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This was the first Intel Outside event. Due to heavy advertising in Poland's largest amiga magazine at the time, Magazyn Amiga, about people showed up. This made it probably the biggest scene event so far in Poland. It was also the first polish scene event to feature live music; a disco-techno-pop band called Jamrose performed on the stage. The organizers hired a stripper to perform at the event also, though this was reportedly a more impulsive idea. Main organizer was Easy Rider, with support from Mr.

First price in the demo competition was an A or possibly an A, details are sketchy. It was probably the one and only polish party with a professional sound engineer, plus a steam and light show during the music performance.

A small cafeteria was open throughout the event, until they eventually ran out of food and beverages. Results based on results. Last edited on 30 Apr by bit. See all edits. Intel Outside "IO1". Results file results. Other Intel Outside parties: Releases Edit releases.

Results Demo Graphics Intro Music. Edit competition Demo 1. Tristar and Red Sector Inc. Be the first to comment on this party Beton Design.

Rudzielec Graphics. Marysia Graphics. Pozytywka Graphics. Ballad After Dinner Music. Reassurance Music. Raining Blues Music.



In my opinion it was the one of the best Amiga magazines in the English speaking world. It came to an end with the May quite mysteriously. It appears that with the collapse of Commodore in Australia, which occurred two months before the rest of the world, all the Australian Amiga companies suddenly suspended their advertising, leaving them without the funds : Additional infos provided by Adam Smolarczyk I personally I think It's kinda crap. The layout, appearance, etc is great, but, my opinion is that the writing could have been better. The mag was produced entirely on Amigas. Additional infos provided by Adam Smolarczyk Okay, now I can have a rant about my favourite and the longest lasting Australian Amiga magazine. Originally it started in 83 as the Australian Commodore Review.



After a month, half an hour a day, my head was packed with a whole spectrum of words and phrases, which I would never suspect myself of being capable to memorize. Both the vocabulary and time used go beyond all standards It really works! Learn fast and forget about forgetting". The authors do not lie. SuperMemo is a true sensation

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