gained notoritey as being one of the albums released by Sony BMG in the mids containing their controversial Extended Copy Protection software package, that resulted in lawsuits and settlements to consumers.

Hello, Good Friend. The Rocket Summer. It reached 26 on the Top Heatseekers Chart. The title of the album is from the track "Never Knew".

Beneath Medicine Tree. Beneath Medicine Tree is the first full-length album from Copeland. Beneath Medicine Tree features a heavy medical theme. Aaron Marsh admits that the lyrics in this album were inspired by the hospitalization of his girlfriend and the death of his grandmother. The album booklet includes photographs by then-bassist James Likeness of hospital scenes.

Marsh cites that, "With Beneath Medicine Tree, I wanted to make a record that moves people, while with In Motion, I wanted to make a record that makes people move. Waking Ashland. A Different Light.

A Different Light is the second full-length album by Sherwood, and it continues the band's musical style. The album contains several re-recorded versions of tracks off their Summer EP, as well as new tracks that help the band drift into new musical territory. It is the first album since the band signed with MySpace Records, and was preceded by several 'Making of' videos available on the band's MySpace page.

The Starting Line. Direction is the third studio album by American pop punk band the Starting Line. Following the lack of promotion for Based on a True Story, the band left Geffen Records in late Early the following year, they signed to Virgin Records and spent the remainder of year writing and touring. Sessions for their next album were recorded at several studios in California between February and May with producer Howard Benson. Influenced by the work of James Brown, the band's vocalist and bassist Kenny Vasoli wrote music around simple grooves instead of the up-tempo style of the band's earlier material.

In June , the track "Island" was released as a single before the band embarked on the Warped Tour the following month.

A music video for "Island" was released before Direction's release on July 31, Direction sold 20, copies in its first week, charting at number 30 on the Billboard and received a mostly positive reception from music critics, with some complimenting the band's growth and the album's catchy songs.

Mae Albums. Multisensory Aesthetic Experience. Destination: B-Sides. It includes b-sides, remixes, and live recordings of the band's earlier work. Destination: Beautiful. In Spartan Records created a vinyl record of Destination: Beautiful. Later a 2nd and 3rd pressing followed all of which sold out. Be Free. Light feat. Tim Fain.


The Eversuck

Site: www. This is one of those albums that must simply be listened to in its entirety. The whole experience lends itself to a storybook with the intentions of sweepings its listeners up in the experience of the author. The artwork in the booklet is worth pulling out and following along with the lyrics so that the combination of what you are seeing, reading and hearing draws you into the Everglow. Musically Mae continues to develop a memorable, layered, Indie-Pop sound. Though the melodies are simple and, at times, a little repetitive, they each prove themselves a unique and necessary part of the experience. The individual instrumentation is predictable yet anything but disappointing.


Mae (The Everglow)

Tired of the everglow of this nuclear-contaminated album? Then visit its source the main Mae page and maybe die Overall Album Score: 3. But Mae is being marketed as a Christian-rock band! This goes to prove my developing theory that Christian bands are just talentless people who couldn't make it as real musicians. At this point in my life, I've only seen about 15 episodes of South Park I'm not a South Park junkie


MAE: The Everglow

You don't get that too often these days, folks. In a world of rock music that is bent on the darker side of human relationships and sounds, The Everglow is a purely magical, wondrous journey. The first time I listened to this record, I kept hitting repeat on this track, I never wanted it to end. The guitars kick in on "Someone Else's Arms", turning the record towards a more modern rock feel, but maintaining that same wholesome feel-good feeling.

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